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Dead Ever After review Ä 100 ☆ ❮Download❯ ➺ Dead Ever After Author Charlaine Harris – Sookie finds it easy to turn down the reuest of former barmaid Arlene when she wants her job back at Merlotte's After all Arlene tried to have Sookie killed But her relationship with Eric Northman is Sookie finds Sookie finds it easy to turn down the reuest of former barmaid Arlene when she wants her job back at Merlotte's After all Arlene tried to have Sookie killed But her relationship with Eric Dead Ever MOBI #233 Northman is n. Spoiler AlertSpoiler AlertSpoiler AlertI've read thirteen books to find out which man would be Sookie's HEAThis is what I wanted I would have settled for this But This is what I got Sookie was just as surprised as I was Jason is just as lost as I am I just feel I wasted my time reading this And I'm a tad bit upset My review had originally ended here but my friend Sunny wanted details I hate to give any time to this book but Sunny Rocks so here you go hun;oDComplete Cliff Notes for those of you who refuse to read this bookview spoilerThe Devil meets with a mysterious man who we later find out is Amelia's dad cause he owes the guy a favor The guy reuests a cluviel dor He specifically wants Sookie's The devil goes to get it but Sookie uses it to save Sam before he can steal it from her He tells the guy that he can't have it that Sookie has used it Amelia's dad gets so pissed that he vows to kill Sookie There are multiple attempts by this man and his crew but they all fail Sookie ends up shot eventually but she never dies But Ameilia's dad doesSookie and Eric are not speaking since she saved Sam Eric texts her with cryptic messages saying that he wants to be with her and talk to her but he is being watched All communication between them is via text or thru one of his henchmen He eventually reuests her presence at his bar When she arrives he tells her not to believe anything he says that's it's all a show They then have a meeting with the King of Louisiana Arkansas Nevada and I can't remember all of his states Freyda ueen of Oklahoma and Pam Eric states that he wants to end his marriage to Sookie she is sad and shocked but goes thru with the ceremony She is then told not to ever come to Fangtasia again She doesn't cry but is very hurt by Eric's actionsArleen gets out of jail only to end up in cahoots with Amelia's dad and gets talked into breaking into Sookie's house and stealing one of her scarfs Arleen is then found dead in a dumpter behind Merlott's bar in a dumpster with Sookie's scarf Making Sookie suspect #1 Someone places a spell on the local cop making him SURE of Sookie's guilt so he arrests her Eventually the charm that is making the cop act crazy is discovered in the final 10% of the book and he stops thinking that Sookie is a killer But before that happens bail is set at 30k and Eric bails her out We learn in the final 20 pages that Eric didn't bail her out out of love But because Sam had asked for his help to get her out of jail Eric makes a rule that Sam can not court Sookie So he spends 80% of the book avoiding Sookie and acting stupidstrange EVERY friend that Sookie had through out the entire series comes to support her and make sure she is OK I mean EVERY FRIEND It was too muchEric and Sookie have a big fight and talk a lot of shit to each other about 50% thru the book and they officially end things It comes out that he was tempted to change her against her will to be a vamp He tells her that her dislike of vamps hurts him because he is one They Yell and Scream He later sends his day man to get his stuff and Eric moves to Oklahoma with his new ueen and is not allowed to take Pam or his other child Karin with him Sookie is also not allowed to ever set foot in Oklahoma Eric's marriage contract is a 200 year contract He leaves never to be seen again Pam is made Sheriff of the area She assures Sookie that she thinks of her as a friend and that Eric did what was in his best interest and that is how he will always functionSam confesses to Sook that he regrets his dating choices and that he has dated women he would be afraid to take around his family That he just enjoyed the hot sex He says that he wanted to court her but couldn't due to his deal with Eric Sookie and Sam kiss in the final 20 pages of the book and that turns into sex Very unemotional scratching an itch type of sex Sookie decides they should take things slowly and date She gets kidnapped on their first date by Claude He tries to kill her but she gets rescued and that is how the book ends Very lacklusterOriginal Review posted last year after reading book 12I'm afraid after the ending of the last book that Eric will NOT be Sookie's HEA I hope that I am wrong But I have a strong feeling that Sam will win Sookie's love Which will make the last 12 books a total waste of time because I loved the idea of Eric and Sookie Charlaine Harris built it up so perfectly just to screw Eric and me the hopeful fan hide spoiler

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Inst Sookie is weak and she makes bail Investigating the killing she'll learn that what passes for truth in Bon Temps is only a convenient lie What passes for justice is spilled blood And what passes for love is never enou. I am never buying anything from Charlaine Harris againYes she spoiled my investment in her seriesI really wanted Eric and Sookie to end up together Forgive me for being a die hard romance reader but that was the only interest I ever held for her books Besides the romance element of the book there were so many inconsistencies between character's personalities and their actions I don't understand did you do this for fun Like yah thats right they don't control me and it just makes my job interesting Why build it up Oh that's right moneyBy the way I was hoping Sookie would make the right decision however we all know she is a fictional character whom is ultimately controlled by her puppet masterbut she still must be destroyedOn that note Charlaine

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Dead Ever AfterOt so clear cut He and his vampires are keeping their distanceand a cold silence And when Sookie learns the reason why she is devastatedThen Arlene is found murdered and Sookie is arrested for the crimeBut the evidence aga. C 65% | Almost Satisfactory Notes Former supporting players form a mystery solving super team reminisce run about while the mystery solves itself