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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Earthuake Shock Disaster Strikes #1 Ù MARLANE KENNEDY ô ❴Download❵ ➹ Earthuake Shock Disaster Strikes #1 Author Marlane Kennedy – When disaster strikes the only thing you can count on is yourselfIt had seemed like the perfect CalifoHis friends the ground began to tremble and Joey knew they were headed for troubleThe earthuake that followed devastated their neighborhood collapsing a nearby overpass with Joey and Fiona on on Joey and his friends are heading home from the skate park when an earthuake hits separating them Can they find each other and get home What will they encounter along the way Is their home still standingThis is a good early chapter book As such I read through it uickly although it will take the early elementary school target audience a little longer to get through The characters were real and showed some growth and the plot had a couple of scenes that made me turn pages uicklyRead my full review at Carstairs Considers

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When disaster strikes Disaster Strikes Epub #218 the only thing you can count on is yourselfIt had seemed like the perfect California day But as Joey Flores walked home from the skate park with When disaster strikes the only thing you can count on is yourselfI have always been interested in books like this Books about natural disasters either fiction or non fiction So I was eager to read it when I spotted it at the Boekenfestijn Sadly the book first starts off very slow I was annoyed with Dylan what a terrible character even after things I still didn't uite like him I didn't uite like the mom it seemed a bit boring But then things got shaken up and my interest jumped back Everything suddenly turned for the worst and there was a lot of excitement and scary moment Though I was a bit worried that they wouldn't leave the overpass I get why they were there and that they don't want to move from it but I just wanted to see of the city and know if their families were all right but eventually they did making the book even haunting as we could see the destruction throughout the city And what a destruction Houses broken down houses missing pieces trees uprooted gas leaks fires and I was hoping the kids would reach their homes safely given all the aftershocks they went through I also did like that one of them filmed most of the earthuake and the trip home The ending was really nice and I had to blink away a few tears when reunions happenedI am not too sure how I feel about the mom I get her point he may be too young but if you need to go home to change your other kid's diaper maybe just don't shout that out loud Maybe just ask your kid to come to you so you can tell him uietly She didn't even seem to care that he was the laughingstock after what she said | Also please moms don't shout cutesy names to your kids It is embarrassing All in all I would recommend this book And I will also see if I can find the Tornado books as I want that one as wellReview first posted at

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Earthuake Shock Disaster Strikes #1E side and Kevin and Dylan on the other Now Joey and his friends must rescue each other endure the aftershocks and find a new Earthuake Shock PDF or way home as the earth cracks beneath their fe I picked up a set of this book after reading Blizzard Night with a group of second grade boys We all enjoyed the book and I was hoping for another book to add to my reading group selection The target range on back says 2nd 3rd graders with a 4th grade reading level I would agree with the reading level great vocabulary but would grade up for the target audience The story was drama infused with a lot of tough situations the kids go through I would recommend third fifth grades rather than second