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CHARACTERS » Love In Sight ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Love In Sight Author Holly Gilliatt – Looking for love is easier if you can see where you’re going Like most people Jason’s looking for that elusive happily ever after But although he’s good looking athletic funny and charming he’ Looking for love is eaLooking for love is easier if you can see where you’re going Like most people Jason’s looking for that elusive happily ever after But although he’s good looking athletic funny and charming he’s starting to realize that his white cane isn’t exactly a chick magnet When he meets Heather he can’t b. Author Gilliat demonstrates the obstacles to being blind from navigating a room to finding objects in the fridge It is courageous to feature a blind hero especially one who struggles with accepting help Read full review in the 2014 JuneJuly Double Issue of InD’tale Magazine


Even his white cane can’t navigate While Jason’s dreams seem to be slipping from his grasp he’s forced to face his insecurities and accept who he isand maybe see things clearly than ever before Love in Sight is a novel about coming to terms with what you can live with and what you can’t live withou. This is a soft and gentle love story with a deeper side making it an interesting read that demonstrates real character depth Mark in particular stood out to me as very well described and surprisingly it was his story and personality that jumped off the page at meThe way in which Gilliatt looks in a serious and honest way at the harsh realities of blindness both from the perspective of the blind person and the person who shares their life is very in depth looking at everything from the tiniest detail to big issues in both lives and the fall out this causes Gilliatt also shows the impact on close family and how this can be both heaven sent but cause issues when the new partner is trying to find a way to fit in The delicate nature of life the harsh realities of day to day life and how these all mesh into each other’s lives feature heavily in Love in Sight along with how both unstoppable events and choices made by each of the players have a domino effect that creates an interesting backstoryA good and thought provoking read but this for me is a Sunday afternoon with a bar of chocolate and a big box of tissues rather than an easy sunny holiday read review by Noemie T Verlan on behalf of BestChickLitcom

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Love In SightElieve such a sweet smart beautiful woman is falling for him Best of all she doesn’t seem bothered by his occasional run Love In Epubin with a low hanging tree branch or inability to color coordinate They soon become inseparable But as they begin to negotiate their life together they encounter obstacles. 45 🌟This is an emotionally charged view into the lives of two people in love; he Jason is blind and she Heather is not The story centers around the love between Jason and Heather Some friends and family have their doubts that Heather will stick around because in the past after one or two dates the women have bailed To all of the naysayers Heather is in the relationship for the long haul She dreams of marriage and children—a dream sh’s had for a long time Both feel that they have found “the one”One of the most salient aspects of the book explore how Jason navigates in his world He and Heather grapple with the sacrifices each has to make to accommodate the other and the frustrations that they’ve never experienced before The very real prospect of having children arises will their children inherit the disease that is the cause of Jason’s blindness How will Jason be able to help Heather with a newborn and other important unforeseen issues that may arise These and myriad other circumstances reveal themselves Will Heather break under pressures she may feel Will Jason’s regimented lifestyle and his feelings of inadeuacy tear the couple apart Ultimately only one uestion is paramount—is the love they have for each other—enoughSex per se was not a part of this book We know that Heather and Jason have sex when it is mentioned in conversation between them Yes they have sex and it’s good it’s pleasurable and they can’t wait to do it again Beyond that we must use our imaginations I would have preferred a few really hot sex scenes but I also prefer to have a few million dollars and my own island Oh well can’t have everythingThis book was fantastic in a number of ways but it was instructive without trying to be so I learned a great deal about the everyday life of Jason as a high school teacher a friend and a lover who happens to be blind The book gave me a glimpse into the life of a sighted woman who shares her life with a blind man one with whom she wishes to marry and have children This book was superb and I was emotionally spent after reading it I highly recommend this book for all those interested in romances involving a blind love interest or one with other disabilities