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Rip Me Apart Download È 109 Å ❰PDF❯ ✪ Rip Me Apart Author Lola De Jour – Dani’s world is turned upside down when a drunk driver kills her mother and leaves her disabled She and her brother soon find themselves stranded in America a country they are visiting for the first Dani’s world is turned upDani’s world is turned upside down when a drunk driver kills her Rip Me Epubmother and leaves her disabled She and her brother soon find themselves stranded in America a country they are visiting for the first time Controversial billionaire Gabriel Kahn is a man haunted by the brutal deaths of his wife and infant daughter He holds himself responsible and his singular interest in life is revenge A mundane encounter brings Dani before him For the first time in six years he wants another woman since his wife’s death But Gabriel is a dark angel a man with very sick desires that he doesn’t know how to control An unplanned situation makes Gabriel lose control and his dem. A fascinating engaging readI cannot wait for the seuel to be publishedI hope in the next installment godGod will be mentioned less than the 22 times I counted in this one and Dani stops talking always monosyllabic to GabrielI am confident the author will deliver

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Ons overtake him Things turn violent Dani is the only one around to take the blunt of his wrath Can Dani find it in her heart to love a man who brutally hurt her Can Gabriel forgive himself enough to accept the one thing he now wants than anything else in the world Dani’s love Warning This book and its series will contain disturbing situations including graphic violent sex scenes Excerpt Suddenly he’s on his feet again and his hands are in my hair as he crushes his lips on mine Holy shit I can’t breathe I can’t think Blazing euphoria shoots from the top of my head to the tip of my toes as I melt into the kiss The kiss is desperate I don't know if it's my desperat. Intriguing is a good description of this story I am intrigued and definitely looking for book two in the series especially as this book just stops almost in the middle of a scene and I want to know about these characters and what happens to them Rip Me Apart is not polished and there were some grammatical errors but Lola De Jour has penned an interesting and unpredictable story which has caught my attention The book is issued with a warning and readers should be advised it is very much true However there are very strong passionate feelings between Gabriel and Dani and I enjoyed what I've read of their relationship so far Don't read this story if the posted warning alarms you but if not and you enjoy a conflicted controlling and mysterious older hero captivated by a naive down on her luck young woman give it a read You'll probably be intrigued just as I was

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Rip Me ApartIon or his But it scares the shit out of me I've never been kissed this hungrily before This man kissing me isn't the impassive composed Gabriel I know This one is a beast of a man aggressively taking what he wants without asking I want you beneath me I want you He enunciates each word between wet possessive kisses as if he is laying his claim on me Gabriel’s tongue explores my mouth greedily his lips covering mine His fingers prowl my hair my nape my neck then down to my bare shoulders He kisses me as if he is a man dying of thirst and I am water He nibbles at my earlobe and chin licking my cheeks biting my neck I'm falling breathless lost in pleasure I never imagined. Not sure what in the heck I jsut read The editing on this book was terrible and it ruined the story for me ie carpool tunnel really The synopsis held the promise of a really good story but unfortunately this one just fell short