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Re you I See MOBI #233 to stand up to the boors in your own world Alkon not only gives the offenders a taste of their own medicine she delves into anthropology psychology and behavioral science to figure out why we're rude and how we can stop all the intruding shoving and shouting She ensures that all these rude people get their comeuppance Lax parents I. Let me begin with a complaint two of the ruder things at least in my opinion that people regularly do smoking and bathing in Axe and other stinky scented products are not included I consider this a major shortcoming With that out of the way I liked this little book and its insights into how rude modern society is and how unaware people are of how their actions affect others But most of my enjoyment of this book stems from Ms Alkon's determination to end modern ill manners she's this bizarre version of Miss Manners Investigative Reporter and it works because of her humor which is good because some of her actions seemed a bit well much She refuses to let people walk all over her and doesn't take no for an answer in one of the funniest parts of the book Bank of America cancels her account after she asks too many uestions about how they allowed someone to take thousands of dollars out of her account with a fake ID that was an expired driver's license Having the opportunity to hear her speak only reinforced my belief in her crusade to make us all aware of the people around us Recommended

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I See Rude PeopleNternet bullies Rude drivers Negligent businesses Telemarketing executives Car thieves Parking space hogs That loud jerk in the drugstore line In this funny ferocious and freewheeling expose Alkon gives you the tools you need to confront these abusers and restore common courtesy respect and good manners to societyone chastened cellphone shouter at a time. For a non fiction book this was uite an enjoyable read I read it on my Kindle but according to the paperback is 224 page I went through it in under 24 hours including the acknowledgements So it clearly held my attention and while not a page turner in the sense of a thrilling mystery or action packed novel I was obviously turning the pages uicklyI figured this would happen since Ms Alkon’s writing voice is in my opinion hilarious It’s not that she says things I don’t think it’s that she does in an ad absurdum kind of way Or she’ll say the glaringly obvious things I’ve really wanted to say but couldn’t uite put into words I knew this from her blog This is probably why I picked up this particular non fiction book in the first placeAs to content it is clear understandable informative and allows for fact checking I’m a nerd I love footend notes deal with it It also presents stuff we all know along with stuff we probably don’t – without making me feel like an idiot Information is often presented with story like examples which makes it both readable and interesting to those of us who tend to prefer a good story to a good college textbookSince Ms Alkon’s skin is apparently made from adamantium she does things to annoying people most of us would only dream of This is amusing in its own right For those of you familiar with the Dresden Files series I tend to think Ms Alkon is what you’d get if Dresden had been created as a female non wizard character – just replace the Blue Beetle with a Pink RamblerI would recommend this book for anyone who’s ever been annoyed to tears or long venting sessions by people being rude Anyone who enjoyed the Grrr columns by Mike Straka from about 6 7 years ago would enjoy this book as would most people who enjoy the Dresden FilesI would argue that this would be a good gift for many teenagers – not because I think they are rude but because I think many want to improve the world they live in but don’t uite know how and this book gives everyday examples Also it is my experience that many teenagers enjoy snarky humorI would suggest this to anyone who wonders how to make the world a nicer better place Oh yeah to people in psychology and stuff like that too

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review I See Rude People ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ ❰Read❯ ➪ I See Rude People Author Amy Alkon – We all just suck it up every day You leave the house for a latte and somebody'll flip you the bird on your way and force their loud cellphone conversation on you once you're We all just suck it up every day You leave the house for a latte and somebody'll flip you the bird on your way and force their loud cellphone conversation on you once you're there It doesn't have to be that way says award winning syndicated columnist Amy Alkon Her hilarious stories of her in your face encounters with rude people and businesses will inspi. I wondered while I read this how much rudeness is justified when your excuse is that you're trying to make other people not act in a way that you consider rudeIt was also interesting how much trouble she had getting cooperation from others maybe her own rudeness and confrontational attitude had something to do with that