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HoopermanHooperman Johnson is a tall bushy bearded man of few words He works as a bookstore cop catching shoplifters in the act It’s a difficult job for a man with a stammer but somebody’s got to do it because Maxwell’s Books is getting ripped off big time And and it looks like the thief works for t. I've read other mysteries by John Daniel but this may be my favorite His Hooperman gives us mystery and romance past and present set in 1972 in that best of places a bookstore Settle back with a cup of tea let the cat take your lap because you won't want to stir until you've finished this welcoming uirky generous book Some might think that a mystery without a murder won't rivet the same way a trail of bloody corpses do but the essential drive remains the appreciation of human beings the need to unravel their motives and actions and who done it Our friend Hooperman Johnson looms distinctive constrained by his stutter yet shaped by his love of poetry His past story illuminates and deepens his present He engages with a cast of distinct characters and you can't help taking favorites worrying about who's to blame who's been set up Surprises and reveals abound but author John Daniel hides evidence in the open and you are as free as Hooperman himself to swirl in with your cape and illuminate the mystery Romance winds through present and past threads with grace never slipping towards cliche and John Daniel knits a profoundly satisfying ending

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Hooperman Download » 2 ¶ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Hooperman Author John M. Daniel – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Hooperman Johnson is a tall bushy bearded man of few words He works as a bookstore cop catching shoplifters in the act It’s a difficult job for a man with a stammer but somebody’s got to do it bec Hooperman Johnson is a tall bushy He store Who’s stealing the books Martin West the foul mouthed nutcase in charge of shipping and receiving Millie Larkin who hates the boss because he’s a man Could it be Lucinda Baylor the dark and sassy clerk that Hoop’s in love with Jack Davis the socialist or Frank Blanchard the anarchi. This is no ordinary mystery This is a beautifully written book that only gets complex and touching as you read The setting a Palo Alto bookstore in 1972 The mystery in an era of typewriters PO boxes and handwritten orders how do you figure out who's stealing from the bookstoreHooperman a dropout with a stutter and a love of poetry poets books and women is hired to figure out who's stealing He ends up becoming a part of the misfit family of employees and has his loyalties tested There are a series of flashbacks that gather steam over the course of the book lending depth to the story and Hoop's characterI was sucked into an era where a Sucrets tin was a perfect hiding place for a joint bookstores were counterculture hotbeds a buyer without any computer help had to decide how many copies of Joy of Sex to pre order and employee meetings were run like encounter groups The period details immerse you in a time and place the author knows a great deal aboutI started off slow then couldn't stop until I'd read the whole book

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St Or maybe even Elmer Maxwell himself the world famous pacifist bookseller Set in the summer of the summer of the Watergate break in Hooperman is a bookstore mystery without a murder but full of plot full of oddball characters full of laughs and full of love some of it poignant some of it steamy. Not usually a fan of mysteries because I figure them out too uickly I decided to give this one a try anyway Mostly because it takes place in a bookstore Though I must admit to being led down the wrong path a couple of times as to who dunnit the weeding out of potential suspects happened a little too conveniently for my taste I loved the lead character Hooperman and his wonderful but bittersweet tale of love lost and regained Mostly I wanted to give him a hug The rest of the cast except maybe the owner of the bookstore were a little one dimensional A decent time killer of a read but not my favorite