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Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary RobinsonThis thoroughly engaging and richly researched book Literary Theatrical ePUB #9734 presents a compelling portrait of Mary Robinson–darling of the London stage mistress to the most powerful men in England feminist thinker and bestselling author described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as “a woman of undoubted genius”One of the most flamboyant free spirits of the late eighteenth century Mary Robinson led a life that was marked by reversals of Perdita The Kindle fortune After being abandoned by her merchant father. First things first I think Mary Robinson is an incredible woman and general icon who we should all know a bit about than we do I first came across her when I read her wonderful poem 'London's Summer Morning' for a Romantic Literature module a couple of years back and having decided to write an assignment on that very poem I learned some of the basics of her life which are incredible in themselves Mary was married very young ended up in a debtor's prison with her husband and young daughter and subseuently became an actress eighteenth century celebrity and fashion icon She had affairs with the Crown Prince who went on to become King George IV and several other high profile men of the age then after an illness left her partially paralysed reinvented herself as a poet and bestselling novelist who counted among her friends Samuel Taylor Coleridge Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin I mean how much fascination can one life story contain Literature celebrity culture fashion royal scandal and disability in the eighteenth century all in one For these reasons I've been meaning to read Perdita Mary's nickname after her most famous Shakespearean role for ages and I expected it to be every bit as thrilling as learning soundbites about her life was Alas I didn't find this the most engaging of biographies hence my rating However I am pleased that a singular biography of Robinson exists at all so Perdita is well worth reading in that respect if nothing elseMy main issue with Perdita is that it didn't bring Mary Robinson to life for me It's very well researched and certainly fulfilled its objectives of providing a detailed and sympathetic account of her life but I feel a little like the human side got lost in amongst the facts Although I was told in detail where Mary was at any particular time and what she did there and who she socialised with I never felt I got a sense of who she was as a person Clearly from all her affairs and from her public image she was very charming and flirtatious but that is never explicitly stated Instead of feeling like a living breathing person Paula Byrne's Mary Robinson feels like an icon immovable beautiful and inexplicably worshipped Further few of her relationships felt rationalised or three dimensional to me For example I loved the mentions of Godwin and Wollstonecraft and their friendship with Mary but it was never clear to me what drew them to her Was it the uality of her writing Her political opinions Her sparkling wit and intellect That was never clear to me; all that I learned was that she knew them Which was disappointing because it made this biography of an utterly fascinating woman much less engaging than it should have been and meant that I walked away feeling that Robinson was still an enigma to me And yes I'm aware that gaps in the historical record may be responsible for creating this not uite full picture of a life but I still believe it could have been narrativised than it was especially given all the information that could be inferred from the facts we do know Overall I think that Perdita is a valuable research source which is commendable in its breadth and depths It's simply not the most fun biography I've ever readIf you haven't heard of Mary Robinson before do look her up She was awesome and the uality of her biographies will never change that Also despite my complaints there is an awful lot of good in Perdita In addition to being incredibly detailed it attempts to account for some of the gaps in Mary's life and it points the reader in the direction of many of her works of fiction and poetry extracts of both are included The pictures are included are also wonderful in part because Byrne makes detailed reference to nearly all of them in the body of text which happens less regularly than you might expect So this is a biography fully worth reading It just didn't set my world on fire uite as much as I expected it to

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Who left England to establish a fishery among the Canadian Eskimos Mary was married at age fifteen to Thomas Robinson His dissipation landed the couple and their baby in debtors’ prison where Mary wrote her first book of poetry gaining her the patronage of Georgiana Duchess of DevonshireOn her release Mary rose to become one of the The Literary Theatrical PDFEPUB #235 London theater’s most alluring actresses famously playing Perdita in The Winter’s Tale for a rapt audience that included the Prince of Wales w. The I read of 'classic' novelshistorical biographies the I realise people haven't really ever changed I can identify with a Jane Austen heroine as much as I can with any modern character and it's easy to pick out the social stereotypes that still exist today Perdita is an excellent example of this I fell in love with Mary Robinson through this book I genuinely hadn't realised such radical feminists had existed in the 1700s plus her political beliefs still chime with me today Slightly depressingly I feel that over 300 years on we're still pretty far from getting to her vision of a world of euality

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characters Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ç ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson By Paula Byrne ❤ – This thoroughly engaging anHo fell madly in love with her Never one to pass up an opportunity she later used his ardent and numerous love letters as blackmail After being struck down by paralysis apparently following a miscarriage she remade herself yet again this time as The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life PDFEPUBa popular writer who was also admired by the leading intellectuals of the dayFilled with triumph and despair and then triumph again the amazing multifaceted life of “Perdita” is marvelously captured in this stunning biograp. Carefully researched and highly detailed biography of Mary Robinson actress courtesan Prince's mistress prominent poet famed novelist and essayist of the late 1700s Robinson lived during a fascinating time one that encompassed both the American and French Revolutions as well as massive periods of social change She was considered the most beautiful woman of her time and was romantically linked to a number of men including if somewhat improbably the Prince of Wales liberal politician Charles James Fox and General Banastre Tarleton scion of a slave holding family and remembered in American history as Butcher Tarleton While Robinson was remarkable in many ways her ability to achieve acclaim and notoriety good and bad on stage at Court in society and on the page was exceptional At one time she was a acclaimed poet than William Wordsworth as well as the author of several reasonably successful Gothic novels Like many of the acclaimed female authors of her time however her work is not sadly remembered now I'm intrigued enough to read some of it