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Text ↠ Dangerous Science × Sidney Swann Dedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt is a rising star in a Victorian community of scholars and explorers influenced as much by politics as discovery So when her highly touted mission to excavate a legendary shipwreck ends in devastating failure the Council of Scholars deals her another devastating blowStripped of her title she's demoted to status of Intellectual Ward and placed under the authority of Sebastian Cromwell a forme This was my first time reading steam punk and I really enjoyed itIt was so much funThough there was not very much spanking in the story the plot made up for it It was fast paced and energeticI really liked the attention Ms Swann gave to each MC’s POV showcasing plenty of emotional depth and growthDr Gladys DeWalt was a strong brilliant scientist punished for failing a mission that led to the deaths of many of her crew members I loved her feisty nature mixed with her emotional side the softer side she had to keep hiddenDr Sebastian Cromwell an outsider and brilliant scientist is also part automaton giving others the impression that he has no human emotions or feelingsGladys is stripped of her position and placed in his care as his intellectual ward making for a clever and entertaining storyThis was a great combination of sci fi fantasy romance and steam punk with a little spanking includedI wish there had been a bit spanking but I still very much enjoyed the story and the characters as they developed and fell in loveI hope there will be seuels

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Dangerous Science Book Ø 78 pages Download ï Sidney swann Ó ➜ [Epub] ❧ Dangerous Science By Sidney Swann ➦ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Dedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt is a rising star in a Victorian community of scholars and explorers influenced as much by politics as discovery So R professor she remembers as stern and exacting Gladys feared Cromwell as a student and fears him since his accident and transformation as part automaton by rogue scientist Nigel Longbridge Cromwell may look and function like a man but he's as cold and clinical as the gears under his skin He takes Gladys on to settle an old debt but informs her from the outset that he will not brook any disobedience or disrespect When Glady Sidney Swann is a new author releasing her first story Dangerous Science The story starts out slow but keep with it Every sentence is important to the storyline This is my first Steampunk novel to read and I loved it I give high praises to Sidney SwannGladys DeWalt is grief stricken over the failure of her expedition She has been discredited as a scientist and her reputation is ruined She is mourning the loss of her team and trying to figure out her next move She is placed in the care of Sebastian Cromwell Sebastian Cromwell is not your average man He is actually part automaton He is stern and arrogant at first but slowly begins to learn to warm up to Gladys He becomes fond her and wants to take care of her Convinced that her expedition’s failure wasn’t her fault Sebastian sets out on a mission to right the situation and find out what really happenedThere is a villain in this story but I feel that you need to read to learn about him I am very impressed because usually I don’t read a lot of action stories Dangerous Science is the perfect blend of action adventure erotica and spankings I am completely wrapped up in the characters from Dangerous Science and look forward to from Sidney Swann

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Dangerous ScienceS defies him she is punishedBut under Cromwell's stern demeanor is the lingering shadow of humanity and as the dashing automaton comes to admire his ward's intelligence and drive he begins to uestion what really caused her mission's failure
What he discovers will shake the Council of Scholars to its core and give Gladys a chance to redeem her name and win the love of a man who thought he was now beyond emotional connectio 35 starsI enjoyed this story mostly but the lack of editing was totally disruptive filling in missing words altering sentences so they made sense I thought the spanking stuff was weird then realized that part of the story was written specifically for a particular genreStill regardless of all the above I liked the characters and the plot