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Architecture by Birds and Insects A Natural Art Characters ò 7 ↠ ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Architecture by Birds and Insects A Natural Art ❤ Author Peggy Macnamara – Influential American architect Philip Johnson once mused “All architecture is shelter; all great architectF these natural by Birds and Insects A PDFEPUB or feats of engineering and ingenuity Architecture by Birds and Insects allows readers a peek inside a wide range of nests offering a rare opportunity to get a sense of the materials and methods used to build them Here we see the kinds of places where nests are built for instance the house wren has been known by Birds and Epub #222 to occupy cow skulls flower pots tin cans and the pockets of hanging laundry while the uglynest caterpillar prefers rose bushes and cherry trees Inspired by the vast nest collection at the Field Museum which features specimens gathered throughout North and South America Peggy Mac. Truly beautiful watercolors here although most of the text was somewhat basic and lackluster Great for eyecandy and as a curiosity for naturalists but this is not where I'd go for information

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Namara’s paintings are enhanced by text written by museum curators This narrative provides a foundation in natural history for each painting as well as fascinating anecdotes about the nests and their buildersLike so by Birds and Insects A PDFEPUB or many natural treasures nests are easy to ignore But Macnamara’s gorgeous paintings will undoubtedly change that Architecture by Birds and Insects at last gives the tiniest engineers their rightful moment in the spotlight and in so doing increases awareness and encourages the protection of birds insects and their habitats Readers will never look at a Frank Gehry design or a treetop nest the same way again. This book is a gem After you read it you will never look at a bird wasp or even bagworm nest with any sense other than wonder at the beauty ingenuity and complexity of the homes the species depicted in this book construct for themselves The scientific explanations are sufficient and not overwhelming for we newcomers to the field the artist's notes draw us in personally and Macnamara's illustrations are breathtaking My only gripe is the size of the whole endeavor 6 by 8 12 inches It's not the kind of book that we're going to be carrying in our pockets out into the field with us Some of the plates measure a mere 2 by 2 12 which cannot possibly do justice to their subject matter C'mon University of Chicago Press recognize that you have something great here and publish it in the style it deserves

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Architecture by Birds and Insects A Natural ArtInfluential American Birds and eBook #10003 architect Philip Johnson once mused “All architecture is shelter all great architecture is the design of space that contains cuddles exalts or stimulates the persons in that space” But with just a small swap of a key word Johnson could well have been describing animal nests Birds and insects are nature’s premier architects using a dizzying array of talents to build functional homes in which to live reproduce and care for their young Recycling Architecture by Epubsticks branches grass and mud to construct their shelters they are undoubtedly the originators of “green architecture”A visual celebration o. How cool has it got to be to be the artist in residence at the Field Museum If you have ever looked at a caddisfly or a birds nest one has to marvel at the capacity of nature to proide for its denzions The art is lovely the fun facts about the nesting habits is wonderful I do wish the factoids had been larger sized print as it doesn't encourage the reader to dwell on those amazing construction skills of each bird or insect represented