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Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1 Read ✓ 2 ´ [PDF] ✅ Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1 By Lynne Graham – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father's Irish country estate ruing the day he heard the Brophy name ThRen is hardly surprising Defiant Bride The ePUB #8608 but to silence this scandal Cristo must bring their guardian the enchanting Belle in line with his plans Belle Defiant Bride The Legacies of PDF or Brophy's only concern is her hal. Enjoyable first book in a trio of half brothers journey to loveThis is Christo's and Belle's journeyChristo's father left behind 5 illegit children behind in IrelandBelle's mother was Christo's father's mistress for the past 20 plus yearsWithin a span of a few monthsthey each die and the children are left penniless with Belle and their grandmother to take care of themChristo's plan is to have them adopted but Belle has a few choice words to say about thisShe attempts to make Christo believe that she is her Mumbut blows it during a conversationChris to comes up with a plan he feels will benefit the children and keep his other brothers out of the limelightHe proposes a MOC with benefitsShe agreesand they marry and head off to Italy with the youngest brother in towThis was an engaging read and I loved the character of ChristoNothing beats a Lynne Graham alpha maleI adore them They start off as total asshatsand by the end they are so in love with the heroineThe heroine took some time to like but as the story went onher like ability grew on meShe was a strongintelligent heroine who put her half siblings need ahead of her ownIt was great when she finally came to realize she loved the heroThe background of Nic and Betsy's story has me intrigued and cannot wait to read their storyThis is classic LG and one her many fans will enjoy

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F siblings She'll do anything to provide them with the security she never had So when this gorgeous Italian offers marriage she won't say no But once the ring is on her finger Belle uickly discovers there's to a marriage than saying I. I read it yesterday and I cannot remember a thing about it except that the heroine was a redhead No special scenes LG is famous for no sexual tension and no conflict VERY flat BLAH read I'll have to reread some of her oldies like A Savage Betrayal The Spanish Groom or The Veranchetti Marriage to remind myself why I used to love this author I still remember almost every scene in those books They ARE UNFORGETTABLE

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Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1Bride The Epub #218 His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father's Irish country estate ruing the day he Ravellis Defiant eBook #219 heard the Brophy name That his father died and left a brood of illegitimate child. Ravelli’s Defiant Bride is the first book of Lynne Graham’s The Legacies of Powerful Men trilogy of three brothers and what happens after the death of their father Cristo Ravelli travels to Ireland to arrange for the adoption of his father’s illegitimate children but all his plans are thwarted by their feisty half sister who pretends to be their mother who is dead to avoid the family from being separated I did think it a bit of a stretch that someone had 5 children by the age of 25but hey these days people start youngrightA marriage of convenience is agreed upon and pretty soon Belle Brophy love her name finds herself falling in love with a Ravelli and scared she will have her heart broken just like her motherThis is such a lovely story And despite the predictability of the plotangsty moments the conseuences of Belle’s lie and misunderstandings it was still great reading Cristo is not your usual super alpha malehe’s kind and understanding admired and respected Belle who at times did some pretty crazy things Loved Belle’s familythe kids were really amazing and cute and the grandmother was totally fabulous The settings are vividly writtenloved the Ireland scenesThe love scene on Cristo Belle’s wedding night was absolutely awesome Sensual and beautiful and stunningI am looking forward to Nik and Betsy’s story nextwow there’s something going on there that’s totally intriguingAnother great read by one of my fav authors