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Shadows of Angels Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Reading] ➿ Shadows of Angels By Matt Larkin – Rachel has found the Angel's Ark the most powerful repository of knowledge and power in the known universe Now her enemies multiply as countless factions struggTo rely on the Gehennan mercenary Knight a former assassin of terrifying brutality But before he can save Rachel Knight must overcome the shadows of his own pas. Rachel is still on the run but now she has the Sefer Raziel the lost tome written by the Angel Raziel and thought to be a guide to help humanity against the Angels However it is written in the language of the Angels and as such Rachel can’t read it She has everyone after her the zealots known as the Redeemers who are the self proclaimed enforcers of Angelic Mandate want to capture Rachel and ‘cleanse’ her washing away her sins which in basic terms means a form of brainwashing that totally scrubs the mind of the person leaving them a clean slate that the Redeemers can then mould into one of their own Rachel’s financial backer is also after her one of the Mega Corporations that basically run the Galaxy These Mega Corporations have bought off any legitimate Political Governments and now do as they wish including making their own ‘enhanced’ assassins Knight who is now Rachels bodyguard was once one of these but turned on his creators and is now also wanted by his Corporation However he see’s something in Rachel they have developed a bond and in her he sees his redemption for all his past sins The final major player are the Sentinels the Galaxies ‘Police’ as such who try to maintain some order One of these Sentinels David McGregor is Rachels former lover and happens to be within proximity to her when she finds the Tome and it is his ship that is ordered to find and retrieve her Thus a fascinating and at times brutal search and hunt plays out on the surface of a former prison planet one that now harbours one of the greatest treasures in the Galaxy and one of the most wanted people in the GalaxyThis is a captivating read one that you just can’t put down one that is full of interesting political religious and military storylines that all interweave and overlap leaving you not only totally and utterly engaged and enthralled in the story but it also leaves you thinking about the ramifications of a variety of different topics The concept of using religion to dominate a species in every aspect including how they shall breed makes for a controversial storyline but the way it is written is exceptional making for a book you just can’t put downThe other masterful aspect of this book is the characters Rachel Jordan as the pivotal character and her relationship between Knight McGregor as well as her Redeemer brother Jeremiah makes for some incredibly powerful dialogue and interchangesOne of the other interesting aspects of this story is the technology both that which the characters use and that which has been used around them such as the terraforming of planets and the conduit to allow for starship travel The kit that Knight uses is just amazing whilst the tactical gear that the Sentinels use is just mind blowing and the Authors have obviously had a great time developing and putting it all together for the story Book 2 is just as good as the first the series is only getting better this is a must read for any Sci fi fan

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Le to take it from her She dares not let anyone possess such a weapon but her opponents won't hesitate to use those closest to her She has only one person left. What a wild ride This book picks up right where the last one left off and hits the ground running There is plenty of action but only a bit character development It's hard to be introspective when the world is out to get you

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Shadows of AngelsRachel has found the Angel's Ark the most powerful repository of knowledge and power in the known universe Now her enemies multiply as countless factions strugg. Shadows of Angels What can I say Well a lot but unfortunately most of my commentary gives things away or involves strings of obscenitiesIt should go without saying that whatever Matt Larkin writes he’s going to write well Really well So well I’m a bit sick with jealousy Shadows of Angels is no exceptionRachel Knight Mac Phoebe and Leah are back with a vengeance Now in control of the Angel ship “The Ark” they’re on the run from Well basically everyone Add to that enemies they didn’t even know they had and allies that were being less than honest and you’ve got a recipe for AwesomeIt’s a recipe for awesomeEspecially when you take into consideration the fact that the Ark is this sentient ship and Rachel is a powerful empath Crazy things happen my friends crazy things All our main characters grow and develop and insert various other parentingplant growing metaphors and become this uniue and awesome butterflies And I for one cannot wait to spend two books watching them While tapping on the glassBecause I’m a dick like thatThe only thing I wished there was of was Leah Poor Leah Oh well maybe next timeIf you enjoy space operas you need to give Larkin’s Sins of Angels series a spin The series and Shadows in particular does not disappoint