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Princess Margaret A Biography Free read ´ 108 Í [Reading] ➺ Princess Margaret A Biography ➰ Theo Aronson – Theo Aronson's latest royal book is a model of what a royal biography should be The problems of being a princess in today's monarchy are vividly implicit in every page I found the bookTheo Aronson's latest royal book is a model of what a royal biography should be Princess Margaret MOBI #233 The problems of being a princess in today's monarchy are vividly implicit in every page I found the book eminently readable in an easy style that lends itself to wit and ironyElizabeth Longford The TabletA balanced and on the whole generous interpretation of this most elusive of royal characters Aronson expounds convincingly the almost intolerable pressures to which a woman of intelligence and character must find herself subjected when entrapped in the mesh of royal responsibilitiesPHILIP ZIEGLER Daily Telegraph 'Books of the Year' Th. Being an Anglophile and an avid reader of English Royalty biographies I was immediately drawn to this one of Princess Margaret I have often read of her unfortunate dashed hopes of marrying divorcee Captain Peter Townsend but have never read an entire biography of Princess Margaret's life until this oneIt is very well written and had me solidly engaged for days It begins with her parents' eventual marriage of which took three proposals for her mother to accept It was enchanting reading about Princess Margaret's childhood with the lovely homes she occupied the doting and dedicated help that taught and cared for her and the very close and loving family the King and ueen and her older sister Princess Elizabeth enjoyed It also covers how Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth as children experienced World War II in England and the challenges that entailedAs she grew into adulthood the huge scandal of her wish to marry divorcee Captain Peter Townsend garners much discussion as well as her eventual marriage to photographer Tony Armstrong Jones later known as Lord Snowden These are the widely known relationships of Princess Margaret but this book covers several other serious romantic entanglements and very close friendshipsThe book offered an excellent and very detailed overview of Princess Margaret's life The only reason I took off one star was that it clearly was not updated since it was originally published in hardcover form in 1997 I know that Princess Margaret passed away in 2002 yet it only covers some hospitalizations for strokes as the book comes to a close In fact I was unaware that I had just finished the book expecting to read of her death and details of her funeral which would have been very interesting Still I would highly recommend this fine book on the life of Princess MargaretI graciously received this ebook from NetGalley in return for my honest review

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Eo Aronson is a practised royal biographer who writes with fluidity It is good to find royal gossip in which no one is absurdly inflated and no one viciously demeanedTimes Literary SupplementAronson's strength is his style he is an elegant writer who can handle the broad picture and the telling detailDaily TelegraphPart imperious royal figure part femme du monde Princess Margaret spent the greater part of her life torn between meeting the exacting standards of the monarchy and flouting its long established conventions She has been described as tragic unresolved a royal maverick a woman of conflict a princess without a cause From any viewpoin. This book answered any uestions I had about the life of Princess Margaret I found it to be well written and informative I couldn't tear myself away from this book and I would recommend it to any interested in learning about this remarkable woman

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Princess Margaret A BiographyT she remains the most interesting member of the royal familyWidely praised on its publication in hardback this is the first detailed in depth study of this controversial figure A respected royal biographer Theo Aronson is uniuely ualified to tell the Princess's story from her private and public life He has been helped by many who know Princess Margaret and has drawn on several new and unfamiliar sources He has also had the incalculable advantage of several audiences with her allowing him to incorporate many of her memories observations and opinions in his book This is a fresh frank and highly entertaining account of an always colourful li. I have recently been reading William Shawcross's edited diaries of ueen Elizabeth The ueen Mother divided into three volumes relating to the various stages of her life Duchess of York ueen and ueen Mother At some stage I will read his biography However I decided on the basis of references to the late Princess Margaret to read this biography before that of her mother Born into a life of immense privilege Margaret was an indulged spoilt child uite the opposite of her elder sister An idyllic childhood came to a halt at the time of the abdication of Edward VIII The York family was catapulted into the foreground the Duke of York became King and Margaret's elder sister Elizabeth heir presumptive then heir apparent On the premature death of George VI Elizabeth became ueen The wilful Margaret beautiful and intelligent began to embark on a hedonistic lifestyle Her ill fated romance with Group Captain Peter Townsend was deemed to pose a significant threat to a Monarchy recovering from the Abdication crisis and World War Two Much was made of the fact that she gave up the man she loved at great personal sacrifice yet Margaret could never have countenanced the life of a private citizen imbued as she was with her life of privilege an income from the Civil List servants at her beck and call Throughout the years her disastrous love affairs broken marriage imperious manner and the perfunctory manner in which she performed any Royal duties did nothing to endear her to the public at home and abroad Behaviour that can almost be endearing in a young beautiful but precocious child does not sit well with age Her life has been described as 'tragica life unfulfilled' and we wonder where a beautiful intelligent women lost her way in life In this regard Theo Aronson pulls no punches His is no syrupy grovelling account of the life of Princess Margaret Whilst we may feel a degree of sympathy for her at times throughout the narrative we might find her difficult to like it was with some sense of relief that I finished this book No matter what difficulties Princess Margaret may have encountered throughout her life the potential to adopt a different course was never far away I am reminded of the adage 'We are not victims of circumstance; we are children of choices'