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EPUB ✓ Seaside Romance í Mia Ross R job at her friend's toy store is going well and most important she's safe Meeting contractor Ben Thomas soon changes all that With his good looks easygoing nature and kind heart he's turnin I thought this was a very well written book and I almost read it in one sitting Had to take a break to do some real life chores though It held my interest and the characters were uite believable I liked the small town setting too it sounded like a nice place to visit with all of the friendly people there The ending although predictable it is a romance bookstill made me very happy with tears in my eyes for the two main characters I guess this was just the right book for me to read today after having several stressful past days It made me happy hopeful and peaceful

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EBOOK ✓ EPUB Seaside Romance ä 9780373817528 FREE ☆ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Seaside Romance By Mia Ross ➩ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Running away from her troubled city life Lauren Foster never thought she'd find herself in small town Maine But Holiday Harbor is everything she's looking for The to G her peaceful new life upside down She's uickly falling for the local hero but when her past catches up to her present is she willing to face her fears for the future she's always dreamed of I won this great book through Goodreads I enjoy reading Love Inspired books they always have a good story line and a good Christian message I truly enjoy reading the scripture reference at the beginning of the book then watching this reference being woven throughout the bookThis book starts out with a 28 year old lady hiding out in a small town in Maine It is clear she has never felt comfortable or settled in her life as an adult She has suffered through a dangerous scary relationship and has chosen to hide in this small town with a friend to regroup and discover her next move So negative was her past relationship that she was left with a fear of all men One man sees this fear and makes it his goal to calm her and instill a sense of confidence in herself and in men Through his Christian walk he gently leads her back to God The setting of this book in a small town in Maine is very well described I have never been to Maine though I am intriued and would love to check out this beautiful state after reading this book Holiday Harbor is the kind of town everyone would love to live in it is full of characters to keep it interesting and friendly neighbors to make you feel at home The beautiful light house harks back to another era but with a modern day home The Atlantic Ocean plays a big roll in this book it is beautiful with a dark mysterious side that reuires being saved much as we live in this beautiful world but reuire being saved by God to survive in this worldReading a wholesome love story that I can reccomend to both my college age daughter and her grandmother is a blessing I look forward to reading books about Holiday Harbor I will continue to look for and read the Love Inspired series and Mia Ross' books

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Seaside RomanceRunning away from her troubled city life Lauren Foster never thought she'd find herself in small town Maine But Holiday Harbor is everything she's looking for The townspeople are welcoming he Awesome book In my life this was the most inspiring book I could have ever read Circumstances in my life had left me heart broken and not knowing how I was to go on then on page 88 I read Life is always in motion and we can not change that so we just have to ride out the storms the best we canhow those words hit me Thank you Mia for another wonderful book Asking God to continue His blessings on you and thanks for sharing your God given talent of writing with us