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The Icebound Land review ô 0 º [KINDLE] ✾ The Icebound Land Author John Flanagan – I slutet av andra boken Det övergivna landet blir Will och Evanlyn tillfångatagna av skandierna och nu vilar deras öde i händerna på Erak deras fruktade ledare Här kommer den spännande fortsät I slutet av andra boken Det öR beredd att göra vad som helst för att hålla sitt löfte även om det innebär att han måste trotsa kungen Halt blir bannlyst från riket Araluen och utesluten ur Spejarnas sällskap Han ger sig av för att leta efter Will Snart möter han Horace som bestämmer sig för att följa honom På vägen blir de attackerade flera. Contains minor spoilers35 starsI know that I've said this a couple of times already but it deserves repeating I am enjoying this series so much than I would have ever expected I've flown through these first three books and have the fourth book sitting on my bedside table begging to be read It's completely addictive The characters are some of my favourites already We get to see a new side of all the characters in this seuel I especially loved getting into Halt's head and seeing him grieving for the loss of his friend It was also great to see Evanlyn step up towards the end of the book but I sorely missed Will at times His wit bought an extra something to the book and while Halt's teasing of Horace left me in chuckles it just wasn't the same and Halt and Will's banter I do however have to say that the plot wasn't as fantastic as The Burning Bridge The second half of the book dragged a little bit not too terribly so but noticeably I am anxious to see where the story is going to progress to in Oakleaf Bearers so I'm going to pick that up as soon as humanly possible I'm so glad that I picked up this series

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Gånger av riddare och Horace får tillfälle att visa vad han går för som slagskämpe Under tiden blir Will utsatt för en drog som raderar ut hans känslor och tankar Han blir mer och mer beroende av drogen och är på väg att förvandlas till en viljelös slav Ska Halt och Horace lyckas rädda Will innan det är för sen. This as another solid fantasy adventure to add to the series In this installment Will and Evanlyn have been taken by the Skandian Jarl Weak back to his homeland to be sold as slaves Halt unwilling to let Will disappear forever leaves behind the Rangers to go after his young apprentice with Horace as his companion Horace and Halt were a fun team although not as entertaining as Halt and Will often are Their adventures and dedication to Will were a nice touch to the story and we got to see uite a bit of development in both of them Will is not truly here for a large portion of the book which is unfortunate because he's a lot of fun We do get to see Evanlyn take charge though She's definitely a strong woman and adds a lot to the story Their interactions with Erak were a nice touch I'm wondering what will happen there in the future The ending was fairly satisfactory but definitely left a lot open I'm excited to pick up the next installment and continue on with this story Ten years ago I would have been completely obsessed with this and even now I find it very enjoyable

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The Icebound LandI slutet av andra boken Det övergivna landet blir Will och Evanlyn tillfångatagna av skandierna och nu vilar deras öde i händerna på Erak deras fruktade ledare Här kommer den spännande fortsättningen The Icebound PDFEPUBi tredje boken ur serien Spejarens lärlingSpejarmästaren Halt har svurit på att rädda Will och ä. Yes Yes Yes YesOh My WordLoved this book the details the characters the scenes but most importantly the theme although I am VERY sad that Halt had to leave the Rangers CorpsLoved the book and especially Will who can't love Will After all there was no reason to be crying Did I cry after that nods Yes yes I did WILL my poor little friend How COULD you get addicted to that THAT drug sobs heart out gotta love my babyI think I said everything that needed to be said Basically if you haven't read the series PICK IT UP because Will well you just can't like himgoes back to library Now muses to self Where's the next one