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characters Bansi ki dhun ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Download] ➾ Bansi ki dhun By K.M. Munshi – Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi's versatility and achievements were in a way uniue He was an eminent lawyer one of the framers of India's Constitution and a seasoned statesman Coming under the iNd varied literature including novels dramas memoirs and history in Gujarati as also several historical and other works in English notably Gujarat and Its Literature Imperial Gurjaras Creative Art of Life To Badrinath The End of an Era Krishnavatara Bhagavad Gita and Modern Life Saga of Indian Sculpture Bhagawan Parashurama Tapasvini Prithvi Vallabh The Master of Gujarat and Lomaharshi. My parents got the the full set of Krishnavatara books when I was young but I've never really felt the urge to read them until recently when I've felt interested in reading up on parts of my heritage I knew some of what was in this volume from the stories that my parents told me as a child and others from when the BBC showed a dramatisation of the Mahabharat back in the early '90s but I enjoyed refreshing my memory of those and fitting them into a single narrative even if it was difficult to keep the various relationships straight in my headOne thing I liked uite a lot is that the young Krishna feels very human He's frankly a bit of a git at times when he steals butter and breaks jars and the chapter that involved him killing a heron that seemed to just be protecting its children only made any sense when it was revealed that the bird was possessed a couple of chapters from the endIt was also very interesting to read the note preceding the chapter on Radha which admits that she wasn't part of the ancient texts the first mentions only appearing in the first few centuries CE and not becoming fixed in the consciousness until the 12th century CEOn a similar note but within the text itself is the festival of Gopotsava in which Krishna persuades his village to abandon a festival of Indra based on fear and instead celebrate the herdsmen cattle and mountain that give them life effectively elevating the landscape to godhood I thought that was a fascinating mindset with defiance and grace in one actionAs with all ancient writings some things don't fit well to a modern mindset polygamy is normal and the idea of a childless wife lying with a man other than her husband with appropriate rituals to gain a child is a bit icky as is the condemnation of women who don't want children There's also a slightly uncomfortable connection between physical health and beauty on the one side and goodness and grace on the other But all these have to be read in the context of their timeThe stories are full of action and memorable characters for good or evil; it's an easy book to read I'm not sure if it was written in English or if it's just a very good translation but it's very readable although I've never figured out the obsession with appending an unnecessary 'a' to the end of many transliterated names Balarama instead of Balram etc I'll definitely pick up the the rest of the series when I get the chance

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Dhi Sardar Patel Rajagopalachari and Pandit Nehru His achievements as Home Minister of Bombay in as India's Agent General in Hyderabad before the Bansi ki PDF or Police action as India's Food Minister and as Governor of Uttar Pradesh had been characterised by rare courage and decisive energy Acknowledged as the foremost writer in modern Gujarati literature he has to his credit a vast a. Read all parts in original Gujarati Mind blowing

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Bansi ki dhunKanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi's versatility and achievements were in a way uniue He was an eminent lawyer one of the framers of India's Constitution and a seasoned statesman Coming under the inspiring influence of Sri Aurobindo during his student days Munshi had been an ardent fighter for India's freedom working at different stages in close association with Jinnah Tilak Besant Mahatma Gan. #Re read 1I cannot stop myself when I see a book by K M Munshi just lying on my desk Brilliant writing throughout By far the first book deals with His naughty and eventful childhood his mischievous ways around the milkmaids of Vrindavan the 'rasa' which he was so famous for and of course fulfilling the prophecy of being the 'Deliverer' One cannot help admiring how perfect He is in every way possible The love between them Radha Krishna is so phenomenal intense pure and divine that even Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet seems trivial I feel so lucky that I still have my great grandfather's books with me with little notes scribbled in the margins I've never met him but my folks have told me that he loved the entire set of कृष्णअवतार Glad that I am able to appreciate the writing too I wish Munshi was able to complete Book 8 as well The series will always be incomplete because no one can portray Kahna better than Munshi No one Period