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A Path Begins The Thickety #1A dark forbidden forest Begins The PDF #202 Vicious beasts Deadly plants An evil spellbook Secrets Mysteries Witches both good and bad Welcome to the world of the Thickety Full of action set in an intriguing and dangerous world and illustrated with gorgeous and haunting line art A Path eBook #10003 You can also find this awesome review on my blog POTATOES UNITEThis book surprised me A LOTYou see a few weeks ago I thought to myself that perhaps I should give an eual focus to Middle Grade books coming out this year for a variety of reasons one they're usually shorter; two the plot is focused therefore not all over the place and; three it's light hearted than many of the Young Adult ones that I'm surrounded with So when I found myself staring at an ARC of The Thickety A Path Begins I thought I'd finally read something that would give me all threeMan was I wrongMy friends do not read this book if you're looking for something that could make you laugh and cry and be in cloud nine This book is not it This book will sueeze your pumping heart pull your heartstrings make you see red and wonder why is there a thing such as 'evil' in this pitiful pathetic world It will make you hate humans and bratty spoiled girls who are fond of power trips at the expense of others This will make you scared of anything that resembles a forest You will want to cover yourselves with blankets and wish for bizarre shadows to go away You will never see remote islands the same way again The cold of the night will give you cold sweat and the sight of rats and insects will make you run for your life You will wonder if there is such a thing as happiness in this worldI may be stretching it out a bit but I shit you not when I say that this is a dark book It may label itself as Middle Grade but I don't recommend giving it to children who are sensitive to dark themes such as death dark magic murder psychopaths and severe cases of ostracisation It's highly disturbing and atmospheric in a sense and seeing children involved in these things makes it a notch damaging to one's mental self This book honestly felt like going to hell meeting the devil and its children and then going back barely surviving the horrors you facedshudderKara's mother was executed for allegedly killing two people through her witchcraft ways when she was 5 years old nearly 7 years ago Since then Kara has been taking care of herself and her baby brother Taff making herself strong enough for both of them as they are constantly scrutinized discriminated upon and ostracised by the villagers for the mere fact her mother was a witch One day a bird beckons her to follow it into the Thickety a mysterious forest with a dark life of its own the very same forest where the Forest Demon Sordyr lives making it forbidden and utterly dangerous Deep into the forest she sees the Grimoire a magical book that eventually allows her to practice Witchcraft From then on she finds herself slowly discovering the cruel awful truth that magic is power and power killsLike I said before this is a very dark book The treatment the villagers give to 12 year old Kara alone is enough to make you see red It's absolutely dreadful and it even made me feel a wee bit depressed and sad for her Nobody deserves to be constantly mocked behind your back for something you had no control over Nobody deserves to have their house vandalized night after night by mud and dung Nobody deserves to be bullied by seemingly charitable people like Grace who presents herself as sweet and innocent but treats Kara inferior to dirt From the get go you instantly feel for the main character and her little brother Taff The fact that their father has become a negligent parent because of what happened to his wife makes their situation all the heartbreakingWith that said you'll understand Kara's frustrations and even some of her dark thoughts And when she gets her hands on the Grimoire a magical book that stores spells for witches you even feel like cheering on for her You start to look forward to her using it to smite those who laughed and spat at her face I feel so evil nowSurprisingly this book got even darker at that point For once finally having power over others makes Kara's ego balloon The she uses the book the she becomes obsessed with it to the point of sleeping with it and having nightmares when she doesn't use it At this point you become concerned for her and you'll start to wonder if you even know this girl at all That's what happened to me at least Chapter after chapter Kara gradually became a trainwreck that it was painful to watch her slowly get overcome with power that was so easily abused It felt like seeing another Sophie School of Good and Evil come to life The character development from bad to good to bad to good was so strong and evident that her actions left me uneasy and full of trepidationDoki doki doki dokiDo you hear thatThat's my heart beating fast and my sanity ebbing away That's how intense this book wasAnd then there is Grace the girl with the white hair and beautiful smile who look at others with a twinkle in her eye She is devil incarnate She is CHUCKY in woman's clothing And you guys surely remember Chucky That evil doll If not let me refresh your repressed memoriesI AM NOT FUCKING KIDDINGI've never been scared and angry of a kid this much This girl is absolutely heartless She makes me scared of kids okay maybe not but she's making me second guess them now Characters like her lead me to believe it is hell on earth because only demons can be that evil Let's just say if you're not of the faint of heart you'd really rather not meet this girl at all OKAY SCRATCH THAT PLEASE READ THIS BOOK SO I CAN SHARE THIS FEAR WITH SOMEONE Overall here's a checklist1 If you want a dark book with witches hateful villagers scary forests and Chucky like characters this is the book for you2 If you like atmospheric stuff with a hint of horror mystery and thriller this book is for you3 If you like good character development this book is for you4 If you like a well written Middle Grade book and be damned scary stuff this book is for youI think I shall rest my case here My blanket is looking really cozy right now and I want to sleep under the covers tonightPS THAT ENDING WAS SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER CRUEL I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AND WHILE IT WAS BRILLIANT IT WAS SUPER HEART RENDING AT THE SAME TIME WAAAAAH

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kindle ✓ A Path Begins The Thickety #1 µ 488 pages Download Ò J.A. White ´ ❮Download❯ ➻ A Path Begins The Thickety #1 Author J.A. White – A dark forbidden forest Vicious beasts Deadly plants An evil spellbook Secrets Mysteries Was a witch The villagers believe nothing is evil than magic except for what lurks in the nearby Thickety But when Kara enters the forbidden forest she discovers a strange book a grimoire that might have belonged to her mother The events she then sets in motion are both awe inspiring and terrifyin The book opens with one of my pet peeves the main character is in the middle of being kidnapped I didn't know who she was so didn't really care at first Once things began getting explained I could see why the author chose that opening but it got things off on the wrong foot for meThe first third of book did hold my interest although the only characters I felt any connection to were Kara and Taff Everyone in the town hates them everyone Even when Kara talks about this person or that being nice in a way they still end up being hatefulOf course all of this is because Kara is the daughter of a witch and is suspected of being a witch herself and the community is one that is completely dedicated to wiping out witchcraft It actually feels a lot like The Village except that the community is escaping witchcraft instead of technologyWhat ultimately drove me nuts was that it was almost as if the author were using Kara as a device to show that the community and their religion were wrong about witchcraft to get the reader to take her side and see the community as narrow minded but everything that happened when magic got involved turned into disaster just proving that the community was right all along in wanting witchcraft gone Anyway I like dark books but this one seemed dark for just the sake of darkness not because there was any real purpose to it I ended up skimming the last third And I hated the ending I was also disappointed because the book is called The Thickety but the Thickety is actually only a minor player in the book I expected a book filled with adventure and well time actually spent in the Thickety Instead I got a book about a girl witch who is hated by everyone and a magic system that seems like the kind of thing that ought to be abolished

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The Thickety A Path Begins is a truly stunning bookA Path Begins is the thrilling start of a new middle grade fantasy series about a girl a mysterious forest and a book of untold magical powers Kara and her brother Taff are shunned by Path Begins The PDFEPUB #191 their village because their mother What Whaaaaat what did I just read I mean whaaaaat A friend gave me this ARC last year Thank you Joella and said This was so different I think you'll really like it So of course I put it aside for a year because honestly when people tell me I'll like something whether out of stubbornness or because my tastes just are that weird I usually don't And I have a hard time with middle grade fantasy as well I'm very very picky But Joella was so right Because this book THIS BOOK I mean WHAT WAS THIS BOOK It was so different It was like Grimm's Fairy Tales mixed with the Crucible with an added dash of The Giver So different So goodYou must read this Yes you