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Characters ô Love In Touch Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ☂ Love In Touch PDF / Epub ✐ Author Lucy May Lennox – Kassie has felt adrift ever since her dad died when she was in college Now 24 and living in Seattle she gets interested in learninKassie has felt adrift ever since her dad died when she was in college Now and living in Seattle she gets interested in learning sign language through her roommate a sign language interpreter One day at a Deaf community event she sees a young man sitting off by himself Love In EpubKassie feels compelled to try signing to him–the fact that he’s strikingly handsome doesn’t hurtJake has. 3 stars I really loved how the girl fought for her boy friend but the thing I really didn't like about this book is that the author didn't have enough information or culture about blinds and I'm being blind which is really fine with me I don't have those kind of issues she mentioned in my life Generally it was good but not as I expected

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Been deaf and blind since birth His disability has cut him off from the world but beneath his isolated exterior is a smart sweet guy with a dry sense of humor Despite the odds he’s highly educated but at he’s gotten stuck in a rut with few friends and no clear career plans Until a sweet smelling girl introduces herself to him unexpectedly and opens up a whole new world to himJake is i. What a lovelyuniue storyI loved Jake he was so sweet This is the first romance book i have found with a Deaf blind MC

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Love In TouchNtelligent genuine than anyone she has met before and for the first time Kassie starts to feel like her life has some direction But as their friendship deepens into something the difficulty in communicating with each other only grows and it seems like everyone they know thinks their relationship won’t work How can they come to a deeper understanding of each other and find a future togeth. While I enjoyed the original concept of overcoming such diversity as being deafblind I still felt much to be lacking The only character I felt that had depth was Jake The other personalities just seemed incredibly one dimensional The hero and heroine were said to be in their midto early 20sand yet they felt so much younger and juvenile Had there been a decent ending or at very least an epilogue I would have rated higher Also this read is currently listed at 499 That's pretty steep for a 230 page book Not to mention a newbie writer An ok read It had lots of potential but a flawed finale All this being said however I think I'd check out of this author's work I'm a fan of reads about overcoming obstacles