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DOWNLOAD Darkest Night Birthright #2 107 Ñ ❮KINDLE❯ ✿ Darkest Night Birthright #2 Author Cate Tiernan – Publishing delayed or possibly not happening SynopsisVivi Neves had rejected everything her parents hold dear their heritage culture traditions and their dark family secret they're haguari cat peTheir dark family secret they're haguari cat people Darkest Night Kindle shapeshifters who turn into jaguars as their ancestors have done for thou. 010515Why isn't this out yet011415Updates A synopsis and cover Cover is beautiful but it reminds me of another series062915And a release date is out July 7 2016

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Sands of years Now following the tragic death of her parents Vivi has finally accepted her birthright and is learning to live life as a shapeshifter. December 2019It has been a long 5 years y'all I should get a award for keeping this on my tbr pile for so longDecember 2014 Of waiting

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Darkest Night Birthright #2Publishing delayed or possibly not happening SynopsisVivi Neves had rejected everything her parents hold dear their heritage culture traditions and. For those who are curious why it hadn't come outHi This is way way way overdue I'll start with an apology for dropping out of sight without a word I really am sorry And I know people are confused and upset about the second Birthright book and I haven't been keeping you up to dateIt's hard to know what to say I feel embarrassed for disappearing and I feel like I let a lot of people down by doing so I'll say upfront that I'm fine I'm not ill I'm not in a coma Everything's fineThere isn't a simple explanation except that life got hard for a while and it took all my energy to deal with my real life and I didn't have anything left over I was surprised by that because I'm usually able to juggle a thousand plates in the air But I was down to like managing four plates And even that was hardI have a good life but like every life there are some tough spots and some hard times During my tough spot I just hunkered down to get through it and I had to let a lot of plates drop For someone who's usually so together it was kind of shockingI feel like I've had to remake myself in a way with new expectations and new patterns and new ways of looking at everything including myself It was necessary and good but for a while it killed any creative impulse I might have had It's hard to be creative when you're running around on fire Not literallyI feel like I'm coming back in my new phoenix like form but I'm taking baby stepsAbout Birthright I've never done this in my life I have always delivered I've written the second book about three times and thankfully Simon Schuster did not publish it because it wasn't my best work They've been amazing and supportive and astonishingly patient but of course I have disappointed them and myself by not pulling that story together I could analyze the whys and wherefores of that but the short answer is that I haven't written a second book that is up to my desired uality My sainted editor and I are still working out what we're going to do In the meantime all I can do is apologize because I know people have been waiting a really long time and I still have nothing to give them I'm really sorry and I'm embarrassedAbout dropping out of social media For uite a while the only thing I could think of to put on Twitter was OH MY GOD THE PAIN Which besides being uncomfortably personal would have gotten redundant My mom died I had to put my favorite dog to sleep and about 9 other super hard things like being unable to write But I also started feeling like it was really arrogant of me to assume that people are interested in all my daily thoughts or what I cooked or whatever It felt so mundane I know that Twitter is an important tool and a valuable platform but I stopped reading it and I stopped posting on it This will sound silly but it felt like a lot of pressure and it was one of the plates I let drop I have authors I follow or used to follow and I know I would be so bummed if one of them just dropped out of sight with no explanationSo I know I'm not offering any fun or gratifying news like The book is done You'll have it soon I'm saying that I know I disappointed you and unfortunately right now I can't promise anything I mean I'm hoping that I will get the book together I know S S is hoping so too I'm doing my best hereTake care everyoneCate