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doc ´ Thérèse Rauin ☆ Émile Zola Tik tieši izmantoti naturālisma estētikas pamatprincipi Romāns stāsta par kādu jaunu sievieti kura ir nelaimīgi precējusies ar egoistisku cilvēku un iz Usually when I review a book I try to allot the stars not by the audiobook's narration but by the author's words and content With this book I am awarding four stars but it is partially due to Kate Winslet's fantastic narration She is as you must know a famous actress I strongly believe I would never have been able to imagine the words with the terror and emotion evoked through her reading She does a fantastic job In addition I would have been furious if at every mention of Camille's name it had been improperly pronounced All the French streets and terms are spot on; this is an important part of drawing the downtrodden life in the poorer less affluent areas of Paris where the story unfolds in the latter 1800s You are told in the book description that Laurent and Thérèse kill Camille Thérèse's husband and cousin It is what happens afterwards that constitutes the true story This is a psychological drama not a murder mystery It is suspenseful creepy and horrifying Are you listening It is horrifying At least when it is read by Kate Winslet She notches up the suspense the creepiness and the horror until you are sitting on the very edge of your seat I haven't read a horror book in years; this has given me a good dose enough to last for at least the next ten years In the book description we are also told that Zola dispassionately dissects the motivations of his characters mere 'human beasts' who kill in order to satisfy their lust I disagree; there is nothing dispassionate about this book It is all about emotions and passions and please note the end of that sentence I uoted It speaks of humans behaving as beasts filled with lust Now that gives the proper feeling of the book So read this book if you want a moving study of human emotions of fear and guilt and what propels some of us to behave feverishly and crazily Being a horror story I at the same time find it a bit exaggerated Not everybody behaves like this but you get so pulled into the tension that you feel the agony of their guilt And what about punishment That is another uestion delved into What is the worst punishment that we allot ourselves or that forced upon us by others Violence and abuse which is harsher the physical or the psychological I have read this is also a study of people with different temperaments This didn't work for me Thérèse’s aunt Camille’s mother is drawn as a sweet loving mother but I see her as calculating Laurent's temperament is clear He is at first at least careful and prudent He is calculating and egotistical avaricious just plain wicked Thérèse she is drawn as a passionate figure and yet at the same time devious and secretive Putting together those two characteristics does not work for me Usually emotional passionate people simply cannot hide what they are thinking or feeling Perhaps under the stress of her evil deed she searches everywhere for absolution and escape You have to read the story to see where it ends I do recommend it but listen to the audiobook version narrated by Kate Winslet

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eBook ↠ ePub Thérèse Rauin ã ½ Émile Zola ½ [Reading] ➿ Thérèse Rauin Author Émile Zola – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Franču rakstnieka un viena no spožākajiem 19gadsimta novelistiem Eiropas literatūrā Emīla Zolā 1840 1902 romāns Terēza Rakēna 1867 ir pirmais darbs kura tēlu veidojum Misuma dzīta metas juteklības pilnās un traģiskās attiecībās ar sava vīra draugu Šo romānu īpaši saistošu dara vēstījuma tiešums un ekstravagance and here i thought thomas hardy was cruel to his charactersthis book doesn't take long to turn into slow torture for crimes committed and it gets darker and dramatic until it reaches the heights of opera vengeance it's very tempting as a modern reader to uestion the characters' motivations why not just leave really just leave but it was high time i read some zola and i can continue my summer of missed classics with confidencecome to my blog

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Thérèse RauinFranču rakstnieka un viena no spožākajiem gadsimta novelistiem Eiropas literatūrā Emīla Zolāromāns Terēza Rakēna ir pirmais darbs kura tēlu veidojumā You don't need another Coca ColaOr the latest Francis Ford CoppolaYou don't need a holiday in AngolaYou need this novel by Emile ZolaIt's raw like a bad case of ebolaIt's atomic like gay enolaNot pretty like a gladiolaOr sweet like a tune from a old victrolaHe told the truth like the AyatollahHe was revolutionary like HizbollahHe never needed no payolaHe didn't have a MotorolaHe wrote the truth he was Emile ZolaLike a panel he was solarNineteenth century rock and rollerHe put Balzac back in his baby strollerAnd this ain't no litcrit hyperbola