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review Mega Collection #1

Mega Collection #1 review Ú 3 Ý [BOOKS] ✬ Mega Collection #1 ✶ Scott Gordon – Nine fantastic children's books all rolled into one Perfect for bedtime Over 300 pages A 1942 value WHAT'S INCLUDED A Little Book About You This humble book features a number of outstanding messages f Nine fantastic children's bMaterial about dinosaurs This book is teeming with gorgeous D and D art that is sure to captivate your to year old child To make the content easier to digest the story is told from the viewpoint of dinosaurs and includes directions on how to pronounce each of their names those pesky dinosaurs A great way to introduce your children to dinosaurs Recommended for all ages even mom and dad will get a kick out of it Happy Healthy Hearts Featuring pages of computer generated art Happy Healthy Hearts is the perfect way to spark a conversation with your child about eating right Tons of great pictures and messages abound in this humorous picture book Ninja Robot Repairmen Slick witty and loads of fun follow the narrator's misadventures as they hire a band o. Overall I liked the book cute concept positive messaging nice simple illustrations The reason I can't give it a higher rating is because I was left with the impression that there is an assumption the kiddos reading it are western white upper middle class children I felt it could benefit from diversity of representation in a few different areas to appeal to a larger audience of children and parents

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F uirky Ninja Robot Repairmen to fix their clock Featuring over pages of vibrant computer graphic mayhem that's sure to make you snicker My Daddy's Cool Car Collection Featuring an assortment of colorful cars My Daddy's Cool Car Collection is a fantastic story to read your son before tucking him into bed Includes over pages of dazzling cars and trucks that's tied together with a heartwarming message If I Were A Robot Have you ever dreamed of being a robot What would you do How would you do it And most importantly what would you create with your newfound powers Find out what a young boy discovers when he visits the land of dreams and builds his own vision of the future From the author of My Little Pet Dragon My Crazy Pet Frog and Ninja Robot Repairm. Mega Collection #1 Nine Awesome Bedtime Stories for Children 3 6Have read some of the individual books and really like having all 9 in one placeColorful children's books Like Dads cool car collection the best as the son gets to know his father betterLike colorful pictures and the paragraph that tells about that job his dad hadCute stories for a child of any age reinforces positive feelings

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Mega Collection #1Nine fantastic children's books all rolled into one Perfect for bedtime Over pages A value WHAT'S INCLUDED A Little Book About You This humble book features a number of outstanding messages for children encouraging them to be themselves There's no better way to tell them that you love them My Crazy Pet Frog Find out what happens to the crazy frog when he runs into one of his loved ones My Little Pet Dragon What happens when a young child gets a pet dragon for Christmas Find out Pigtastic A fun picture book with a Mega Collection Kindle great message See little piggy in a variety of fun poses and costumes as he describes how to pick yourself up when you're feeling down A Pocketful of Dinosaurs A fun picture book featuring over pages of educational. I thought the book was a good collection of bedtime stories Each story had a good message and very simple art I would read these stories to my kids when I have them