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The English Auden Poems Essays and Dramatic Writings 1927 1939 doc í Paperback ´ [Read] ➯ The English Auden Poems Essays and Dramatic Writings 1927 1939 Author W.H. Auden – 'This volume restores Auden to us complete and unrevised The reader recaptures the excitemStruck readers first by the austere saga like strangeness of his poetry and then by his intoxication with disruptive uninhibited ideas Great collection in which you can see Auden's growth from a fairly dull symbolistmodernist type to something much interesting as his poetry gains in both clarity and depth Personal favorites are XXI XXVI and XXXVII from 1938 39; XVII from 1933 XXIV and XXV from 1929 and especially sonnet XXV from the seuence 'In Time of WarNothing is given we must find our lawGreat buildings jostle in the sun for dominationBehind them stretch like sorry vegetationThe low recessive houses of the poor We have no destiny assigned us Nothing is certain but the body; we planTo better ourselves; the hospitals alone remind usOf the euality of man Children are really loved here even by policeThey speak of years before the big were lonelyAnd will be lost And onlyThe brass bands throbbing in the parks foretellSome future reign of happiness and peaceWe learn to pity and rebel

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The English Auden is the resurrection of the body of the poetry as it existed in England between and ' Stephen Spender Sunday Telegrap This is the easiest way to read the unrevised Auden before second thoughts and idiosyncratic scruples edited away beloved if fruitful of argument lines The most obvious example is in the Yeats elegy where we still getTime that is intolerantOf the brave and the innocentAnd indifferent in a weekTo a beautiful physiueWorships language and forgivesEveryone by whom it lives;Pardons cowardice conceitLays its honours at their feetTime that with this strange excusePardoned Kipling and his viewsAnd will pardon Paul ClaudelPardons him for writing well

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The English Auden Poems Essays and Dramatic Writings 1927 1939'This volume restores Auden to us complete Auden Poems Epub #218 and unrevised The reader recaptures the excitement of a young poet who I found Auden's poetry a mess Obviously his poetry is often of the highest uality and includes some universally loved poems Even lesser work is freeuntly of great interest and worth reading But his so called Collected Poems is not only a mere selection leaving out some work that really is essential like The Orators which I bought as a separate volume before finding again it in The English Auden and arranged by Auden himself in an entirely unhelpful way but also includes alterations to many poems by Auden himself that are neither an improvement nor of sufficient interest to want to kept track of them; they just annoyed me Much interesting is to work with The English Auden a different collection by Edward Mendelson which conforms to the order of writing and is grouped correctly into the volumes as published preserves the earlier and attractive versions of the poems and loses litle by being limited to the years 1927 1939 It also gathers a selection of Auden's prose writing and that is interesting too For anyone who can absorb all this material then good luck with the remainder in the Collected Poems Once I found it I just confined my attention to this collection When reading alongside a biography which I like to do it is really only worthwhile to use The English Auden The particular biography I chose there are a number I know was not sufficiently detailed since much of Auden's poetry is frankly obscure so I also turned to W H Auden A Commentary by John Fuller as a valuable refrence source for each and every poem This supplied some fascinating red herrings and side alleys to explore though it is excessive for anyone who does not intend to spend serious time on Auden's work Just for comparison my ideal poetry collection was one for Seamus Heaney and came in the form of a boxed set of every book he published each in its orginal form It was possible to follow Heaney's writing career in a convenient accessible way that bluntly is a huge contrast to the unwieldy confusing and often tiresome effort of searching out the relevant Auden poems alongside supporting reference materials With Heaney I could slip each volume in turn into a coat pocket and carry it around with me With Auden I needed a wheelbarrow to move from one room to another After all that I am not even much of a fan