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Kindle ✓ Dancing on Broken Glass Ú Ka Hancock Elacionamento dar certo Mickey promete tomar os remédios Lucy promete não culpá lo pelas coisas ue ele não pode controlar Mickey será sempre honesto Lucy será pacienteComo em ualuer relação eles têm dias bons e dias ruins alguns terríveis Depois ue Lucy uase perde uma batalha contra o câncer eles criam mais uma regra nunca terão filhos para não passar adiante sua herança genéticaPorém em seu 11° anivers Parts of this book were beautiful and deeply moving but I felt betrayed by the plot When I realized where it was headed about a third of the way through I stopped and skimmed the rest This book didn't need tragedy and melodrama to succeed The main characters were well developed and interesting though some of the minor characters were romanticized and unrealistic and the themes were universal This book would have been so much uniue if Lucy and Mickey were challenged to further develop and strengthen their relationship in order to parent together despite the constant anxiety about Lucy becoming sick again and despite Mickey's risk for relapse The joys and challenges of co parenting a child given their personalities and life circumstances would have made for a much compelling story I also found myself very annoyed that both Lucy and Mickey's medical providers Gleason and Charlotte were so unrealistically involved in their personal lives and so constantly available and that the care they received was so stellar In early 21st century America this is unfortunately a fantasy

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Dancing on Broken Glass Ebook ✓ 336 pages Download ´ ❴Read❵ ➪ Dancing on Broken Glass Author Ka Hancock – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Lucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas Lucy tem um histórico familiar de câncer de mama muito agressivo e Mi ário de casamento durante uma consulta de rotina Lucy é surpreendida com uma notícia extraordinária uase um milagre ue vai mudar tudo o ue ela e Mickey haviam planejado De uma hora para outra todas as regras são jogadas pela janela e eles terão ue redescobrir o verdadeiro significado do amor'Dançando sobre cacos de vidro' é a história de um amor inspirador ue supera todos os obstáculos para se tornar possível Dancing on Broken Glass is Ka Hancock's debut That is hard to believe because its one of the most true to life books I've read I almost put it down half way through because it was hard for me to read about Lucy's cancer It is a love story one that is imperfect but yet so true It's also about the love of 3 sisters I've never cried like I did as I finished this but it was so worth it I will not soon forget this book When Ka Hancock writes her next I will be the first to buy it If you like stories that pull your heart you will love this If you don't like a good tear jerker it's not for you

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Dancing on Broken GlassLucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas Lucy tem um histórico familiar de câncer de mama muito agressivo e Mickey um grave transtorno bipolar No entanto uando seus caminhos se cruzam é impossível negar a atração entre elesContrariando toda a lógica ue indicava ue sua história não teria futuro eles se casam e firmam por escrito um compromisso para fazer o r I read this book before my Goodreads initiation but it is a book that I absolutely loved and selfishly do not appear to recommend very oftenWhy? I think it's because I don't want it lumped together with all the other contemporary fiction or chick lit books on the market Because I think it's special Because it hit at the heart strings and begged me to wonder If it was me what would I do? Off the top of my head I have only had that experience with a handful of books I'm not going to name them because I fear turning other readers away by making comparisons It's also a scary book Because the author never makes you feel like there's only one answer Nor is it preachy It's messy This book will leave you in an emotional state of mind Empty Kleenex boxes and tears will probably be part of it too But it's all worthwhile and that's truly the greatest part