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The latest floater case But now she's got to break some terrible news to her news that could destroy Lacey's fragile state of mindAnd Lacey will need to keep her wits about her because there's a killer that's lurking around her boat leaving her gifts she'd rather not receiv. Book 4 in the Lacey Flint seriesIt took me a while to come to grips with this book Each new chapter had a new character that seems to have no relevance to the last chapter or character But this didn’t last long it soon all came together with startling clarity This is an unsavoury tale of people smuggling Young women who are living a horrid existence in Afghanistan are lured to the UK with promises of a better life for them and their families; of course there is a price to pay for living in utopiaLacey Flint is an intriguing character strong and assertive but there are issues in her past that she is trying hard to forget These issues are still to be revealed to us the readers but this intrigue keeps you hanging for the next instalmentThis is up there with the best of Sharon J Bolton It’s dark and sinister and a lot of the action takes place in the dark and eerie storm water pipes of London Not a good read for anyone who feels claustrophobicLots of macabre nail bitting tension and an end that is both satisfying and edifyingA recommended 4 star readIt could have been a 5 star but I knocked one off for my initial confusion

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A Dark and Twisted TideYoung policewoman Lacey Flint knows that and Twisted MOBI #240 the Thames is a dangerous place – after all she lives on it and works on A Dark PDF or it – but she’s always been lucky Until one day when she finds a body floating in the water Who was this woman Dark and. Lacey Flint a former DC has left the CID to take up what she hopes will be a less strenuous position with the river police She lives on a houseboat moored in Deptford Creek a strange and rather sinister location but she loves it She has become close friends with the couple in the next door boat Ray and Eileen Ray freuently swims in the Thames despite the obvious hazards and Lacey often accompanies himLacey also has a sad emotional life She is in love with Mark who is an undercover police officer currently working on a case which is so sensitive that it is impossible for him to meet her Lacey's swimming excursions with Ray help to compensate a bit for thisEarly one morning she and Ray are out swimming when they find a body attached to a wooden piling It is almost completely decomposed but the subseuent forensic examination reveals that it is a young slender woman who is wrapped in a fine linen shroudIn the ensuing days and weeks drowned young women are discovered where the death has only occurred recently They are all tall and slim with long dark hair and blue eyes At the same time Lacey and her colleagues discover that there is a flourishing immigrant smuggling operation going on in this stretch of the riverThe problem to solve is whether the immigrant smuggling and the murders are connected and if so why and how Lacey works closely with her former boss DI Dana Tulloch from Lewisham Police Station and a number of her former male plain clothes colleagues who still don't really understand why she left them to join the river policeOn one of her excursions on the river this time in her canoe Lacey meets a “character straight out of a fairytale” — Thessa She and her brother Alex live in a large and beautiful house on the river with a mooring Alex is apparently a medical specialist of some kind and Thessa occupies herself with making herbal concoctions from the many plants in her garden Lacey and Thessa become friends and Lacey is fascinated by this strange woman The subtle unwinding of these many mysteries make a fascinating and unusual story with an unexpected ending

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CHARACTERS Õ A Dark and Twisted Tide ↠ [EPUB] ✺ A Dark and Twisted Tide ✽ Sharon J. Bolton – Young policewoman Lacey Flint knows that the Thames is a dangerous place – after all she lives on it and works on it – but she’s always been lucky Until one day when she finds a body floating in YoungTwisted MOBI #241 and why was she wrapped so carefully in white burial cloths before being hidden in the fast flowing depthsDCI Dana Tulloch hates to admit it but she’s fond of the mysterious Lacey Even if she keeps on interfering in her investigations and is meddling with. I really liked Sharon Bolton’s A Dark and Twisted Tide her fourth Lacey Flint mystery which is centered on and around the River Thames The name Thames may actually come from a Welch word meaning “dark” and from the many many scenes in this book it is not only polluted but it takes on an ominous tone an ever present threat Lacey has a history with the river which once almost claimed her life She now lives on the Thames in a houseboat so I suppose one could say that she has made her peace with the mighty river Or has sheThe problems start early and Sharon Bolton’s Lacey Flint is right in the midst of it Lacey swims in the Thames most mornings – yes swims Nasty but not unheard of Lacey’s usual swimming partner Ray is under the weather so she has been swimming solo Should we be surprised when she suddenly spots a corpse This is Lacey Flint who seems to attract mystery and misery the way raw meat draws flies Constable Lacey Flint of the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Unit She’s recently returned to work after a medical leave and has chosen to relinuish her detective role However she has not lost her skills thankfully This is not “just” a corpse The body is wrapped in cloth suggesting some sort of cultural or religious ritual Who was this woman and why was she disposed of in this fashion Despite herself DI Dana Tulloch actually likes Lacey and respects her skills even knowing that Flint does not follow procedure and often goes against the tide and finds herself in over her headI enjoyed the development of relationships in this book Dana Tulloch seems softer We see a bit of Dana’s life outside of work albeit a hectic one because her partner Helen lives and works in Scotland Lacey while still a mess acknowledges that she loves Mark Joesbury Joesbury unfortunately is undercover for most of the book but his presence is still felt The most fascinating character is Thessa an eccentric herbalist whom Lacey meets while boating on the river Thessa a disabled sixty ish woman lives with her twin brother Alex and takes a liking to Lacey The feeling is mutual Lacey however is slow to trust and is uncomfortable especially when Thessa seems to be able to read her thoughts and know her true identity There are peripheral characters who seemed interesting but weren’t developed fellow officer Ray and his wife Elaine; Marlene and Madge the “skanky” lesbian couple and the numerous women whose chapters briefly alternate with Lacey’sBolton teases us with chapters labeled “The Swimmer” Is the swimmer a friend or a foe The swimmer leaves items on Lacey’s boat in the middle of the night Are they clues or are they warningsAbout those alternating chapters – I said that I enjoyed this book and there was much to love but I feel that it could have been much better Normally I like short chapters The chapters in this book are much too short In an effort to show the women in the here and now – or in some cases in the past – the flow of the book felt very choppy to me It took me than half the story to really get into the flow of the plot While it did eventually add to the sense of mystery I found it hard to engageSharon Bolton focuses her attention on the plight of immigrants specifically females from the Middle East and the exploitation of women As a sub plot she highlights artificial insemination There is a point to all of this; the connections could have been stronger I felt but I do like that she made the attemptIn the end the motives of the perpetrator felt as muddy as the Thames itself It wouldn’t be a Lacey Flint book without oceans of dangerous scenes but in the final chaos I felt very confused Who Why Much like the Thames River my feelings about this book rose and fell like the tide Lacey as always is a conflicted character held back by her fear of letting others know who she really is Will Sharon Bolton give us a chance to let her evolve or is this the final book of the series This book really seems to leave open the possibility that there could be one I hope so – I’d like to see Lacey go out on a high note and this just didn’t uite do it35 stars