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read kindle ´ The Concubine ebook ¸ francette phal ´ [Ebook] ➠ The Concubine ➦ Francette Phal – In this pregnant silence with nothing in the air but the echoes of our spent passion fusing with the sweet scent of summer night I feel foolish for loving you The absurdity of itIn this pregnant silence with nothing in the air but the echoes of our spent passion fusing with the sweet scent of summer night I feel foolish for loving you The absurdity of it is a blow right between to my battered heart A concubine in love with her kingHe rescued her from a fate worse than deat This was a uick angst filled read I enjoyed it but it was in serious need of some editing The number of grammatical errors was astounding although my version is uite old and newer versions may have been edited thoroughlyMy heart went out to Lea Shunned by the King she loved only to become the object of obsession for the cruel man that would overthrow him she went from one sad existence to the next In the end she gets a HEA but I can't help but think that it came at an unreasonable price for herDue to the short length of this book I felt like the story was rushed and I wanted character development I feel like this story could have easily been an epic novel with details and development As it stands it was okay but lacked the depth and captivating intangibles that make a story great

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H and claimed her as his own In the vast Norian palace she is made concubine one of many and is taught how to please the mighty Norian king She knows she must keep her heart guarded but how can she when his very touch sustains her soul When a simple kiss from his lips evokes a burning desire that th I really enjoyed this story surprising since it was written in present tense which I would normally avoid The sample pulled me in and for the next couple of hours I was riveted loathed to move as I turned the electronic pages to see what would happen next And boy does a lot happen in this novella It takes place over a period of than five years and is filled with lies betrayal and murder Although this is a romance it’s not your typical romance The story takes place during an unknown time in history where people still use cannons swords and arrows to fight battles With their formal speech and robe wearing it reminds me of the Middle Ages The setting is in the fictional country of Noria The story was told in what felt like journal entries written by the favorite slaveconcubine of the ruling king Marik Her name was Lealin Although race is not mentioned the hero and heroine were clearly of different races She was dark her skin color described as earth toned while the hero was described as blond with grey eyes and white skin I enjoyed all the characters and even felt a bit of pity for the villain Yeah I know crazy right He loved Lealin so much I enjoyed Kivar the king’s grumpy advisor who was also good with medicinal potions He came to the rescue at the end during a particularly heart breaking scene Somia the king’s second wife who turned out to be a friend and ally to Lealin This was truly great storytelling marred only by the lack of editing Half of the sentences didn’t begin with a capital letter and the author didn’t properly punctuate the lines of dialogue There were also miscellaneous typos throughout I hate to end on a negative note I enjoyed the story and in some instances the way the author chose to put words together was almost like reading poetry But I would have enjoyed The Concubine even without the numerous editing issues It was really good stuff

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The ConcubineReatens to burn her alive He is everything to her but in her shadowed affections bound as she is to him she has little choice but to share him the countless women in his life In her shadowed affections bound as she is to him her heart burns every time she must share him with the many women in his li Everlasting Love meant for a ueen The Concubine by Francette Phal in ways reminded me of the prose in the Book of Solomon Lealin King Marik's favorite concubine loves her King but an enemy to the king loves Lealin and his name is Lucian The kingdom is taken over due to Marik's second wife Krea's jealousy and betrayal Lea is pregnant with King Marik's child but Lucian still wants her The king is gone for five years but still Lea loves him although she is branded and forced to marry Lucian Love always finds a way and they are reunited but she misses her third son Liam Read this one; it's a beautifully written second chance tale where the concubine becomes the true ueen45 love times love stars