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Women and Islam kindle ´ eBook 9780739179062 ´ johnscyclingdiary ß [Download] ➵ Women and Islam Author Ibtissam Bouachrine – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Muslim women of all ages economic status educational backgrounds sexual orientations and from different parts of historically Muslim countriesCentral to upholding the 'resistance discourse' What is the impact of the myth of al Andalus on a feminist critiue? What is the feminist utility of Edward Said's theory of Orientalism? Is Islam compatible with a feminist agenda? To what extent can Islamic institutions such as the veil be liberating for women? Will the current Arab uprisings yield significant change for Muslim women? Through examination of these core uestions Bouachrine calls for a shift in the paradigm of discourse about feminism in the Muslim world Cover images provided by Tachfine Bouachri Some interesting points but it feels like an undergrad dissertation where the author basically just collects uotes from different authors and seems to have trouble keeping a straight thought process A pity because the topic is interesting but the writing puts you to sleep

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Ntion on them preferring to speak of women's agency and resistance Too few scholars are willing to tell the complicated and at times harrowing stories of Muslim women's lives Women and Islam Myths Apologies and the Limits of Feminist Critiue radically rethinks the celebratory discourse constructed around Muslim women's resistance It shows instead the limits of such resistance and the restricted agency given women within Islamic societies The book does not center on a single historical period Rather it is organized as a response to five uestions that have been Nothing could have prepared me for the reading this book I'm shaken and than changed This is than just a feminist nonfiction this challenged all I knew and had learned I couldn't believe how much is not considered when we discuss women in Islam and the stories and the lives and the strength Review on my channel to come

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Women and IslamMuslim women of all ages economic status educational backgrounds sexual orientations and from different parts of historically Muslim countries suffer the kinds of atrocities that violate common understandings of human rights and are normally denounced as criminal or pathological yet these actions are sustained because they uphold some religious doctrine or some custom blessed by local traditions Ironically while instances of abuse meted out to women and even female children are routine scholarship about Muslim women in the post 911 era has rarely focused atte This is a rather short book hose main points can be summed up as follows Chapter One A critiue of modern Muslim feminists' tendency to romanticize pre modern Islamic societies Bouachrine illustrates how Muslim feminists attempt to construct a narrative of modern thoughts already having existed in pre modern Muslim times Examples and primarily uotes from other authors illustrate counter examples und deconstruct the narrative Chapter Two A deconstruction of the arguments of Edward Said's Orientalism This chapter showcases examples that counter the popular Saidian opinion that Western representations of the EastOther wereare nothing but racist hyper essentalists fetishizations of Otherness Bouachrine argues that that argument ist nothing but a retort to the exact same essentialization it attempts to criticize Chapter Three discusses feminists' techniues and illuminates holes in the structure of their arguments Chapter Four discusses the complexity of the veil particularly in regard to gatekeeping by Muslim scholars Chapter Five does exactly what its title saysThis is a decent book with a whole bunch of useful information Overall I think critical analysis of the author herself could have gone into the book The book is full of references to other scholars' works where paraphrasing occasionally runs over several pages It's a good counterweight to books such as Gender Jihad by Amina Wadud and certainly plays a useful role in the ongoing discourse of contemporary Islam