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Shutdown Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #2275 Summary Õ 108 ½ [Read] ➻ Shutdown Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #2275 ➸ Laurell K. Hamilton – This story is for all my readers who have been impacted by the current political SNAFU – and for anyone else who might need to enjoy a free story Ree for the duration of the government shutdown Once the government is back in business then the short story will no longer be available on line at least not until my publisher and I figure out what we might want to do with it But for right now while we’re all wondering how it got. Shutdown by Laurel K Hamilton was free on her website“Dr Ellen Radborne was about my height 5' 3 with thick shoulder length brunette hair that I might have thought was black but my hair was black so I knew hers was really just dark brown Her eyes were brown like mine though again mine were a little darker She had a pale summer tan to my nearly white skin but then my skin never tanned it just burned and then went back to being pale She was curvy maybe not as curvy through the chest as me but no man who liked breasts would complain that she lacked She was in shape though not as fit as I but then I doubt she needed to hit the weights and cardio as hard for her job as I did for mine” This is the first paragraph of this story Can you see the problemI canI know Anita is the main character in this series but I am starting to get seriously concerned about Hamilton’s complete inability to have another female character in the books And to have multiple poly relationships and groupings with only one woman in the mix It just isn’t going to work If Anita is meant to raise zombies investigate murders and sex ALL the guys she will need hours in the dayI used to love this series and I own all the books but this is honestly starting to make me nutsAnd this woman is supposed to be Richard’s new fiancée Spoiler alert it doesn’t go well Of course it doesn’t; she’s NOT AnitaRichard is still looking for the white picket fence That phrase makes it into every scene that has Richard in it Please stop Readers remember stuff There must be a wolf girl who can tick all his boxes There is no way Anita is human any so surely he can let that goAnita gets mad and Micah pats her to calm her down The characters are becoming cardboard cut outsWouldn’t it be awesome if Richard got a real woman as a wife; one who had a character and who could be an intelligent match for him and maybe even a valuable ally and friend to Anita She has no female friends Ellen here is supposed to be a doctor and is clearly not very smart The least she could have done was Google poly relationships before meeting them But she fast becomes the outspoken voice of polyvampire hate too fast for a woman who was going to marry a werewolfSo Richard gets his heart broken again and no doubt Anita will kiss it better and Micah will back off and let herSigh

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To this point here’s a brand new Anita Blake short story featuring our favorite bad boy werewolf yep I mean Richard Zeeman Hey I’ve been telling you he’s been working his therapy read on to see the results that hard work and being brave enough to own your whole self can get y. It has been a VERY LONG TIME since I liked or had any respect for Richard The fact that his therapy seems to be working ie he has accepted his wolf and his sexual needs all the while trying to still have the wife and 25 kids means he's come a long way He hasn't won me over because much like Asher Richard throws WAY too many juvenile tantrums and pisses me offHowever I was happy to see at the end of this story that Richard has learned not to compromise what he knows he needs to be happy by giving in to what he used to think would make him happy Gods does that even make sense grins

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Shutdown Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #2275Blake Vampire Epub #220 This story is for all my readers who have been impacted by the Shutdown Anita Kindle current political SNAFU – and for anyone else who might need to enjoy a Anita Blake Vampire PDF #198 free story in these difficult times“Shutdown” will be available f. What is the point of this thing Just because there was the Shutdown she posted this I sort of wonder where it an extra for the latest ShutdownCan I say that this was just pointless and that I really cannot stomach Anita describing how gorgeous she isI bet that Hamilton has a file with a long description of every character And every time they come to the scene she just puts the description there Every single time We all know how blue eyes J C has We all know what happened to Asher and how he got his scars And how he hides behind his hair We all KNOW that And this outtake is supposedly 25 pages but if you erase the descriptions then you will have half of it I felt sorry for Ellen she was made the bad guy here and she definitely did not deserve it And the moment Anita goes to compare Ellen to herself I just wanted to punch her She's curvy but my breasts are bigger She's in shape but I'm in better shapeSo sick of this And it is not the first time other women are put down in this series this way I can very much remember Anita bonding with another female hunter over belittling skinny women Sorry that is not okay in my book