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EPUB ☆ MOBI The Garden Party and Other Stories î 9780140188806 FREE ´ [BOOKS] ✯ The Garden Party and Other Stories Author Katherine Mansfield – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Written during the final stages of her illness The Garden Party and Other Stories is full of a sense of urgency and waF self is brutally destroyed when she overhears two young lovers mocking her Sensitive revelations of human behaviour these stories reveal Mansfield's supreme talent as an innovator who freed the story from its conventions and gave it a new strength and prestige When I was going through my “Bloomsbury period” about twenty years ago I read everything I could about the “central members” and as a conseuence Katherine Mansfield came into the euation through being a friend of Virginia Woolf I read biographies about the former which I loved as she appeared to be such an interesting and gifted person; and I particularly enjoyed the biography by Antony Alpers which delves into many other aspects of her somewhat short tragic life including “her final search for truth in the teachings of the Russian mystic GI Gurdjieff”I found her letters and journals excellent but her short stories rather “slow” and “lacklustre” at the time many people will no doubt disagree with me Nevertheless I thought that perhaps now was a good time to try some different unread stories by her; “The Garden Party and Other Stories” seemed as good a time as everIt’s interesting to note how her friends viewed her and that “Virginia Woolf once said “I was jealous of her writing The only writing I have ever been jealous of’ Woolf also jealously wrote “the she is praised the I am convinced she is bad”And as for “DH Lawrence with whom Mansfield had a fraught friendship Well can you imagine a supposed “friend” behaving in the following fashion On one occasion he visited Wellington New Zealand her birthplace and was moved to send Mansfield a postcard bearing a single Italian word ‘Ricordi’ ‘memories’ It was a small and cryptic gesture of reconciliation; they’d fallen out badly and in his previous letter he had said ‘You are a loathsome reptile I hope you will die’Returning to this book as I’ve digressed I think the fifteen stories that make up this set are skilfully written but not for meMany people no doubt will also agree on the following review that was given about this book“Innovative startlingly perceptive and aglow with colour these fifteen stories were written towards the end of Katherine Mansfield's tragically short life Many are set in the author's native New Zealand others in England and the French Riviera All are revelations of the unspoken half understood emotions that make up everyday experience from the blackly comic The Daughters of the Late Colonel and the short sharp sketch Miss Brill in which a lonely woman's precarious sense of self is brutally destroyed to the vivid impressionistic evocation of family life in At the Bay 'All that I write' Mansfield said 'all that I am is on the borders of the sea It is a kind of playing”If I hadn’t read this book before reading that review I would have been swayed immediately and acuired it and that’s for sure But I’m street wise now in that I’ve recently found out I’m my own person and will not let others influence me That’s what I’m saying now anywayThere’s a certain naivety about “The Garden Party” I also found it odd that two such similar names were used for the brother and sister Laurie and Laura Sheridan She is supposedly in charge of organizing the garden party as her mother doesn’t really feel up to it and has the very “difficult task” of having to decide the exact location of the maruee She also rather likes the workmen involved there “Oh how extraordinarily nice workmen were she thought Why couldn’t she have workmen for her friends rather than the silly boys she danced with and who came to Sunday night supper She would get on much better with men like these”It’s all very frivolous and absurd in that she is confined inside her own safe world with comfortable surroundings the family has a tennis court and for the garden party there are many flowers niceties and yet a vulgarity such as flags on sandwiches etc and yet it’s “us” as opposed to “them” ie the working class the unfortunate creatures who live along the road So when a poor young carter Mr Scott is killed rather closely to their house Laura wants to have the garden party cancelled as a sign of respect“But we can’t possibly have a garden party with a man dead just outside the front gate”Nevertheless her very silly mother breathes a sigh of relief when she hears that he has not been killed on their property and so that was fine to continue with the garden party Laura is thus dispatched at her mother’s insistence to visit the widow carrying some of the “remains” of their garden party food in a basket what an insult and upon arrival there she is uite horrified to find herself in this “disgusting” working class house and then the biggest humiliation arrives when she is forced to view Mr Scott laid out in the house“There lay a young man fast asleep – sleeping so soundly so deeply that he was far far away from them both Oh so remote so peaceful He was dreaming Never wake him up againHe was given up to his dream What did garden parties and baskets and lace frocks matter to him He was far from all those things He was wonderful beautiful” And Laura wanted to cryI have ambivalent feelings about this story in that I loved and loathed it at the same time The last two paragraphs of this short story were inane and I nearly abandoned the book there and then But then again I reasoned the others may be better That’s the beauty of short stories there’s always choice“Miss Brill” and her fur I must admit were slightly different and there is a rather amusing ending“Although it was so brilliantly fine – the blue sky powdered with gold and great spots of light like white wine splashed over the Jardins Publiues – Miss Brill was glad that she had decided on her fur”“Her First Ball” with Leila was also good The wonders of the dance and the “uite an old man – fat with a big bald patch on his head – took her programme and murmured “Let me see let me see” and disappears with an excellent ending tooOn the whole though the other twelve stories are rather mundane and I’m not too impressed with the writing style or the content Short stories have to sparkle and these appear to be trite and meaningless and so so dated; well to me anyway I’m sure however that there are many people who love the works of this author

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D Garden Party and eBook #10003 many of them set in her native New Zealand vary in length and tone from the opening story At the Bay a vivid impressionistic evocation of family life to the short sharp sketch Mrs Brill in which a lonely woman's precarious sense o It is always a joyful occasion for me to meet an author whose words and phrases I cherish and reflect on in my mind I’m truly amazed at her imagination to capture every little moments in lifeand to turn the unimaginable into the tangible through her sensitive and sometimes curious eyesFifteen short stories contained here are only an extension of mundaneeveryday lifebut it shows us a good indication of how colorfulpassionateand tragic our life can become under a great writerI highly recommend this to every one who likes reading between the linesand intricate nuances and charcters rather than plots This novel gives me pause to think one sitting books aren’t always wonderful I’d like to save another star aside for rereading^ ^

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The Garden Party and Other StoriesWritten during the final stages of her Party and PDF #205 illness The Garden Party and Other Stories is full of a The Garden PDFEPUB or sense of urgency and was Katherine Mansfield's last collection to be published during her lifetime The fifteen stories feature Piazza del Duomo is my least favourite place in Florence I always hurry through it Probably San Marco except at four in the morning and St Peters are my least favourite places in respectively Venice and Rome so I guess I just don’t respond very well to the grandiose I prefer what’s smaller secret ostensibly self effacing A criticism often levelled at Katherine Mansfield’s stories are that they are small things limited in scope Lawrence in Women in Love famously depicted her as Gudren a brilliant but limited miniaturist She herself close to death remarked that she’d only produced “little stories like birds bred in cages” She’s often compared unfavourably with Virginia Woolf But it’s worth remembering that had Woolf died the same year as Mansfield she would only have written her first three books The Voyage Out Night and Day and Jacob’s Room and conseuently almost certainly would not now be known to us as one of the great moderns In all probability her reputation would be on a par with many of the obscure women writers of that time now published by Virago Had she died at the same age as Mansfield she would only have written The Voyage Out Herein lies the tragedy of KM’s early death Had she lived even another ten years it’s not unlikely she would have gone on to eual Woolf’s achievement The best stories in this collection are innovative and fresh and lively than anything Woolf had written at this time In fact she makes Woolf appear at this point in her writing career a bit of a stiff frumpy Victorian in comparison She knew she was going to die while writing many of these stories and this is evident in the wonder the natural world has for her easy to see why her and Lawrence got on so well – both take the same kind of delight in the natural world Woolf’s nature descriptions on the other hand are always aridly intellectualised It’s also evident in the depths of loneliness and longing in virtually all the characters the alienation they feel from the warm vibrant central thrust of life But never does she strike a morbid or self pitying note Mostly she writes with great wit and vitality and a keen eye for the telling detail of any given moment She’s also brilliant at extracting nuggets of gold from the mundane In one story Ma Parker is a housekeeper whose beloved grandson has just died She cleans for a literary gentleman every Tuesday The literary gentleman offers his condolences but his real concern is to reproach her for mislaying a spoon of cocoa People wonder how Nazism happened or Aleppo goes on happening Here’s how – at bottom the absence of cocoa in the house is likely to rouse us to protest than the suffering of a fellow human being we don’t know The first three stories – At the Bay The Garden Party and The daughters of the Late Colonel are absolute gems The other stories are mostly tremendously readable without uite hitting the heights of the first three and there’s a couple of duds towards the end My favourite photo of her