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FREE DOWNLOAD ¿ The Angel of Vengeance The Most Gruesome Series on the Market A Glimpse into Hell #1 Æ [Read] ➭ The Angel of Vengeance The Most Gruesome Series on the Market A Glimpse into Hell #1 By Wade H. Garrett – SummaryIn a dim lighted cE wicked are roaming our streets without any remorse about the cruel and inhumane punishment that they bestow upon others Offering up heart pumping tales of revenge suspense and horror in all its guises this book is Angel of Vengeance PDFEPUB #192 filled with dark humor political incorrectness gruesome and sadistic acts from beginning to end Be warned this one will compel the meek to crawl into the fetal position and suck their thumb Originality –From the sheer ingenuity of the story to the appropriateness of the punishments makes this one of the most original story lines on the market Gruesome and Horrifying –This book is not for the meek Seth will take you on a journey through his twisted world of vengeance that is filled with the most gruesome and horrifying things Angel of Vengeance The Most PDF or imaginable and unimaginable Cruel and Unusual –If you like filthy sick over the top sadistic inhumane. I'm purely amazed I'm a twisted type of person I enjoy studying sadistic murders and their killers I also am a theistic Satanist with high interest in the gruesome mind of others who actually can commit barbaric horrible acts I myself have tried to write stories like these and done MUCH research I must say this is by far the best book I have ever read keeping in mind I've only read first book I'm sure I will state that again in next book review lol I have never came across a amazing realistic barbaric sadisticlly written book in my life Better than I could imagine Thank you for writing such a wonderful work of artand I can't wait to continue onto the next book in about an hour lol Never thought I'd find the perfect book till now Pure genius Wade H Garrett you have just earned a huge fan Congratulations

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SummaryIn of Vengeance The Most Epuba dim lighted cell a man has of Vengeance PDFEPUB #190 awakened to find himself surrounded by the most unimaginable and barbaric things that not even his worst nightmare could conjure up His captor Seth Coker takes the man on a journey into his twisted world of vengeance A world that runs parallel with the horrors that could only be found in the deepest and darkest parts of hell A world that bestows a wrath of chaos upon the wicked of our society that have fallen through the cracks Angel of Vengeance The Most PDF or of the judicial system The Angel ePUB #9734 Seth wasn’t born a vigilante nor did he seek out the role it sought him out A portion of our society feels that rapists molesters murderers and abusers should have rights and anything beyond the normal punishment of confinement would be cruel and inhumane Seth knows that the innocent are left without justice while th. A brief comment from the authorOne of my readers stated that The Angel of Vengeance was too gruesome even though numerous warnings are plastered everywhere They said “There is gruesome and then there is filthy sick over the top sadistic inhumane acts that stagger the mind” My response “Thanks I like that description and will be using it” Their comment was actually a complement even though it wasn’t meant to be I enjoy writing about sick and twisted shit especially when it comes to vengeance And no I’ve never been raped or molested and I am just as normal as the next nut job I think many people have the same kinds of thoughts—maybe not as in depth or sadistic—when it comes to punishing criminals who commit heinous crimes against the innocent My friends occasionally make the following comment “If someone harmed my family I would make them pay by killing them” That statement always makes me laugh If you kill someone they usually don’t know it so how is that getting them backI began writing for my own personal enjoyment and never intended to publish a book Eight years later The Angel of Vengeance 172K words was completed My second book The Angel of Death 195K words only took six months to complete My writing style and ideas are not influenced by anyone because I only read nonfiction Technical stuff mostly Now that probably sets me apart from other extreme horror writers and it’s either a good or a bad trait depending on who you ask I can at least say that I march to the beat of my own drumThe main ingredients that I strived for when writing The Angel of Vengeance were; pack the book from front to back with the most gruesome and sadistic shit imaginable be as accurate as possible things that I could actually do or at least things I think I can do only punish assholes that deserve it don’t be repetitive and pump it full of dark humorMy book is not politically correct and will definitely cause some resentment especially from rapists and molesters or any criminal for that matter In turn that’s going to cost me an occasional low rating with a BS reviewI welcome anyone that wants to proofread my books Unfortunately most of us indie authors don't have the means to hire an expensive editing agency like the main stream authors publishers use and some of us rely on friends family fans and individuals that charge a reasonable fee I can read a sentence ten times with a mistake and my brain plugs in the correct word even if it’s missing so I’m useless as a proofreader I’ve tried to create the best uality read possible but there could be some errors here and there When they are found I do correct them This was my first book and I learned that it's going to take numerous people to proofread especially a book of this size If you’re anal about grammar mistakes please remember indie books are not perfectIf you like this book please leave a review The positive reviews the higher it is on ’s search list resulting in people finding it I truly appreciate all of the positive reviews comments and support that I have been receiving and that is the reason that I wrote the second book in this series The Angel of Death and will continue writing as long as there are people that appreciate my workIf you have any uestions comments or advice please feel free to contact me at wadegarrett777gmailcomBest wishesWade H Garrett

FREE DOWNLOAD The Angel of Vengeance The Most Gruesome Series on the Market A Glimpse into Hell #1

The Angel of Vengeance The Most Gruesome Series on the Market A Glimpse into Hell #1Acts of revenge that stagger the mind this book will not disappoint Dark Humor –If you like gore and dark humor this book will make you laugh and gag at the same time Suspense –From front to back The Angel of Vengeance is filled with one intense moment after another that is interwoven in a story line filled with humor From the horrifying punishments of the mind and flesh to Seth’s unpredictable persona it will keep you turning the page Politically Incorrect –If you’re a PC type person do not read this book Disturbing –So disturbing that it was difficult for my editor to stomach the content Fascinating The punishments that Seth bestows on deserving criminals are not only very sadistic and gruesome but cleverly inventive unusual and shocking as well Mind Rape The sick and twisted images in this book will be implanted into your mind causing your brain to feel it has been assaulted Sold Exclusively on. Wowif you are a hard core horror reader then this is for you gruesome bloody Very graphic and each person he tortures They deserve it gutted I have finished the book but there is a seuel soon Would recommend this book to like minded readers of extreme horror