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REVIEW ☆ Cinderella Story Part 2 36 Hours ò ✼ [EPUB] ✴ Cinderella Story Part 2 36 Hours By Elizabeth August ❆ – 36 Hours SerialAs a devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs Colorado the next thirty six hours will change the town and its residents foreverCinderella Story Part 2Nina LSWhen Alex has another proposal for Nina it seems to be business as usual for him His offer could make life so much easier for the widow and her son But it's not so easy for Nina to separate her head and her heartThe story concludes in Cinderella Story Par. 15 2 starsThe first book had a speck of romance this one opened the window and let it fly awayAlex is a huge ass in this one HuuuuggggeeeeAnd I feel the overall idea of this one is for Nina to marry a man who at the most will only become her friend just to have financial security After all she already married for love she doesn't need it again no lie this was close to what her mother in law told herWhy should she fall for this ass is beyond meSince I've read the first two books I'll read the third one to see how this ends But zero romance in this one


Hours SerialAs a Part 2 Epub #220 devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs Colorado the next thirty six hours will change the town and its residents foreverCinderella Story Part Nina Lindstrom and Alex Bennett are from two different worlds But since th. I have to say part one was better There was just so much build up to the story in part one I felt like I was single handedly trying to pull a freight train up a hill You're trying and trying and trying then FINALLY you reach the crest Sheer exhaustion and triumph right So you do your happy dance but you don't get the satisfaction because no one else was there for you to share your feat with That was part one for me I was happy with it but I wanted So I bought part twopshawHere goes my depiction of my emotional ride for this one So there's going to be a party right We know there's going to be a party we just don't know when But we want to prepare because we want it to be good So we spend all day blowing up balloons Lots and lots and lots of balloons Now we have an entire room of balloons But sadly we must have bought the helium on discount because there is something drastically wrong with our balloonsThey are losing air What NO How can this happen we've spent all day preparing for a perfect party But there it is right in front of you party about to start balloons halfwalf deflated Part 1 anticipation you think you've got a 'win' but there's no point in celebrating yet part 2 you got to the party but the balloons have already 'crapped out' on you 199 for an approximation of 94 pages Yep someone definately let the air out of my balloons

REVIEW Cinderella Story Part 2 36 Hours

Cinderella Story Part 2 36 HoursAt stormy night at the lodge a business arrangement has brought the waitress and the millionaire together Alex's grandfather think's they're engaged a little fantasy Nina's Cinderella Story MOBI #233 willing to indulge while Alex pays Tommy's hospital bill. Nina marrying Alex or notTommy had his brain surgery and Alex was there throughout the whole thing with Nina When the Dr came in to give the report on the outcome of Tommy's surgery Alex had a look of feat and concern on his face That was when Nina realized that he true cared for not only Tommy but Elizabeth and Pete alsoThis business deal that Nina and Alex has been going really well untill Alex asked her to marry him She said after Tommy was moved back home she would give him her answerExcept when Tommy was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital Nina said she needed time Alex wanted his answer by the end of a party she was originally ask to work but Alex told Nina's boss she couldn't work that night she was busy Alex was taking her to the party she was asked to work for and she told him he will get his answer at the end of the eveningDoes Nina tell him yes or no Read the book to find outHappy reading