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A spatio temporal agent is always ready to give his lives for the mission? Valerian shot to death in an Indian fortress Valerian dead in 19th century London Valerian gunned down in San Almost entirely lacking in anything resembling a plot and with a major role for a character who is totally annoying Coming on the back of Ambassador of the Shadows and Welcome to Alflolol it seems that almost everyone in this future human society is a total douche Probably the worst of this series I have read so far I would be tempted to give it a single star because it so utterly devoid of anything meaningful but there are some nice scenes set in the 19th Century and for the first time since the first book there is the feeling that time travel is actually a meaningful part of this series which seemed to have totally fallen by the wayside in books 2 through 6Maybe fine to read for completeness sake but giving this one a miss would not cause anyone any problems

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Sur les terres truuéesFrancisco's Chinatown And Laureline paired up with an unpleasantly arrogant historian from Galaxity forced to witness every demise of the man she loves on a succession of re enacted p In all honesty this has been the worst of the series so far It starts fairly promising sure Valérian is involved in a series of action and espionage like missions each which seemingly end in his death each where he races to discover coordinates But inevitably he dies each time We soon learn that each death is from a short lived clone and that the real Valérian is aboard ship being raw materials for the next mission taker Also on this mission is a historian who has plenty of disdain for men and no regard at all for Valérian much to Laureline's consternationThere's so much potential in this story and yet it feels so underdeveloped However that seems to be par for the course for these stories No the real crime is the ending It wasn't so much an exposition dump as much as it was a Roman vomitorium of exposition that went on and on It made the action and mystery unsatisfying In fact by the end I was ticked off the historian got what she wanted at all and that Valérian and Laureline just sort of limp off into the sunset It's an unsatisfying story with some annoying moralization from Laureline almost as bad as she was spouting in Welcome to AlflololIt's still not enough to make me uit but it is enough to tick me off a bit

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Sur les terres truuées Doc Ë Download Ù Pierre christin ´ ➵ Sur les terres truuées Download ➾ Author Pierre Christin – A spatio temporal agent is always ready to give his lives for the mission? Valerian shot to death in an Indian fortress Valerian dead in 19th cIeces of human history A very strange case that will take the two spatio temporal agents to the limits of their endurance as they hunt down the mysterious architect of the false Earths Not up to the usual uality of the series for meThe story follows Valérian as he chases down the mysterious architect of recreations in Earth's history from Colonial era India San Francisco's Chinatown to London in the 1800s each ending in his death All the while Laureline watches on helplessly in the company of an arrogant historian from Galaxity until she can't take any and heads out to confront the architect That's about it in terms of story really The artwork is stunning as always with Mézières rendering the historical settings in great detail and blending them with the Sci fi world of Valérian and LaurelineWorth a read but a dip in the series for me