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Avoiding Amy Jackson Infamous #2Meet Amy Jackson An outspoken raunchy in Jackson Infamous PDF #8608 your face loudly inappropriate ER Nurse who makes a career out of indulging One night stands have always been her thing Commitment and relationships are two words that are not in her vocabulary Amy doesn't have dreams of soul mates and white picket fences She adamantly ref It's LiveThis book is the tits After reading and loving her first book I had no idea how NA was going to top it But holy hell she freaking did In the Infamous Ellen James you're introduced to Trent's superhero cock and I was in a book boyfriend fog for days I didn't think Trent could be replaced but dammit I fell so hard for James He is no Robin to Trent's Batman He's like the Hulk Superman and Captain America all rolled into one big ball of sexy manhood And Amy She's just as hilarious as Ellen In fact I want to be the Amy to NA's EllenThis was me all throughout this bookFull review to come on release day 11414 Eeeeeek I have this baby on my Kindle I have a date with Amy and James tonight

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Avoiding Amy Jackson Infamous #2 eBook ✓ î [PDF] ❤ Avoiding Amy Jackson Infamous #2 ✮ N.A. Alcorn – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Meet Amy Jackson An outspoken raunchy in your face loudly inappropriate ER Nurse who makes a career out of indulging One night stands have always been her thing Commitment and relationshipUses to even consider the idea of getting married and starting a family She’s also obstinate in allowing a certain physician to get on her Avoiding Amy MOBI #233 good sideJames Williams A cocky smug too damn good looking orthopedic surgeon who has his sights set on the very feisty Amy Jackson He is than intrigued and ready to do whatever I can't believe you're going to be a mom I'm so happy for you dickhead Stop being so damn good looking and running your hands through your hair like you're on a shampoo commercial We get it You're hot You have awesome sex hair Sometimes I booty call the delivery boy from China Wok when I'm drunk Amy Jackson Needless to say me and Amy Jackson could be BFF's She made me laugh so hard I cried In front of my sister who was watching a movie at the time She thought I was drunk I wasn't James with his awesome sex hair was well very very sexyI'm not going to go into describing this book cause it's just too funny and has me at a loss for words I love Amy and I love James and I love both of them even together As you may be able to probably tell by now this book is insanely funny and light hearted but the end does go into some serious and heavy stuff in regards to Amy's past and why she is the way she is But I still love her The sex scenes were obviously very hot and I am really starting to wonder where the author comes out with Amy's lines cause even in the middle of sex that woman is hilarious Oh and whilst I'm at it this book does have a menagethreesome scene for those of you who are into that sorta thing And for those of you who aren't well you've been warned; This book has a threesome scene Anyway I'm gonna go back to reading the lines I highlighted in this book so I can continue to laugh like a lunatic This is one of those book I'd recommend to anyone and everyone romance fan erotica fan comedy fan and even action fans Amy definitely brings on the action ;So go enjoy and laugh and cry cause that is what this book will do to you Do yourself a favour and go read it D

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It takes“I want this woman I’m the type of guy who will fight for what he wants until he gets it I will take my time with Amy I won’t rush her I will continue to slowly slide myself into her life until she realizes that I Amy Jackson Infamous MOBI #240 belong there And thenI won’t let her go”This is Book Two in The Infamous Seri My review for this book is the first of its kind for Fifty5Cents Book Blog I love NA Alcorn than a sister than a friend than Gavin Rossdale That's a lotSo naturally I love her books Having been privy to the story from its conception I know these characters and their hearts I fee like I've spent the last three months with them and I'll miss not having Amy and James phone calls with my best friend about them Such is an author's lifeThis book is the second in the Infamous Series and I loved it even than The Infamous Ellen James It's funny like amazingly funny If you've read TIEJ you knowIn this installment Ms Alcorn shares Amy and James' story and it's a good one There is so must meat to it that you almost forget it's a smutty comedy Through light hearted banter and steamy sex Amy and James stole my heartAnd as I'm selfishly busy and way to distracted to give it it's fair cents rating I'll guesstimate 51¢ That's a big ole five star if you're not familiar with how this worksI suggest you read it Fall in love with two amazingly original characters and the wonderful author that created them Oh and hang tight because Lizzy's story will blow your fucking mindsI love you Twatalie