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To take a skeptical Guide to PDF #9734 approach to American history is not to dabble in imaginative conspiracy theories rather it's to re What's a book Is it whatever you can check off as currently reading on Goodreads Do e books count Do audiobooks What about a podcast series like Serial Where's the line What about an essay of just a couple dozen pages It's not really a book or is it If I set a goal of reading 75 books as I have this year and one or of my entries is made up of a series only available on audio does that count Or should my achievement have an asterisk attached to itI know Goodreads like the rest of social media isn't policed and a person would have to be a real dick to comment under someone's completed achievement Nice try Susan Issues of Vogue magazine don't count Neither do those romance novels you get for free on your KindleA magazine is a magazine not a book I think we can all agree on that But what about a short story A single short story that might just happen to be sueezed in between two coversLike many classic short stories Stefan Zweig's Chess Story is sold on its own and in short story collections So if a single story counts as a read then a collection of 10 of Zweig's stories should count as 10 Maybe that's the definition of a book typed text on pages between two coversLast year I reviewed Hans Christian Andersen's The Complete Fairy Tales but as you'll see if you go to that link nearly every review is a review for a different edition That wouldn't ordinarily cause concern but Andersen reportedly wrote 168 fairy tales and stories There is as far as I know no single collection containing them all because if you tried to walk onto a plane with it they'd make you check it in as luggage Which is to say every collection of Andersen's stories contains different fairy tales That means that although both Aliona and I checked off The Complete Fairy Tales as Read our editions most likely contained completely different stories They must have because Aliona gave her collection only 3 stars and I know there is no way anyone who read the collection I did would have given it anything less than a 5 Or a 4 if a gun was being held to their head Not 3 Because then I'd have to write Aliona and demand that she explain herselfBut much to Aliona's relief I don't think I have to do that because Aliona probably got a really shitty translation Was it The Princess ON the Pea or The Princess AND the Pea Aliona See on is the correct translation of the original Danish but almost all editions before Tiina Nunnally's have it as and What about if someone goes on and checks off Princess and the Pea ON ITS OWN as read I mean surely that shouldn't count right The thing's like two full pages 48 apparently with pictures I am much relieved to find that none of my Goodreads friends have marked this Princess and the Pea as readI mean it's just laziness really isn't it Marking Princess and the Pea as read when it took you all of two minutes to read it Perhaps this is something parents do when they find that they no longer have any time to read indeed that the only books they ARE reading are to their kids at night But they don't want to feel left out so they mark Princess and the Pea as read in an effort to try and keep up with Jonathan Nakapalau who has set a reading goal of 365 books 365 And guess what He's already read 303 probably up to 429 by the time you read this I mean what the heck Jon Way to make us all feel like losers And no I didn't check but perhaps Jon has just read Princess and the Pea 303 times That's highly probable I'd saySome years ago the actor Richard Armitage signed a deal with audible to narrate a couple of Shakespeare novelizations If you go to your local bookstore and try and get the first of these Hamlet Prince of Denmark you'll come up empty because there never was a physical book released You can however download the e book on your kindleRichard Armitage's second Shakespeare novelization Romeo And Juliet doesn't even have an e book for you to download It's available ONLY on audible in audiobook format Does that then still count as a book It does say it's a novel I mean the word is right there in the title But is it ReallyI admit it — I am a highly competitive person and if I manage to get to 75 books at the end of the year I will take some pride in that But there should be some guidelines shouldn't there No Brendan the whole point is to just try and get people to read It's not a contest Really The word challenge is right there But ok sure whatever gets people to read But to openly admit this to remove the competitive aspect of it would threaten the entire enterprise wouldn't it Aren't we a society run on competition God knows that for better or worse social media certainly is ok for worse most assuredly I do find that I absolutely am pushed to read when I sign into my Goodreads to find that I'm two books behind schedule — as I am now probably because I'm spending so much time writing this review when I should be reading — but if everyone you know is logging episodes of Game of Thrones I mean why not How long until people are doing that why care any at all How long until this entire thing comes crashing down and with it Goodreads itselfWe need some regulations people We need someone to tell us what can and can't be readWith that said I'm not sure whether or not you're familiar with The Great Courses They're not books but a series of easily digestible half hour episodes about some various topic They have courses on Shakespeare Dante Plato King Arthur the British Empire and seemingly an endless list of other subject matter The Skeptic's Guide to American History might better be called American History Fact and Fiction If Mythbusters did a series on American History it would probably sound something like this I've enjoyed all the entries in The Great Courses series and this is no exception They're all really well taught and I find that they're often better at keeping my attention while at the gym than any actual books are That's because they don't have characters It's just history at least in this caseIt's no Hans Christian Andersen but I think Aliona would probably like these too But is it reading I'm marking this as read because I want to personally acknowledge that I finished it for myself in other words But is it read Ultimately that's what the Reading Challenge depends on Our own feelings on the matter Whether we feel guilty about marking something as read that actually isn't a physical book or whether we're ok with it knowing that the 303 books Jon's read are all physical booksOr are they Jon Anything you'd like to confess

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The Skeptic's Guide to American History The Great Courses #8588Cinating chapter in the larger story of Western civilization The Skeptic's ePUB #9734 And in this bold lecture series you can do just tha I found this to be very enlightening and interesting The downside to buying this through audiblecom instead of through the Great Courses is you don't have access to the lecture notes which would certainly be helpful to search out information But the price is so much better this way that it's hard to turn downThis is a highly recommended

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The Skeptic's Guide to American History The Great Courses #8588 kindle î eBook Free É johnscyclingdiary ¿ [BOOKS] ✪ The Skeptic's Guide to American History The Great Courses #8588 ✬ Mark Stoler – To take a skeptical appFrame your understanding of this great nation's past and actually strengthen your appreciation for what makes American history such a fas This series of lectures starts off with the discovery of the North American continent and concludes it's critical analysis around the time of the Vietnam War It is important to note this is not a set of lectures designed to build a foundational history but to augment knowledge from a perspective that is not as biased by patriotism ethnocentrism or by time In doing so these lectures challenge long held beliefs and myths about American history then proceed to explain their creation and persistence When analyzing historical figures a detailed look at the events that defined these persons to modern history is compared to the events that actually defined the person to his contemporaries This not just a series of lectures on history it is also a excellent guide on how to view history skeptically and in doing so holistically The author is an excellent orator and rarely interjects personal beliefs into the narrative although he does do so by proxy with uotes from others Even so not only does he challenge his own interpretation of history but encourages other's to do so This is an excellent and informative effort and highly recommended to those who enjoy history and those who consider themselves patriots