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DOC ☆ READER Pistis Sophia 9781585092673 FREE ì ANONYMOUS ☆ [PDF] ✐ Pistis Sophia Author Anonymous – Pistis Sophia A Gnostic Gospel translated by GRS Mead The Gnostics were composed of a number of early Christian mystical sects Their teachers were persecuted and documeIous study It is the story of how we as spiritual beings have fallen into the world of physical creation The soul is asleep here bogged down in physical surroundings unaware of its true nature The purpose of this gospel is to awaken us and aid in the process of spiritual freedo La cura dell' edizione affidata a Luigi Moraldi è come sempre sotto il sigillo di uesta firma ottimaPistis Sophia è un crogiuolo di tradizioni religiose e paralleli letterari una tappa intrigante per chi dopo la lettura dei Vangeli è rimasto con domande irrisolte e non è soddisfatto dalle risposte del Catechismo ufficialeAvvertenza lo stile di scrittura non è amichevole è un libro che richiede una certa dose di motivazione da parte di chi lo legge

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Etter appreciate these early Christian mystics Pistis Sophia was the most important Gnostic document until the discovery and publication of The Nag Hammadi Library This work remains an important milestone in Gnostic research on par with Nag Hammadi and should be part of any ser Sorry people but I don't agree with all the stars given to this book The book is repetitive boring and illogical at best The book takes place some 11 years after Jesus' rise from the tomb He's addressing his disciples in a Socratic method where Jesus makes a statement and disciple X asks him to explain it or disciple X explains it himself or herself Jesus notes there's a Realm of Light a Realm of Middle Light and a Realm of Lower Light What exactly is meant by the light isn't really explained Then Jesus goes on to''discourse with them from the interiors of the interiors to the exteriors of the exteriors and from the exteriors of the exteriors to the interiors of the interiors'Full of sound and fury signifying nothingThen there's the matter of the Mysteries such as the First Mystery Second Mystery etc but there's also the first mystery of the First Mystery etc Then there's another interesting statement when Jesus says to 'confound them with confusion and threaten them with threatening' It's getting to the point where I was wondering if the guy who wrote this was smoking some of that funny stuff or had eaten some hallucinogenic mushroomsAnother good one refers to 'the height without within and within without' Some others 'they opened their chops against me' and 'they plotted a plot'It's so bad I even invented a drinking game to play while a person reads the bookEvery time Jesus says 'well said' take a drinkEvery time Sophia repents take a drinkEvery time a disciple says 'bear with me if I uestion thee and be not wroth with me' take a drinkThere's that many repeats on those statements Don't forget that Zeus Aphrodite Kronos and Ares are also referred to directly in the book as actually existingOne thing that does agree with other Gnostic writings I've read is that Peter seems to hate MaryOh yes people are to renounce babbling and 'belly love' Whatever that is Also evil souls are severely tortured and then their souls are destroyed Overall the most ridiculous book I've ever read on the subject

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Pistis SophiaPistis Sophia A Gnostic Gospel translated by GRS Mead The Gnostics were composed of a number of early Christian mystical sects Their teachers were persecuted and documents destroyed because the Church desired a uniform set of beliefs to operate under Only now have we begun to b I don't remember the first time I read it but I recently reread it from beginnning to end and realize that every time I do I notice somthing than before Profound things that make you talk out loud to yourselfI'm impressed with all ancient books I feel like they are windows into life in those times