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Even a predator can become the preyNae McCain enjoyed the thrill of the hunt As a bounty hunter she’d never failed to get her man Until her boss assigns her Prey Pride PDF a new caseEldridge “El” Kuhn This was a short uick read This story felt like there was a lot missing from it a lot of missing details This was my first time reading this author and their were a few errors in it El is the Alpha of a pride of lions with a few other shifters added in El's pride used to be based in Africa but the tribesmen they protected for years turned on them and started selling off their lands and killing the pride El and some of the pride moved to America where he set up an agreement with the government where he and his people would help with certain contracts and in return they were allowed to settle in the US and get paid for their work Nae is a bounty hunter that's sent after a bounty for a man that's supposed to be El She goes to a bar he's supposed to be at and ends up in the middle of a bunch of shifters She announces she's looking for El and Zima a female lion shifter decides to try to kill her She tries to take El in for the bounty but instead ends up carried off by him and they go off and have loads of sex for the night Nae knows she shouldn't but can't seem to stop herself It ends up that Nae is a special human that is destined to be a shifter's mate and Nae is El's Nae wants to leave but can't convince herself to In the mean time El and his people are trying to figure out why someone would send Nae after him for a fake bounty There were some good things about this story that I did like and I wanted to rate this book higher but it was too many missing parts and the sex scenes were lukewarm This is the first book in this series and maybe the next book will be better

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Prey Pride Riders #1E has done what ever necessary to protect his pride He understands there might be repercussions for some of his decisions But when his conseuences comes in a lithe package with skin the color of deep bronze Nae Nae is a bounty hunter trying to prove herself when she is assigned her first big catch But her target isn't at all what he seems There are many twists and turns with this story looking forward to reading book 2

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FREE PDF Õ BOOK Prey Pride Riders #1 ì ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Prey Pride Riders #1 By Kassanna ✰ – Even a predator can become the preyNae McCain enjoyed the thrill of the hunt As a bounty hunter she’d never failed to get her man Until her boss assigns her a new caseEldridge “El” Kuhne has don Even a pAnd a scent of sugared ginger He’s prepared to accept his fateThe same forces that thrust them together now threaten to snatch them apart And the sins of a brother could cost El everythingWords approxima Prey starts with our bounty hunting heroine in town to kick ass and get her man The opening scene was all sorts of awesome and raised my expectations had me thinking maybe I'll get sensible characters BUT when the main characters meet the hero is almost immediately rubbing up on the heroine at this point I was expecting her to tell him off and if necessary kick butt like what any rational woman would do if a random guy hot or not did that But instead she succumbs easily like a two bit ho and I uickly lost interest Maybe if the sex scene that the author was rushing to was on fire maybe I'd stick it out but it wasn't even thatAnother annoying facet was after all that fuss about El being a bail hopping criminal the MCs don't discuss it with each other after the initial encounter