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READ ↠ Artemisia Ê ➳ [Reading] ➶ Artemisia By D.G. Rampton ➩ – ‘You forget yourself your lordship You have no rights to allow or disallow anything I may choose to do You have in fact no claim over me whatsoever – a circumstance for which I thank the Lord on a ‘You forget yourself your lordship You have Hand to witness her shortcomings and bring them to her attention inciting her temper and leaving her flustered As she reluctantly embarks upon her first London Season a scandalous family secret and a conspiracy that stretches all the way to Napoleonic France threaten to entangle her with the one person she could happily thrott. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel Our main character Artemisia loves her boyish pursuits her country home with her uncle who can't deny her anything and wants nothing to do with a London season new dresses or suitors However when her uncle the Duke of Wentworth asks Lady Lubiot the half sister of his friend Lord Chysm to sponsor his niece she is thrown into a society she can't get along with and a challenge to her unladylike ways Artemisia and Lord Chysm are constantly at each other throats and yet he finds her anger and debating a refreshing change to all the green girls in society She makes him angry and he gets defensive and controlling over her which she resents Neither are interested in love and marriage although time and chemistry will work to bring them together The arguments made me laugh the proposal was hilarious and the side stories with Lady Lubiot and the Duke of Wemtworth was adorable A good read indeed

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‘You forget yourself your lordship You have no rights to allow or disallow anything I may choose to do You have in fact no claim over me whatsoever – a circumstance for which I thank the Lord on a daily basis I am neither your ward nor your dependent and I will not allow you to talk to me in that odiously overbearing fashi. Artemisia Grantley handsome clever and rich with a comfortable home and happy disposition adored her idyllic and uite life in the country; and had lived nearly twenty one years in the world without experiencing the thrills of a London Season Polite society and the haut ton don’t appeal to Artemisia she much rather spend her days shooting and riding horses around her uncle’s estate But her Uncle Timmy the Duke of Wentworth has decided that is time for Artemisia to receive “a little town polish” experience public life and finally come out into society Despite her aversion to the plan Artemisia must trade in her borrowed breeches coarse lawn shirt and slouchy hat and don modish walking dresses and fashionable ball gownsGuiding and chaperoning Artemisia through her first season is the beautiful wealthy and widowed Lady Lubriot half sister to the Duke of Wentworth’s close friend the Maruess of Chysm a single eligible and wealthy man who most decidedly is not in want of a wife While Lady Lubriot’s youthfulness lively spirits and kindness easily win the affection and cooperation of her young charge Lord Chysm with his proclivity for giving offense and pointing out Artemisia’s flaws raises her ire and continuously tries her temper With the help of these two and her uncle Artemisia attempts to make her societal debut without any mishaps but it seems that scandal intrigue and her mother’s dubious past continuously threaten her chances of successWhat an utterly delightful novel I was uite enad with our hero and heroine and their tumultuous relationship Due to terrible first impressions their relationship began with an instant and intense dislike Most of their conversations contained little civility and much contention as they both repeatedly challenged each other with verbal sparing matches and set downs In addition they were both so skilled at repressing and fighting their feelings for each other that they easily misunderstood and misinterpreted every look word and action Loved seeing these two fall in love against their will against their reason and even against their characterThe hero and heroine weren’t the only characters I adored in this novel each character main and secondary was colorful comical and well drawn Further I took great pleasure in discovering how some characters shared similar traits and familiar personalities with various Jane Austen characters Aunt Ophelia with her particular attention to food and decided opinions seemed like a cross between Mr Woodhouse and Lady Catherine de Bourgh Lively boyish principled yet naïve Artemisia felt like a delightful blend of Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine Morland And Lord Chysm with his disinterest in marriage aloof appearance yet hidden honorable nature and heroic actions definitely reminded me of several classic Georgette Heyer heroes I don’t know if these similarities were intentional or accidental but I greatly admired these cleverly crafted charactersMy one small uibble for this novel was that the French conspiracy and spyinformant business was a little hard to follow Since the reader doesn’t learn everything all at once and Lord Chysm’s work is slowly revealed I felt a little confused at times But this might be because my knowledge and understanding of Napoleonic France isn’t much to speak ofWhat a smashing debut novel for DG Rampton On the cover it very aptly states “A Regency novel in the tradition of Jane Austen” The inspiration from and homage to Jane Austen and traditional Regency romances is abundantly clear on every page I highly recommend this novel and author to readers who love Jane Austen Georgette Heyer and traditional Regency romances

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ArtemisiaOn'High spirited Artemisia Grantley niece of the Duke of Wentworth has never made any attempt to conform to the feminine ideal expected of a lady of uality nor has she ever had the benefit of an unfavourable opinion formed against her But when the Maruess of Chysm enters her life it seems to her that his lordship is always at. 35I liked this one It had a fun storyline with a light mystery Artemisia was a fun character full of spunk Lord Chysm was likable for the most part I liked his character I didn't like how he treated Artemisia at times hence the lower rating The story moves along nicely and I thought it was well written It kept my attention and thought it had a good regency feel to it The mystery was pretty subtle it wasn't hard to figure things out but still fun to see how everything unfolds As for the romance overall I liked it but I wanted Chysm to have to do a little wooing I think he took Artemisia and her feelings for granted I wanted a BIG public gesture from him especially considering how he had been treating her for practically their whole relationship I would have loved for him to really prove his love How it plays out was nice but I wanted a little I thought how they first met was fun and they had some fun moments together I like that Artemisia wasn't afraid to stick up for herself and could hold her own with him They were good together I loved that it was cleanOverall a fun regency and one I'd recommend I look forward to reading from Ms RamptonContentRomance Clean view spoilerMild talk of mistresses which I think could have been left out Made me like Chysm a little less hide spoiler