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Starcrossed Starstruck #2 Download Þ 104 µ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Starcrossed Starstruck #2 By Brenda Hiatt ❅ – Marsha Truitt’s life has changed dramatically over the past few months Instead of a nerdy nobody she’s the newly discovered princess of a secret civilization Even better she’s dating Marsha Truitt’s life has changed dramatically over the past few months Instead of a nerdy nobody she’s the newly discovered princess of a secret civilization Even better. I thought this book was a vast improvement on the first book and I'm definitely hooked on this series nowStarcrossed was fast paced from the first page and the author packed suspense and intrigue into this book I really liked the introduction of the O'Gara family and love love love the Irish connection The fact that the Martian language is essentially IrishGaelic made me laugh out loud I really got a kick out of that It enabled me to forgive the stereotypical description of Sean copper colored hair and frecklesAh poor Sean He's very likeable and not in an enviable position at all Even though I'm Team Rigel I still really felt for SeanM has to face the realities of her new situation and she is forced to grow up fast However I was so frustrated with her in parts because of her failure to recognise the strong bargaining position she held and how she could have protected Rigel and their relationship from the get go I had to remind myself she was only 15 but when she was portrayed as having grasped the intricacies of Martian politics I felt she could have realised the strength she possessed far earlier than she actually didThe threat to Rigel's life never felt like much of a threat to me and I would have liked those scenes to have been further developedThe romance continues to be very sweet and Rigel and M are so adorable as a coupleAll in all though I really enjoyed the second installment and I've already started into the third book

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She’s dating the hottest guy in school who just happens to be her literal soulmate But when a new boy arrives at Jewel High everything M thought Starcrossed Starstruck PDFE. This second book in the series was so amazing and it truly showed a different side to Marsha I would love to praise the vocabulary again and the new words for the language they speak on mars The new characters are really a new add to the book and I loved it I didn't like Molly at first cause I thought she really liked Rigel which its kinda hinted at And sean having some type of connection to Marsha is a really great new add but I always ship rigel and Marsha I found the second book to be very interesting and I didn't want it to end The plot for the new book was so huge and it was already stated at the beginning and the hugest secret revealed I just loved it Marsha's aunt really gets involved with the new family sean and molly's and its funny to see her be friendly to them and happy Titles parents kinda bug me because they try to do what best for marsha as a princess and not a friend That was a really good part in the story because I wouldn't have expected that from rigel's parents I greall bond takes a huge step and Rigel and Marsha make some very big decisions that can risk a lot of things I felt the second book combined Marsha and Rigel's love with the idea of marsha running out of time and needs to be a princess for mars It was incredible and the ending was a huge blow so I know what the next book will be expecting and I can't wait

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Starcrossed Starstruck #2PUB or she knew about herself and her future is turned on its head Will the very destiny that lifted her from obscurity now tear her away from Rigel and their happy ever afte. Book 2 in the Starstruck series Really enjoying this series The target audience seems to be the youngers side of teens The main characters are 1516 years old In this book M comes to terms with her position and what she has to do People are finally starting to believe in the bond but a new boy in town Sean is challenging M and Rigel's connectionMuch adventure happens in this story and lots of tension builds up The book is very well written and fans of SciFiromanceYA will enjoy it