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Over Our Dead Bodies Free download ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð ❰PDF❯ ❤ Over Our Dead Bodies Author Ken McKenzie – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Not knowing what to do I sat on the church steps and waited As the gravity of my failure began to well up in me I began to cryI Had Lost The HearseFunerals aCounts from actual undertakers will have you laughing thinking and gasping in disbelief A literal graveyard of wild coincidences slapstick humor and touching moments Over Our Dead Bodies explores the lighter side of the dead the living and the lone undertaker who has to make it all go as planned even if it doesn. Filled with hilarious sweet sad and bittersweet stories this book is a collection of experiences from funeral directors in the US It includes everything from finding a terrorist in a casket spray compiling a funeral directors calendar handling a riot during a funeral service dealing with personal loss as a funeral director a runaway hearse out of ordinary funeral reuests and even a touch of the supernatural I enjoyed reading the two authors' distinctive alternating voices and found myself laughing and shedding a few tears here and there As someone who was born and lives outside the US I'm unfamiliar with most of these practices and found the book entertaining and educational

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Not knowing what to do I sat on the church steps and waited As the gravity of my failure began to well up in me I began to cryI Had Lost The HearseFunerals and the all the things that accompany them are traditionally somber contemplative events in which the bereaved look to their undertaker to guide them through. InterestingEach chapter is an anecdote or story about life in the funeral business As someone who was raised in a funeral home I could relate to most of what was said in this bookHowever as with most things that I read I did learn a couple of things For instance in the olden days when the hearse was pulled by horses dark horses brown or black signified the death of a man while white horses signified the death of a woman or childAlso although I did know that cremation is on the rise in the US and that its popularity can vary widely depending on what region of the country you live in The authors here state that the funeral establishment has to adapt to the times to survive And who knows what the next big trend might be What I did not know is that something called alkaline hydrolysis which is using chemicals to reduce remains to nothing has caused uite the stir in Ohio recently I've NEVER heard of thisThe whole chapter called Cremation and the Goat was most interesting I never really thought about it but if you are planning on getting cremated you need to have a plan for what to do with your ashes It really hit home after reading this story Jane Doe's great great grandniece's husband is cleaning out the basement and pulls out an unmarked urn blows the dust off it and gives it a puzzled look and maybe a shake to determine the contents and then yells Hon what the hell is this Answer Oh I think my mother told me this is my great grandmother's cousin who she called Sissy Mitt Do we have to keep them the husband asksThat is no way to treat someone's remains The authors say When in doubt bury them scatter them make them part of a coral reef or shoot them to the moon But do something with themSo why do people choose to cremateSupposedly it's earth friendly than burial but the fact is that a retort the name for the actual combustion chamber use a lot of fuel during the cremation process A retort can run off of a number of different fuels including natural gas liuid propane or diesel A natural gas burning unit is going to burn somewhere to the tune of two million BTUs an hour and possibly if the state reuires a preheat burner in the unit To break it down a retort is going to use roughly the amount of natural gas it would take to heat the average sized single family home during winter for two weeks for ONE cremation about 30 40 cubic feet of fuelOn the flip side they don't pollute A modern unit will emit less pollution particulate matter in a month than an average fast food restaurant chimney will emit in a day It's often easier cheaper to cremate but it's death Should it really be this easy

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Over Our Dead BodiesThat most difficult of times Of course sometimes tradition gets thrown under the bus From a dysfunctional family who turn their mother's wake into a full blown riot to funeral crashers looking for free meals to Over Our Epuba horse drawn hearse taking the dearly departed for the ride of their afterlife these ac. This book made for a delicious read As a former funeral director I was there in my minds eye in the stories I laughed until the tears came when the director concerned about the pallbearers at the graveside fell in The suirrel in the casket spray had me sueaking with laughter The second chapter about why one would choose funeral service and what it means to serve families was impeccably and beautifully written The importance of grief remembering a life lived was explained with clarity The cultural differences between parts of the country were interesting the terminology was different Hearse vs funeral coach cremains for cremated remains crematory for crematorium Yet the common thread the service performed by the undertaker funeral director is the same Great storytelling and insight into the profession