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Max Payton Right Bowler PDFEPUB #231 lives by two rulesSize and strength win any fight and never show weaknessWhen a rash of assaults sends Bowler University for a tail spin Max volunteers to help teach a self defense class One of the other instructors is the beautiful pixie faced girl he keeps butting heads withand who c This book Oh man I hope you take this journey with me to see how hard Max fights for his future and his girl If you want to be kept up to date on this release and all my other book news you can sign up for my newsletter here You'll also have the chance to enter exclusive giveaways for my books and others Thanks

READER Make it Right Bowler University #2

Make it Right Bowler University #2Sees a soul as broken inside as she is outside Trusting him is a whole other problemWhen the assaults ramp up and hit close to it Right Bowler PDFEPUB #191 home Lea and Max must learn before it’s too late that true strength can come from vulnerabilityand giving in to trust is sometimes the only way to make things right Ever since I finished Make it Count this past summer I could not WAIT to get my hands on this book I knew Max Payton would get his redemption story and I could not have asked for a better heroine to help him do it I loved Lea so much she is such a strong resilient woman and she is the perfect fit for MaxI love Erickson's writing style This is how college NA should be written It's fun and cute but at the same time the characters face their own challenges both individually and as a couple Add in a strong set of side characters and you've got yourself a great readLet's start with how much I love Lea She may have some physical scars and a slight limp from an accident that occurred during her youth but that does not stop this girl She has learned to rise above the pain and not be ashamed of who she is or what she looks like After this particular accident she craves control in her life especially after not having had it in that very moment There was something about Lea this power or strength that lurked below the surface of her small fragile frameI love that Max recognizes her strength right from the beginning He doesn't treat her any differently because of her past injury and that earns him a lot of brownie points Max hides behind this cocky façade but he's a really good guy at heart Having grown up with 2 older brothers and a hardass father Max hasn't had the loving affectionate home that Lea has The glimpses of vulnerability she sees in him are what really endears him to her thus deciding to give him a shot That's what you've taught me even if you don't know it yourself I've never felt stronger than when I decided to open up to you When I decided to surrender my heart to youI love that Lea and Max aren't perfect They both make mistakes when it comes to their relationship and learn from them I felt bad for Max and Lea because they are both hurt by the others' actions Thankfully they realize their wrongs and work to fix them They are a fabulous couple and I loved how sweet Max could be with her We get plenty of time with Kat Alec and Danica in this book Kat and Alec are good friends to both Max and Lea After the way Max treated Kat previously it's so great to see them getting along and that she has chosen to forgive him Which brings me to Danica That is one girl to have in your corner for sure She is Lea's roomie and fiercely protective of her friends I love that she isn't afraid to be herself and tell it like it is Danica was a rare creature Like an albino deer Everyone wanted her but they wanted her to keep And she didn't like to be kept Pinned down Forced into any sort of consistency Her loyalty was unrivaled but it was hard earnedAfter getting to know these characters so well it's only natural that I would want them to have their happily ever afters I'm super excited for Cam's story because I love second chance romances Even though it takes place in Cam's hometown and away from Bowler I know Megan will infuse it with the same spunky fun vibe that she has given her previous two novels Received a copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review

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PDF ↠ BOOK Make it Right Bowler University #2 FREE ê ❰PDF❯ ❤ Make it Right Bowler University #2 Author Megan Erickson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Max Payton lives by two rulesSize and strength win any fight and never show weaknessWhen a rash of assaults sends Bowler University for a tail spin Max volunHallenges everything he thought he knew Lea Travers avoids guys like Max cocky Make it PDFEPUB or jocks who assume she's fragile because of a disability caused by a childhood accident She likes to be in control and something about being with Max makes her feel anything but But during the moments he lets his guard down Lea I read this series out of order I read and LOVED book one Make It Count Then somehow I missed reading this one but then I was part of the book tour for Make it Last It was time to fix thatI adore this author She does a great job of creating characters that feel real and have real issues No perfect people here it mirrors real life very well I like thatLea has a limp An accident when she was thirteen haunts her still but it doesn't defeat her She's determined to do everything she can and pay the piper for things she shouldn't And that piper is always pain But some things are worth the painlike time with MaxShe's attracted to Max and him to her but they aren't right for each other or so they think Max has made some mistakes Been a guy he doesn't like And his family has him being another guy that he doesn't much like either But he shows Lea the real him And I so love the real him He's kind to stray cats and helps girls when their life falls apart He plans perfect dates And he volunteers to be the attacker a certain black belt gets to demonstrate on Yeah there were bruises Trust is a big theme in this one Everyone who has been hurt gets the idea that trusting can be dangerous Lea's bad at trust Max is bad at being who he is and and wants to be It's an opportunity for them be vulnerable with each other and hope I was reading and suddenly realized where the train wreck would happen It made me sad to see it coming and I wanted to read faster to get to the make up But while I was sure I saw where it was going it wasn't exactly what I thought And there was some pain in there that I just was teary about But I loved the shirtyeah you have to read it to know I loved the adviser appointment I loved the pulling to the side of road moment There will be rose petalsAnother great New Adult read from this author If you've missed this series fix that