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Othello Shakespeare for Everyone Else #2Nd Devony running what he thought was going to be his school he takes desperate measures to ruin everything Through lies and betrayal deceit and deception Archer will stop at nothing to get what he wants and he doesn’t care whose lives he has to destroy in the processCan anyone stop one of William Shakespeare’s most villainous characters in this YA retelling of the epic tragedy of Othell. I got Othello Shakespeare for Everyone Else by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Orion and Devony are in love They have been dating all summer but the two of them are still very happy together The only problem is Orion wants to tell everyone including Devony's father about their relationship while she wants to wait Also little do the two know that Archer Orion's treasurer wants to ruin Orion's life to get revenge on him for ruining his chances to go to a good college When I first started this book I wasn't sure that a YA version of Othello would work especially not one that took place in a high school I figured that the Shakespeare comedies would work better in such a setting but this does work better than I thought it would It wasn't a perfect novel but it was pretty enjoyable for the most part I feel like this would be a good thing for students to read at the same time as Othello They could make comparisons between the two books and maybe write short stories of their own I found it interesting what names the CE Wilson picked for the different characters A lot of them were not ones I would have picked for the characters but for the most part they made sense I didn't uite get while the Iago character was named Archer Speaking of Archer he seemed kind of off to me He seemed like a spoiled little brat than like the Iago in the play especially at the beginning of the novel As it went on he did sort of seem like Iago I guess there is no way that he could be exactly like he anyway since CE Wilson is not Shakespeare I wanted the ending to stay the same as the play's from the very beginning of the book I worried that the author would change it and it would ruin the entire novel I'm not going to tell if she did or not but I did feel like the ending was rushed I would have liked if it was handled better than it was Overall I would give this book three our of five stars I am interested in reading books in this series however I want to see how Wilson writes other novels based on other Shakespeare's plays

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R improve on these works it is thanks to their timeless nature possible to make them accessible to a wider audienceIn this Young Adult retelling of one of William Shakespeare’s most memorable plays join CE Wilson as she Othello Shakespeare Kindle breathes new life into Othello the second book in her series Shakespeare for Everyone ElseWhen Archer decides that he’s had enough of Orion a. 35 Stars rounding up to 4This version of Othello is a re telling set in a high school Since Othello is one of the books that I didn't study Confession time I've only studied Merchant of Venice King Lear and Julius Caesar At least these are the three that I feel fairly confident about I can't really make any comments on whether this is a faithful re interpretation So I'll just judge the book on its own merits and throw in a few I wonder if Shakespeare did this too thoughts now and thenOrion Othello is dating Devony Desmonda the mayor's daughter After six months of sneaking around they're finally publicly a couple Ok so they were outed by 'friends' but same effect Unfortunately for Devony Archer Iago hates Orion for not making him Vice President of the student council and so is plotting and manipulating everyone to get his revenge Even unfortunately Archer succeeds and a lot of people die that cannot be a spoiler the entire plot of Othello is on Wikipedia after allJust now I wrote Unfortunately for Devony and no I did not leave out Orion by mistake The character I felt the most sympathy for was Devony and she basically only has a victim role She never does anything to anyone and she's just collateral damageThere is where I feel the book falls short The characters are all very one sided Now from what I can see Shakespeare is supposed to have portrayed Othello very progressively for this day but unfortunately like the portrayal of Sherlock these are characters that cannot triumph The author was probably working with limitations like these not to mention plot constraints so we have Archer Evil genius who can manipulate almost anyone and yet somehow didn't win the election; Orion way too gullible for his own good and with a terrible temper and too obsessive about Devony; Devony Basically good; and so onI think the most wasted part is the portrayal of Orion Like I said Shakespeare is supposed to have been progressive but Orion here is just a one sided figure He's almost unlikable As unlikable as Archer even He does not listen to reason or anyone except Devony And since he goes from all round good guy to crazy murderer in what feels like overnight but is supposed to be just a few short weeks the transition felt a bit unnatural Shakespeare had his audience who probably believed all that about Othello from the start but I have problems believing that Orion is that baseWhere this book does shine however is in its readability The book is easy to read and hard to put down Even though the plot was already decided in advance if the prose was clunky I would still have had a hard time reading itTo end I'll just note that Othello was originally a play That alone means it's visual and auditory while a book is expected to be deeper to reveal hard to do unless characters constantly break into monologue and even that can feel unconvincing So I suppose the limitations of the play has somehow affected the book itself I did find it an interesting read and importantly it piued my interest in the original playDisclaimer I got this book as part of Oops I Read a Book Again blog tours in exchange for a free and honest reviewThis review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

Free read Othello Shakespeare for Everyone Else #2

Free read Othello Shakespeare for Everyone Else #2 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ [Download] ➵ Othello Shakespeare for Everyone Else #2 By C.E. Wilson – Shakespeare’s work features some of the most memorable stories and characters ever created yet for too many curShakespeare’s work features some of the most for Everyone PDF #204 memorable stories and characters ever created yet for too many curious readers the combination of ultra dense dialogue and unfamiliar historical settings make tackling the Bard’s work something between a tedious chore and a confusing mess of bird bolts and uondam carpet mongersWhile it’s nearly impossible to replicate o. There are some really good parts in this And others I didn't likeI was wondering if Wilson is going to be able pull of this rendition set in a contemporary high school I had many doubts but frankly she somehow did manage to transfer the classic tale Though I do have some issues with it I also was positively impressed At first I was surprised at the name changes Wilson did Well not so much most of the changes mostly Archer I found it an interesting and simultaneously odd choice And I was worried that I would mix up the names and characters with my terrible name memory that would be a given But I didn't Wilson build the characters well enough for me to immediately get who is who in comparison to Shakespeare Though Orion on some level was a bit too good and Archer too mischievous teenager for me at the beginning I think Wilson did nail that part uite wellThe retelling in a high school setting had me super worried but again Wilson did a pretty good job with that So while I do thing that Wilson did a really good re telling when it comes to plot and character building I gotta say it doesn't replace Shakespeare if you struggle with his english get a modern version I think this is great for young people interested in his works Maybe an introductions to the epic english author but it does not carry his weight or even come close to his use of language I guess on some level that was clear And I did honestly factor in this in my rating cause frankly if I didn't I would have rounded it down to 2Stars rather than up to 3 Because my biggest issue was the prose Wilson went from teen slang to stoic dialogs some of this felt very wooden and honestly her writing style missed the beautiful flowing prose that Shakespeare uses And that's my biggest issue set aside the fact that I expected beautiful prose I am not sure how I feel about Wilson's prose in general I can't say if this is because Wilson tried to incorporate some of Shakespeare's dialogues and somewhat failed or if simply her writing style is not to my tasteThe amazing thing though and I have to say Wilson made me realize this this tale of jealousy racism love and betrayal is still extremely current While I was aware that Shakespeare's work is still of great value but Wilson with her work has highlighted how important and current it still isSo it's 25 Stars rounded up to 3