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Read Vom Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie für das Leben Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen Zweites Stück ePub Ð Kindle Edition ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Vom Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie für das Leben Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen Zweites Stück AutAnd a valuing of it through which life atrophies and degenerates To bring this phenomenon to light as a remarkable Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie MOBI #233 symptom of our time is every bit as necessary as it may be painful I have tried to describe a feeling which has often enough tormented me I take my revenge on this feeling when I expose it to the general public Perhaps with such a description someone or other will have reason to point out to me that he also knows this particular sensation but that I have not felt it with sufficient purity and naturalness and definitely have not expressed myself with the appropriate certainty and mature experience Perhaps one or two will respond in this way However most people will tell me that this feeling is totally wrong unnatural abominable and absolutely forbidden that with it in fact I have shown myself unworthy of the powerful historical tendency of the times as it has been by common knowledge observed for the past two generations particularly among the Germans Whatever the reaction now that I dare to expose myself with this natural description of my feeling common decency will be fostered rather than shamed because I am providing many opportunities for a contemporary tendency like One star's a bit harsh Popular history can still be understood in terms of the categories he comes up with here all the biographies of Churchill and Reagan Lifeless monumental history The obsession with Americana and 'authentic' 'simple' living Lifeless antiuarianism Post colonialpost structuralistpost modernist history Lifeless critical history But then Nietzsche was harsh and it's only fair to be harsh back He describes three types of historiography 'monumental' history which can either provide examples of greatness for the present or refuse the possibility of greatness in the present; 'antiuarian' history which can either make us comfortable in our own time and place by showing its historical context or encourage us to live in the past and forsake the present; and 'critical' history which criticises the past and attempts to create a new one for itself or makes us ignore our own descent leading to a conflict between our actual and our created pasts In the good versions the former in my list it is studied for the sake of 'life' In the bad versions the latter in my list history is studied for the sake of itself or for utilitarian ends This leads to a people with weak personalities which believes itself to be just than other ages is immature leads to a melancholy belief that we are nothing than the children of the great irony and eventually the cynical inversion of this belief that rather we are the great descendants of the weak That's the meat It's surrounded by a bunch of rants against the late nineteenth century I'm sure it's all very entertaining when you're young but by the time you're working or a grad student you know pretty darn well that academics cut off from 'life' is a farce You know that appeals to 'life' are or less completely empty what sort of life What will you do with this life And you probably have a hunch that life whatever it is might not even be possible So what are we doing when we read Nietzsche's essay First we're engaging in monumental history against the present lauding Nietzsche when we could for instance be reading about the crisis in health care or the destruction of the environment or the ongoing economic crisis Second we're engaging in an antiuarian history which is interested in the past for its own sake since there's little in this book which isn't common knowledge these days Third it will probably encourage us to believe that we've left behind all the old lifelessness of the nineteenth century when of course we've done nothing of the sort By its own lights this essay should not be read by the young In Nietzsche's time history really was over studied Today it's all but ignored Skip this and go straight to Hobsbawm's history of the long nineteenth century

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Forward Incidentally I despise everything which und Nachtheil PDF #9734 merely instructs me without increasing or immediately enlivening my activity These are Goethe's words With them as with a heartfelt expression of Ceterum censeo I judge otherwise our consideration of the worth and the worthlessness of history may begin For this work is to set down why in the spirit of Goethe's saying we must seriously despise Vom Nutzen PDFEPUB or instruction without vitality knowledge which enervates activity and history as an expensive surplus of knowledge and a luxury because we lack what is still most essential to us and because what is superfluous is hostile to what is essential To be sure we need history But we need it in a manner different from the way in which the spoilt idler in the garden Nutzen und Nachtheil Epub #226 of knowledge uses it no matter how elegantly he may look down on our coarse and graceless needs and distresses That is we need it for life and action not for a comfortable turning away from life and action or merely for glossing over the egotistical life and the cowardly bad act We wish to use history only insofar as it serves living But Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie MOBI #233 there is a degree of doing history I had totally forgotten what it was like to read some Neechy and now I remember what it was that I loved about reading his stuff It’s like an alien mentality Some of the points he makes and his insights into human nature seem as though they come from an alien that has been secretly observing us for a few hundred years This book is about the burden with which we transpose the lessons and the fetters of history into our reality today His point is that the real superman is the iconoclast who can throw away no destroy the ballast of history and look at the world as though with a fresh pair of eyes and almost in a history agnostic kind of way There were a few very interesting points that he raised• Our culture is not so much something that we are continuously improving but rather something that is handed down from generations before and we acuiesce to its norms Our culture today if truly understood is knowledge of culture rather than culture itself A bouuet of words which beautifully describe rather than an explosion of action that actually amount to something real • If we want to progress scientifically as uickly as possible then we are likely to destroy science as uickly as possible also A patient approach would be ideal when it comes to scientific progress rather than jump headfirst into the next app or technological theory that comes our way internet of things Ai robotics big data cloud virtual reality Patience is bravery as imam Ali once said • Education does not need to follow the historical model that it has always followed We don’t need to have one teacher standing up in a class in front of 30 eager to please imitators The greatest have always bought their children up differently • Build your homes on the slopes of Vesuvius was one of Nietzsche’s famous uotes and if once erupted there are only a few that would dare to build their homes with their loved ones on its slopes and yet we live our lives building our existence around the simmering volcano in ourselves Our worlds are shattered once in a while by some catastrophic event we don’t crawl into a ball and die but continue to live around the Dantesue inferno that could explode at any time This takes one away from a mind set of security and calm and further away even from the belief in the eternal How can you look a day in advance when you fear the molten rock rumbling deep within your soul The superman can Nietzsche says

Friedrich Nietzsche æ Vom Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie für das Leben Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen Zweites Stück ePub

Vom Nutzen und Nachtheil der Historie für das Leben Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen Zweites StückThe reaction just mentioned to make polite pronouncements Moreover I obtain for myself something of even value to me than respectability I become publicly instructed and set straight about our times This essay is also out of touch with the times because here I am trying for once to see as a contemporary disgrace infirmity and defect something of which our age is justifiably proud its historical culture For I believe in fact that we are all suffering from a consumptive historical fever and at the very least should recognize that we are afflicted with it If Goethe with good reason said that with our virtues we simultaneously cultivate our faults and if as everyone knows a hypertrophic virtue as the historical sense of our age appears to me to be can serve to destroy a people just as well as a hypertrophic vice then people may make allowance for me this once Also in my defence I should not conceal the fact that the experiences which aroused these feelings of torment in me I have derived for the most part from myself and only from others for the purpose of comparison and that insofar as I am a student of ancient times particularly the Greeks I come as a child in these present times to such anachronistic experiences concerning mysel Every time I read a book by Nietzsche my mind gets blown and I feel enlightened In a mere 60 pages or so Nietzsche totally annihilates Hegelianism and the education system The thesis of the book is that in our time Knowledge rules Life and this will result in the end of both Knowledge and Living Instead we must consider Life to be the ultimate value and the thing in which our youth should be skilled This is by far the most accessible book by this author I have ever read so don't be daunted by it Highly recommended to anyone By far the most