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Passion and murder have never been so intimately acuainted With an ex husband trying her last nerve and a daughter growing increasingly estranged homicide detective Jordan Sampson needs a break She hopes attending her fifteen Up Close eBook #240 year high school reunion will. This was a good booknot perfect but I liked it and found it an easy read A couple of tweaks and it would have been a really great bookSummaryHomicide Jordan Sampson can't believe how much her relationship with her teenage daughter has deteriorated They'd once been so close now the girl has chosen to stay with her father after Jordan and he divorced In hopes of forgetting her problems for a night she goes to her fifteen year high school reunion Which is where she reconnects with old flame Clint Cooper Jordan never expected the chemistry to still be there between themBut when one of her fellow cheerleaders from high school is murdered Jordan is thrown headfirst into the investigation Then another cheerleader dies and Jordan suddenly realizes maybe she herself is in danger Somebody seems to really have it in for cheerleaders murdering them with angry passion But Jordan is determined to catch the killer Which leaves her little time for her budding romance with Clint He'll have to grow to understand the demands of her job if they are going to stay togetherReviewI liked this book; it was fairly solid all the way around but at the same time I can't say it really stood out for me It was above average good but it was missing a bit of the wow factor along with having a few things that bugged meThe suspense plot was good Angsty and disturbing and all that Not anywhere near as creepy as a Karen Rose book but it had a nice level of intensity to it And the storyline made sense and followed a logical pathalways important I did think the author could have done better leading readers to guess the bad guy There is really only 1 clue at the very very beginning that points in the right direction and I just happened to zero in on it so I wasn't surprised at the big reveal but after that there's nothing in the book really that chips away at the bad guy's identity That made the plot a little boring because part of the fun of reading romantic suspense is figuring out the whodunit part So that could have been betterOn the romance fronthmm The romance takes a while to build in this book It's a rather slow progression and there was a time or two I wanted things to move uicker I liked both Jordan and Clint and thought they had some good chemistry together but there was something missing from the romance for me Which I attribute to one of the most noticeable flaws of the book in my opinion And that's that the hero Clint seemed to be rather neglected for most of the story The book is very focused on the heroine to the detriment of the hero He has very few POV scenesmost of the time just a few sentences here and there It left me feeling like I hardly knew him and like I wasn't connected to his character Which in turn affected how the romance came off to me A little focus on the hero and the book would have felt much well rounded on the romance front for meI still enjoyed the romance though It wasn't bad by any means but it just had the potential to be a lot strongerOne other thing that bugged me was a mistake near the end of the bookduring the big finale the bad guy is said to be killed bagged and tagged I believe it said But then in the epilogue it said heshe was in jail hisher lawyer considering an insanity defense Definite problem there Sure it wasn't a big thing but it was distractingAnywayeven though my review is kinda critical the things I mentioned were what kept it from being a 45 or 5 star book I think it's a book most romantic suspense readers will probably like

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Up Close and PersonalProvide this respite A night of old acuaintances good music bittersweet memories and in Clint Cooper an old flame reignited But among these once familiar faces something else has been incited a deadly need for revengeOne by one the former cheerleaders from Jordan's old suad. I really enjoyed this one most suspense mystery novels I can guess who the bad guy is this one I had no idea who it could be the cover kept calling me every time I visited the library glad I checked it out it was a one day read for me

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characters Up Close and Personal 107 Ú ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Up Close and Personal By Carla Cassidy ✰ – Passion and murder have never been so intimately acuainted With an ex husband trying her last nerve and a daughter growing increasingly estranged homicide detective Jordan Sampson needs a break She ho Passion and Are being murdered each victim a tantalizing clue to a killer closing in on the ultimate prey But who is it from her past who wants Jordan dead And why Now as secrets echo in the dark halls of the school so too does a whisper of fear that is hitting terrifyingly close to ho. I enjoyed reading this book but I would have liked a few clues as to who the murderer really was