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Exo Author Steven Gould Book Ñ 464 pages Download ¾ Steven gould ã ❴Reading❵ ➻ Exo Author Steven Gould – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Cent can teleport So can her parents but they are the only people in the world who can This is not as great as you might think it would be — surCent can teleport So can her parents but they are the only people in the world who can This is not as great as you might think it would be sure you can go shopping in Japan and then have tea in London but it’ This was the most joyous book that I've read in a long timeThis is the first of the Jumper series to change it's focus from how would society react the a select few people that can teleport to what could a few teleporters accomplish that would otherwise be impractical This transition makes a lot of sense Davy grew up in fairly poor circumstances and developed a pretty reasonable paranoia as an adult Cent by contrast may have been sheltered but otherwise had a much happier childhoodThe result is that when the protagonist of the series changed so did the motivation Davy's first instinct is always how do I protect myself and my family whereas Cent's is along the line of what could I do that would be awesome In the previous book Cent tried or less to live a normal life In this book she abandons that goal deciding instead to live an extraordinary lifeI really appreciate that the author appears to have taken great pains to consider what the practical considerations of a small space program would be The little problems and obstacles that come up add a verisimilitude to a fantastic premise that makes the whole thing feel real

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S hard to keep a secret like that And there are people dangerous people who work for governments and have guns who want to make you do just this one thing for them And when you’re a teenage girl things get even Of all the Jumper novels I enjoyed this one the least by far To say it needs editing is to say the Titanic had a little trouble on its maiden voyage A little research and technical detail can be a wonderful thing Too much and the flow becomes bogged down and unreadable Even a little tension and resistance to Cent's space program by bureaucrats or male chauvinists would have given the story the conflict it needed Instead we have the occasional and poorly structured afterthoughts of a conspiracy and an otherwise strong female lead character at the mercy of a dishonest boyfriend with a rather unconvincing sob story

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Exo Author Steven GouComplicated High school Boys Global climate change refugees and genocide Orbital mechanicsBut Cent isn’t easily daunted and neither are Davy and Millie her parents She’s going to make some changes in the wor I was very much looking forward to reading Exo Its predecessor Impulse had been exciting and fascinating with a badass teleporting protagonist who used her wits as well as her ability Unfortunately I was to be profoundly disappointed with Exo which suffered not just from its premise but from Gould’s pigheaded determination to follow that premise to its conclusion no matter what the conseuences Exo centers around Cent’s determination to use her abilities to achieve low earth orbit A nice idea in theory but in practice it didn’t work outFirst the good parts because I don’t want this review to be profoundly negative Cent is as stubborn and competent as before perhaps a bit than is realistic but only a bit Her determination to forge her own path in a world that isn’t built for people like her is admirable The other characters are just as great The return of Cent’s friends Jade and Tara was welcome Their ingenuity brought a breath of fresh air into the storyAnd that fresh air was necessary because I felt like I was suffocating from boredom when I read this book I’m not a scientifically minded person But I imagine even a scientifically minded person would have gotten bored reading this book At times this book reads like a science textbook than a novel While the various challenges about space travel were vaguely fascinating at times it really got old fast But I accept that this is a matter of personal perception and another person might disagree with me hereThis wasn’t the worst part of the novel though No the problem with this novel is that over the course of the novel Cent or less reveals her secret to the world And instead of freaking out about mysterious teleporters and how they just are able to do that in the first place everyone pretty much takes it in stride No one cares This is the biggest scientific revelation since the discovery the world was round and no one gives a damn They’re interested in the fact that Cent is teleporting into space than the fact that she’s teleporting in the first place Then in the last fifty or so pages of the novel Cent is snatched by the bad guys These bad guys who appear to be just evil for the sake of being evil kidnap Cent and then are suddenly all put away by the government Who weren’t able to act against them beforehand but now suddenly are And although Cent is able to get a truly stupendous moment of total utter awesomeness at the end it isn’t enough to redeem this bookSo no I didn’t like Exo I didn’t like the second book either Perhaps only the odd number books in this series are good I hope so