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PDF ✓ BOOK Dangerous Waters FREE Î AMY J. FETZER ì [PDF / Epub] ✅ Dangerous Waters ⚣ Amy J. Fetzer – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk THE DRAMATIC STORY OF A BEAUTIFUL MODERN DAY BOUNTY HUNTER IN SEARCH OF JUSTICE AND HER DESTINY IN THE ARMS OF A LAWMAN OF THE OLD WESTTwentieth century bounty hunter VictorTo kill again But it's not as simple to fight her attraction to Christopher Waythorne the local marshall whose hard edged good looks and expert touch inspire long suppressed desireFrom the intoxicating cascade of her gold and red hair to her straight shooting Chris is captivated by the mysterious Victoria and protective when he learns she is stalked by a mur July52009so far so good turns out that she has all the makings of a perfect disguise and looks like a chubby Mexican guy right now She came through a waterfall to catch the serial killer she was tracking and the only way she can figure to catch him is by wearing that disguise Right now she's locked up in jail because the hunky marshall thinks she's a trouble maker She beat up a few gurys but they started they fight I'll update as i readJuly82009Ok i finished it and i absolutely loved it the passion between the two characters was so raw and untamed The constant struggled going on for Victoria kept you on edge would she choose her time or her love? the bounty and the chance at happiness she never had? it really is a must read

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Derer And while the code of the West demands that he keep her safe from harm Victoria's only hope of escaping from a whirlpool of danger and deception depends not on his protection but his help in bringing a killer to justiceBetween yesterday and today an old fashioned lawman and a modern woman must work together or risk their new found loveand their very liv Considerably serious than the majority of time travels I read mostly because I prefer them like that Still good H is accepting of the notion that h is from the future uite a bit of time devoted to her holding him at bay though because she might go back not sure why on this because it wasn't something you just stumbled into

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Dangerous WatersTHE DRAMATIC STORY OF A BEAUTIFUL MODERN DAY BOUNTY HUNTER IN SEARCH OF JUSTICE AND HER DESTINY IN THE ARMS OF A LAWMAN OF THE OLD WESTTwentieth century bounty hunter Victoria Mason plunges through a waterfall after a wanted man and finds herself in the Colorado of 1872 Even that won't throw her off the track of her uarry a twisted psychopath who's threatened The heroine has dedicated her life to her career and with only her partner to whom she can count as a friend she's developed her entire world into the hunt for the bad guy A serial killer who she's spent a great deal of time studying and tracking has murdered her only friend With her emotions walled up tightly inside and her stubborn refusal to ever let the grief control her she does the only thing she knows how to do she hunts But never in a million years did she ever imagine that tracking her prey through the forest would see her encountering a waterfall that sends her back in time But worse than being stuck in a strange time period is the knowledge that this mad man has come with her And in this new place he is a respected business man and as such has the absolute freedom to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants and no one is there to stop him But the heroine will stop him The hero is still reeling from the sense of betrayal he felt when the woman he loved broke his heart when she found out he was half Indian When he finds a strange beautiful woman in the woods something deep inside him knows that she's meant for him But nothing is ever that simple She is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle and tied off with than a healthy amount of pride Her many disguises see her able to successfully hide who she truly is from the world and he fears that no matter what he does he too will forever be on the outside Desperate to love her to protect her and most of all to be the one she can rely on the one she can trust with everything the hero still finds himself frustrated with her distance He wants her to want him to need him and the heroine is much to strong for that at first Then she realizes the true strength isn't keeping everything bottled up inside but rather is comes from showing weakness to a man who could never use it against her But the serial killer is still on the loose and hiding in plain site The hero didn't believe her claims that the brothel owner was a murderer yet soon it becomes apparent that something is not right with the man but are they too late to stop innocent women from losing their lives? I don't know what happened with this book but apparently this normally talented writer had a major brain seizure and Dangerous Waters was the result What the hell happened? I ordered this book off confident in the fact that I adored her other novels so it's a guarantee that I'll like this one How wrong I was Maybe it was the absurd amount of stupid and painful 'costumes' the heroine puts on herself or maybe it was he fact that the POV changed so freuently I honest lost track many times of which damn character was speaking First off the disguises The heroine goes running off the track the serial killer in the woods and ends up in the 19th Century AND has her damn bag of masks wigs and padding? And sorry what rubber face mask is good enough to change a female into a man this isn't Mission Impossible 2 or Face Off And I couldn't for the life of me stand the heroine as a character or relate to her on any level She completely put me off from the beginning and I never could find it in myself to like her Soooo I guess this proves that all authors even gifted ones are capable of epic fails So disenchanting