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Download ½ A Sorcerer's Treason Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ A Sorcerer's Treason Author Sarah Zettel – A World of Magic and Peril 1899 Sand Island Wisconsin Bridget Lederle is a lighthouse keeper on this stormy windswOrld where magic reigns and where she is incredibly destined to play a key role in a power struggle between the Dowager Empress A Sorcerer's PDFEPUBand her foes Isavalta where magic can be found in the pattern of knots on a string the colors of a dress or even smoke in the air beckons to her Bridget has. 710 There were strong elements to this book—the main character Bridget and the settings in our world and Isavalta Being a lighthouse lover I enjoyed the sections on Sand Island and in Bayfield places I have visited I would have liked a map of Isavalta and its neighbors The method of weaving magic literally by weaving was a fresh take And there was plenty of plotting and palace intrigue not to mention power plays by those who are beyond mortalSo why not a higher rating Other than Bridget and to some extent Kalami none of the characters had much depth or nuance There were too many mysteries and unanswered uestions elements that were not addressed directly and didn’t become clear in context I realize there are seuels but I felt like a number of things were either glossed over or left unexplained andor incomplete

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The second sight of her family but the magical land where she will go with the sailor holds far greater marvels and terrible perils that even she cannot see For she carries secrets within her that even she doesn't know secrets that could change the fate of the fabulous magical world that calls her home. I am sometimes suspicious of fantasy stories based on people from our world crossing into A Magical Land This book is an excellent example of that trope working wellBridget is smart tough and competent and it's a good thing too as she is plunged into a world where magic is rife and promises mean than she is used to She has to learn to navigate with the dubious assistance of the treasonous sorcererThere are three seuels and each of them moves through a different part of Isavalta replete with its own mythos and magical rules characters and peoples and semi peopleThere is romance but it's not easy or obvious There is adventure and heartbreak and heroism in ample measure And at the end I think Bridget is someone I would be proud to knowRead if You are looking for a great story about a woman who knows who if not what she is Also it's only 3 right now What are you waiting forSkip if You don't feel like you can commit to four books right now Also read Wheel of the Infinite

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A Sorcerer's TreasonA World of Magic and Peril Sand Island Wisconsin Bridget Lederle is a lighthouse keeper on this stormy windswept shore of Lake Superior One cold night she sees a boat foundering near the island's shoals and rescues its lone occupant The strangely dressed sailor tells her a fantastic tale of Isavalta a w. What I like most about this book – series in fact – is the unusual setting So many fantasy books are set in the same sort of western European pseudo medieval setting These books begin in late nineteenth century America but the majority of the story takes place in an alternate world made up of cultures drawn from Russian Indian and Chinese history Immediately the world feels richer colourful and infinitely interesting than many books I’ve read in recent yearsFurther some elements of real world mythology are woven into the plot Our characters – Bridget Lederle the woman who didn’t know she was a sorceress and the sorcerers Kalami and Sakra – periodically visit The Land of Death and Spirit a sort of alternate plane ruled by the Great Powers Baba Yaga is one of these in her chicken legged house and fox spirits play an important role in the story The dangers and trickiness of this place are well presented; it’s easy to appreciate that in this world magic is not something which everyone would love to have but in fact deeply dangerousThe characters are excellent Bridget herself borders on a touch of cliche – she’s unwittingly the world’s most powerful sorceress if only she knew how to use it – but she’s complex enough to seem real It’s easy to identify with Empress Ananda supposedly the most powerful woman in the empire of Isavalta but rendered powerless and afraid But I was most impressed with the dowager empress Medeoan a villain without meaning to be She’s one of the most complicated and interesting characters I’ve come across in some timeThe tangle of politics magic and individual desires makes for an intriguing tale and there are some good twists in the plot This book still deserves a place among my top favourite fantasy novels