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Karnas WifeKarna's Wife The Outcast's ueen tells the extraordinary story of Karna the unsung hero of the Mahabharata through the eyes of his wife Uruvi bringing his story to the reader from a uniue perspective An accomplished Kshatriya princess who falls in love with and dares to choose the sutaputra over Arjun Ur. Kavita Kane writes in her Preface that urged by her mother this book was written in an impulse In the entire novel this is perhaps the most sane logical and honest statementMy review might come across as unfair to an author and his hardwork But after reading Karna's Wife The Outcast's ueen I felt a few things needed to be said In the past many literary geniuses have written novels on 'anti heroes' of Ramayana and Mahabharata Using 'creative liberty' and 'fresh perspective' they have tried to depict how wronged their protagonists are Some have done this wonderfully and won accolades The best thing about these fictional renditions is they satiate the dissatisfaction we have with the canon narrative Karna particularly is the most interesting subject now carved into public memory as the uintessential 'tragic hero' His grey nature makes him an intriguing character to write on Despite it all what makes me resent THIS particular book is it appears to have been written not to tell the story of Karna's wife but rather to justify Karna and degrade every other character around Karna's wife Uruvi is merely a tool to achieve this Now honestly I might have overlooked this approach if the execution was skillful and poignant But sadly the writing has ZERO subtlety The author uses forced and contrived arguments to dismiss certain characters as inferior going against what is clearly written in Vyas' text extensively plays the sensational caste card without having a fair understanding of the social structure of Dwapar Yuga and even misinterprets some shlokas of the canon text However what I find particularly disturbing are the double standards while dealing with this book's heroine Uruvi and that of Vyasa's epic Draupadi and the unsettling views surrounding the latter More on that laterFirst what I LIKED1 Uruvi in the first half Her characterization is decent2 Honest admission of Karna's active and abominable role in Vastraharan which most authors writing on Karna tend to sugarcoat3 The author's understanding of the plight of all women in the epic and a happy endingWhat I DID NOT LIKE1The narrative style One of the first things that every storyteller learns is SHOW DON'T TELL But we hardly find that here In the entire book we are merely told how Karna is great virtuous selfless extraordinary innocent etc by Uruvi Radha Kunti etc but barely shown his greatness convincingly through his actions This is made worse by over justification repeated references to same incidents unnecessary insertion of side stories and a language that is not pedestrian but extremely tedious It takes great patience to finish the novel unless one is a huge fanatic of Karna and loves reading long boring conversations that extol and exaggerate his virtues Also there are characters and names lifted from other works aka Vrushali brainchild of Shivaji Sawant's Mrityunjay without disclaimers2 Character Sketches the biggest letdown URUVI DRAUPADI KUNTI The author seems to have been angry when she wrote the book Really angry that Draupadi had rejected Kane's hero Karna an incident which has been identified as a later insertion into Mahabharata and removed from the Critical Edition and married his rival Arjun instead So in a vengeful spree she carves a similar feisty heroine in her novel Uruvi and makes her re

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Unfolds against the backdrop of the struggle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas As events build up leading to the great war of the Mahabharata Uruvi is a witness to the twists and turns of Karna's fate and how it is inextricably linked to divine design A splendid saga from the pages of the Mahabharat. It was that man again That man with his thick mane brooding eyes and twinkling earrings walked towards her his gold armour glittering so fiercely under the blazing sun that it was blinding His intense radiance threw tormented shadows the wind suddenly whirling away the figure made spectral by the shadows and snuffing it abruptly while she stood there her arms extended against the vast emptiness of sandIf the opening passage appears to be intriguing then let me clarify this is just akin to the trailer of the movie Thugs of Hindostan that offered loads of promises with the actual content turning out to be tripe Karna's Wife the Outcast's ueen is supposed to be the story of the wife of Karna However what it actually is is a 101 justifications for everything Karna did under the pretext of caste tragedy through the voice of Uruvi a fictional woman Garnished with an absolutely amateurish style of writing this book is a precious piece of balderdash I am hoping that Kavita's command over storytelling has improved with her successive projectsHere's an insight into the book1 Let's start with the titular character Uruvi aka Karna's Wife Uruvi is basically a carbon copy of Draupadi minus the Vastraharan Same beauty same traits same wit Only Kane claims that Uruvi doesn't like revenge and war though I seriously feel that side of hers had remained untested throughout the book If Uruvi had been molested dragged by her hair and disrobed publicly by her in laws then it remains to be seen what would have been her reactionUruvi is a modern day feminist who believes in my life my choice And choose she does to take revenge from Vyasa who composed Mahabharat Since Draupadi chose Arjuna Uruvi has to do the opposite She rejects her childhood friend Arjuna coldly and garlands Karna But Uruvi is multi faceted Not only is she her husband's avenger but also his PR team She goes around asking people like Bhishma uestions like How dare you love Arjuna when my hubby is a better warrior and human Duh2 Next comes the man himself Karna In this book Karna is said to be the greatest kindest nicest human being that ever walked the earth At least according to Radha Karna's foster mom Kunti wives Vrushali and Uruvi and bro Shona They constantly tell stories of Karna's greatness which is fine except that we rarely get to see Karna walk the talkWhat we do get in this book instead is Karna the eternal whiner whose best shot at fame is through validation from Pandavas Every now and then he keeps whining to his wife about how Pandavas never gave him chance how Pandavas never gave him attention etc What I fail to understand is why would they What makes the author think that the Pandavas were obligated to pay attention to an upstart like Karna who was a stranger to them in their youthThen there is his fixation with Draupadi More the author's actually than Karna ever had in Vyasa's Mahabharat 24 times at least yes I have counted it Draupadi's rejection of Karna at her Swayamvar has been iterated And at least 10 times we are reminded how he had called her a whore and egged her molestation at the dice hall only as justified retaliation Of course Karna had no malice in heart while doing all this or so the author claims He was only having a private sacrosanct moment of outburst with his rival's wife

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Karnas Wife Free download ↠ 2 Ä ➻ [Reading] ➽ Karnas Wife By Kavita Kané ➰ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Karna's Wife The Outcast's ueen tells the extraordinary story of Karna the unsung hero of the Mahabharata through the eyes of his wife Uruvi bringing his story to the reader from a uniue perspective A Karna's Wife The OUvi must come to terms with the social implications of her marriage and learn to use her love and intelligence to be accepted by Karna and his family Though she becomes his mainstay counselling and guiding him his blind allegiance to Duryodhana is beyond her power to change The story of Uruvi and Karna. You can't help but fall in love with Karna Not once not twice but many a times throughout the book Karna was a righteous man in a wrong place and at a wrong time He knows that his love and loyalty towards Duryodhana will eventually lead to the inevitableyet he never abandons his friend This book makes you smile when you read about Uruvi and Karna's love for each other at the same time you can't help feeling sad cause you know what's in store right from the beginning I would have liked to give a rating of 35 for this book but there's no half option and 3 would have been too less So 4 it is