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review Khu by Jocelyn Murray ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [PDF] ✩ Khu ✭ Jocelyn Murray – Egypt 2035 BC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain timesEgypt BC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain times when the split powers of Upper and Lowe. I have always been fascinated by history and especially Egypt’s Reading a book that is based on real history with the addition of some fictional characters it’s a reader’s dream come trueWhen his family is brutally murdered Khu ends up being saved by one of Pharaoh Mentuhotep’s wives and thus becoming pharaoh’s adoptive son With his mysterious golden eyes Khu possesses the sixth sense which allows him to see into the heart and soul of people To others it may not be something important but Khu is planning on helping his father fulfill the prophesy of Neferti to unite the upper and lower EgyptKhu’s story is a fiction one but it fits perfectly with the reality that is Egypt’s history Khu was such a strong character He was the only survivor of his people and he endured a lot He wanted to avenge the death of his parents and at the same time he wanted to help his father unite EgyptKhu A tale of ancient Egypt was an amazing read It was highly informative it was enjoyable but mainly it was very different from other historical books I’ve read Khu was a well developed character and I really liked him What I liked mostly was the author’s writing style Even the villains of the story such as Khety who wasn’t that bad and Ankhtifi Khety’s enforcer and an evil to the core were perfectly described She had clearly much knowledge about the period of time she was describing All in all Khu’s story was a great one combining real history with fictionTotally recommendedCopy provided in exchange for an honest review

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Becomes a warrior amid tragedy and triumph It is a tale of virtue vice and valor where the destiny of a divided nation is inextricably linked to that of the boy Khu in the struggle to restore Egypt to a unified and glorious kingd. Descriptions A'PlentyThis novel was extremely well written with flawless passages that transported the reader to the Nile and surrounding deserts of Ancient Egypt The amount of these vivid descriptions however I could have done without I downloaded the audio version because I like the option of listening as well as reading but each time I listened to the story I would zone out during these long romanticized portals of the landscape Also why is this book called Khu Khu was only a minor character with a few back stories to illuminate another fictional historical character It was truly a story about Mentuhotep and I would have much rather have had his name in the title I kept waiting for Khu to take a prominent spot in the story work towards being this savior that was promised but he never did The story line was alright but stretched It was an entertaining story although I would have rather it not dragged on for 300 pages or be named after a minor character

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Khu by Jocelyn MurrR Egypt compete for sovereignty over a realm plagued by instability rebellion and fear Two kings and their kingdoms battle over one dream a dream threatened by shifting allegiances and foreign invasion Khu is a story of a boy who. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres and this book was up there with the best of them The author’s knowledge and passion for Ancient Egypt really shines through with the description particularly strong and I was instantly transported into the ancient world upon reading any page It was a welcome escape from modern life and the storyline kept me engrossed throughout It was obvious the author had done her research thoroughly which made the story all the rewarding I really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys not only great storytelling but well researched historical fiction