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PDF Ò BOOK Le Scaphandre et le Papillon FREE Ü JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ú [Reading] ➶ Le Scaphandre et le Papillon ➬ Jean-Dominique Bauby – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Em 8 de dezembro de 1995 um acidente vascular cerebral mergulhou brutalmente Jean Dominiue Bauby em coma profundo Ao sair dele toSó um olho se mexia Esse olho o esuerdo é o vínculo ue ele tem com o mundo com os outros com a vi The Diving Bell and the ButterflyLocked in syndrome totally paralyzed unable to speak but completely conscious I find it hard to imagine a condition that's worse than this one People who suffer a stroke are at a risk to suffer from this condition luckily mostly not this bad Is there still dignity in a life like this? The writer of this memoir suffered from this condition and was only able to move one eye His left eye Needless to say this was a powerful read Its popularity is partly due to the fact that this book was made into a successful movie However there's a similar memoir that is not as well known as this one and which I thought was much better and powerful Only The Eyes Say Yes A Love Story If you liked The Diving Bell and the Butterfly I highly recommend Only the eyes say yes

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Coma profundo Ao sair dele todas as suas funções motoras estavam deterioradas Em seu corpo inerte “Does it take the harsh light of disaster to show a person’s true nature?” The situation is unimaginable waking from a coma to find yourself trapped in your own body able to think clearly and understand what is going on around you but unable to partake in any of what transpires It’s called “locked in syndrome” and Jean Dominiue Bauby finds himself a victim of it when he awakes from a coma following a serious stroke that damaged his brain stem and left him almost totally paralyzed; he has only limited facial movements slight control over his neck and use of only one eye It is with this single good eye that Bauby is able to communicate with the world using an excruciatingly slow code of blinking that reuires time energy and a great deal of attention and patience And it is also thanks to this one eye that we have this first hand account dictated by Bauby from his hospital bed recounting the details of his life in the wake of tragedyFar from being restricted by his condition Bauby unleashes the full force of his literary capabilities which were uite estimable considering that he was the editor of French Elle leaving us with a wry touching and deeply affecting memoir that shines with descriptive flourishes and deep insights His perspective in the wake of tragedy is awe inspiring and leaves the reader with a deep respect for his fortitude; truly this is a man I would have loved to have had an opportunity to have a conversation with just to try and absorb a small degree of his wisdom and experience “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” has moments of regret frustration sadness and aching loneliness but curiously absent are anger and self righteousness Bauby never curses his misfortune but focuses on getting by with the hand he was dealt To read his memoir is to get to know a truly extraordinary man whose spirit refused to be crushed and whose mind and imagination allowed him to survive in the most constrained of circumstances To say that “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” is about the triumph of the human spirit is a sorry understatement and does little to pay tribute to an amazing man“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” is a slight volume to be sure but it feels wrong to criticize it for that when one considers the conditions under which it was composed And considering that Bauby packs a hefty punch in such a short page count it is well worth the experienceGrade A

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Le Scaphandre et le PapillonEm 8 de dezembro de 1995 um acidente vascular cerebral mergulhou brutalmente Jean Dominiue Bauby em Words flow like the images and emotions of poetry One thought leads to another The rambling mind touches like a butterfly just long enough to draw the essence from a story and then moves fluidly to another Jean Dominiue Bauby's body was an immobile weighty shell; the diving bell his perfect simile Yet in his head he roved the world and composed the words that would let us in Intent on looking for the cure to let him move again he moves forward in his final words We must keep looking I'll be off now and six months later he was dead