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The NarrowsFrom award winning author Alexander C Irvine comes a compelling fantastical riff on history and World War II The Narrows takes place in Detroit where Henry Ford’s factories have been retooled for America’s grand war effort But there are also clandestine operations under way–including a top secret effort to produce golems–powerful beings fashioned from the earth–to destroy Nazis Here lurk strange spies in unlikely places–and a not so extraordinary man who is. I've never been interested in alternate history because I honestly think it sounds boring and this book proved my hunch rightThe premise is promising Jared Cleaves makes golems in the WW2 effort because due to an accident when he was a kid he cannot serve overseas There's also some other urban fantasy elements going on tengu hex bags imps etc These things are briefly mentioned and end up serving nothing in regards to the plot or really being involved at allJared is intensely unlikable He whines that his wife makes money than him He whines that he isn't overseas shooting Nazis He whines that he can't tell anyone about his job He whines because he has the hots for one of his wife's friends and seems to think they'd totally do it if he wanted even though she literally never speaks to him in the entire book He whines that his wife won't touch him maybe because she's busy working full time and raising a baby and has an incel for a husbandThroughout this book you'd think and it's suggested that Jared has some big destiny coming up except Jared doesn't do anything in this book Instead things happen to him He gets tapped for multiple cloak and dagger missions that go no where He saw a spooky and testicle obsessed mystical dwarf years ago He has weird dreams This book is incredibly boring for the first 100 pages then some plot happens then it goes back to being boring The writing style is weirdly vague so you're not sure what's happening The author doesn't italicize internal dialog so you you can't identify what's Jared's internal thoughts and what might be someone telepathically communicating with him The building to the mysterious ending is NOT worth it and the book just kind of ends in an extremely dissatisfying way Also there's weirdly a LOT of racism and n words I understand this is during a racist time but c'mon manUnless you seriously love WW2 alt history don't bother

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The Narrows free read Ë 9 ´ ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ The Narrows By Alexander C. Irvine ➣ – From award winning author Alexander C Irvine comes a compelling fantastical riff on history and World War II The Narrows takes place in Detroit where Henry Ford’s factories have been retooled for Am From award winning authInadvertently poised at the bizarre urgent center of it all Spared fighting in Europe because of a bum hand Jared wishes he could join the cause instead of mindlessly sifting clay to be made into golems But there is something that preys on his dreams the devilish dwarf known as the Nain Rouge In his youth Jared once actually saw the Dwarf–a chilling creature that shows itself to individuals just before their demise Now the Nain Rouge appears to be coming back for Jare. Books such as this are why I've decided I need to keep a list of everything that I read I found this one by browsing the new books shelves of my local library; I had never heard of the author or book beforehand When I tried to recall the title or author to add to my list though I couldn't Was it The Straits Detroit Nain Rouge It took some lucky googling to find itThe book is a great odd gem It has it all WWII era Detroit spies golems and of course the harbinger of Detroit the Nain Rouge This book defies genres Is it a spy novel mystery history sci fi fantasy All and none

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D himselfMany have a profound interest in Jared’s childhood run in with the Dwarf–including a German spy Jared’s hateful foreman at the golem factory and a shape shifting Indian shaman But what could a simple man who earns a meager living possibly have to do with espionage and dark deeds While Jared toils invisibly in the bowels of Ford’s plant the answer is about to reveal itself in a cataclysm of mythic and sinister proportions From the Trade Paperback edition. I guess my expectations were too high after thoroughly enjoying Scattering of Jades but The Narrows just didn't do much for me The whole idea of the US Army setting up a golem assembly line in Detroit during WWII sounded promising but it seemed like the story took forever to get anywhere and the final revelation about what was REALLY going on at Willow Run wasn't worth the wait