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Independence review ´ 103 Õ ❮Read❯ ➲ Independence Author Cecil Foster – Independence is the deeply moving story of the coming of age of a country and a boy at the time of Barbados'' independence from Britain in 1966 Fourteen year old Christopher Lucas and Stephanie King h Independence is the deeply movIndependence is the deeply moving story of the coming of age of a country and a boy at the time of Barbados'' independence from Britain in Fourteen year old Christopher Lucas and Stephanie King have been neighbours and best friends since they were born a few months apart They have been raised by their impoverished grandmothers after their mothers went over ''n'' away to the United States. The short answer is no I'm not a big fan of this book I feel it's poorly characterized and poorly writtenIndependence is a story about Christopher a young man from Barbados a newly independent nation His mother and the mother of his best friend Stephanie are both over and away in Canada working Their big dreams as the book opens is that one day their mothers will send for themI'm not familiar with Cecil Foster's previous work fiction or non and yet this book shares many characteristics with Cory Doctorow's novels Which as I said in my review of Little Brother suffer from big ideas and weak writing Doctorow's books are excellent manuals and guides but terrible stories Here Foster has created what in many ways is a very realistic picture of the Caribbean The problem is this picture is inconsistent The protagonist Christopher grows up This is the only consistent arc in the book Ostensible the book covers the coming of age for young Christopher It would be unfair to say he doesn't grow up but it would be accurate to say he changes from being a nonentity to an entity Until 90% of the way into the novel Christopher is a character I can't care about He's nothing It's a book about a boy that stars women Every interesting character in the book is a woman I don't mind reading about women but at some point you have to ask what does Christopher do except be a silly man as no doubt many of the women see him Entire passages will go by with in depth and important conversations between women Yet in the book there's no young man filter At least not consistently or majoritatively Instead he's like a fly on the wall He's close enough to hear the conversation in detail and no one ever notices him Maybe when the conversation is over we'll get a mention of how Christopher has to tip toe away But rarely does he reflect on what he's heard Even when he does it's mostly to see surface deepA colleague of mine pointed to the sexuality in this book The reader gets a good picture of the sexuality of the girl next door Stephanie even if it's through an unclear filter of the theoretically unreliable narrator of Christopher There's a lot that goes on with Stephanie Christopher likewise undergoes his own awaking in sexuality oh wait he doesn't For too much of the book it's a just an empty neutral shell of a character There are precious few scenes when Christopher felt like a real person and those scenes are the few scenes when Foster actually manages to get his metaphor and allegory on When Christopher talks to Mr Smith about losing the bad call to the Umpire I felt like this was a real person He was having real emotions and being bigheaded Unfortunately this is the exact scene when the metaphor about being a man and accepting the good and the bad is effected Christopher refers to his penis exactly two times Once directly once indirectly He starts dating a girl in his class and it's completely unnuanced Are they dating Are they not Does Christopher care Does he like her Who knows because we're spending time talking about Stephie who's primary attribute to the reader is being absent Her absence is of bigger note than the missing mothers Christopher who starts the novel as a man dem foolish kid who doesn't read anything into anything Doesn't understand anything Then later escape a homosexual situation at the hint of something wrong Knowing completely what is going on This from a kid who will never think about this girl and consider what he wants with her Even though she kissing him chastely and dances with him provocatively she never enters his stream of thought except to consider her presence Oh maybe she'll show up here Oh in a few minutes we'll walk home together That's as deep as it goes Contrast to the nearly violent sexuality of Stephie who disappears twice for sexual reasons and becomes the talk of the town Which leads to a third disappearanceThis is a book I read for class and honestly I can't say for sure I would have finished it otherwise I'm glad I did because it got better Unfortunately it got better in the last 90% This is disappointing because it means there were ideas and themes that are compelling and interesting and they just aren't used until the end of the book None of these ending themes are being built up in the opening two thirds of the book They just appear at the end My conclusions about this book are as follows The author's ideas for the book are basically inserting a theme into an autobiographical slice of life The book is filled with teachable moments Not so much for Christopher but for the reader If you wanted to explain Caribbean life to someone could point to specific passages and you learn a lot about how this lifestyle works The narrative is weak I realize a slice of life novel doesn't have to answer every thread because in real life we don't get all the answer and yet this isn't The Matrix I didn't leave completely satisfied with the story I left feeling like I had just watched Pirate of the Caribbean 2 Dead Man's Chest in other words I left on a cliff hanger expecting I would have suspected the author got betterThat said when the book was firing it worked When it does a good job of creating a sample of Caribbean culture it does so excellently In the end when he creates themes and characters out of name we've been using all this time It does so well When Christopher goes through his phase I liked him I felt like I understood what he was about Somewhat so with even other characters like Mr Smith the angry sullen man in the neighborhood and even his grandmother and to an extent Mrs King Unfortunately none of the good writing make up for the chapters and chapters of empty at times unrealistic writing that came before it

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And Canada to find work when the children were toddlers no one has heard from the mothers since The grandmothers are growing and desperate about their ability to support their charges When the novel opens there is a sudden and unexplained rift between Christopher and Stephanie following the return from Canada of a benefactor named Mr Lashley who lavishes gifts on StephanieThrough a serie. 196768 Barbados is an independent country and two adolescents 13 and 14 years old left by their mothers with their grandmothers are also coming of ageThis is well written and an obvious metaphor for the country which takes nothing away from the book People take advantage of the young people everyone trying to survive in a changing world trying to figure out what independence means Good job Cecil Foster

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IndependenceS of triumphs and catastrophes Christopher and Stephanie determine their places in the world and take control of their lives Rich with the details of Bajan culture from food preparation to political and financial affairs from sexuality to spirituality Independence is a fascinating window onto a little known world and a touching portrait of a journey to adulthood and the women who guide it. Christopher the novel's protagonist and Stephanie are God siblings neighbours and best friends They are also coming of age in the time of Barbados' independence from England 1966 while their single mothers have gone over n' away to North America for work While Stephanie has already slipped into the assumption that she is mature than she actually is Christopher is focused on getting back in contact with his mother During post independence Barbados many of the island's young adults who went away to work slowly began to stream back in and that's where the bacchanal beginsI definitely loved this novel and while I did find it a bit choppy and with an ending too uick and unravelled for my liking I’m uite excited to give it to others to get feedback on it Considering a degree within the realms of Latin American and Caribbean studies and Literature Cecil Foster’s Independence has definitely put itself high up there on my list of material to link to in my pending thesisread with spoilers though at