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Bear with Me Half Breed Shifters #5 reader ☆ Kindle Edition Read ä Miranda Stowe â [PDF] ✍ Bear with Me Half Breed Shifters #5 By Miranda Stowe – Being only one fourth shape shifter jaguar human Rhea Griffin hopes to skip her mating heat altogetherShe can take a nifty little injection for a couple of weeks to uell the urges But bad news is the nifty little injection ends up being a dud And Rhea needs sex Lots of it Bear Bear with PDFEPUB or shifter Brick Lowery was only supposed to come over to the Griffin house to keep his bed good buddy Rhea company during her confinement t An interesting premise of half shifters I found myself enjoying the story of Brick Lowery and really felt for him at the beginning of the book when his mother abandons him He’s also been in love with Rhea Griffin since he met her at thirteen so when she asked him to keep her company for two weeks he didn’t expect to actually get to have sex with RheaIt’s a story with lots of sex action and a small touch of love It’s also a pretty short story and fifth in a series that is also the last in the series but I was easily able to understand what was happening in this story I enjoyed the story and will look into by this author There was a twist with Brick that really stood out It’s definitely a good shifter story for fans of shifter romancesReviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books

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Ime But when everything goes south and Rhea needs a man to satisfy her mating heat before she suffers in agony maybe even to the point of death it's suddenly up to him to make sure she gets exactly what she needs Except Brick's secretly been in love with Rhea since he was thirteen and this is not at all how he planned to win her ove I haven't read any of the previous books in the series But I Loved Loved Loved this bookThis was a short Hot and Fantastic readI can't wait to read books by this author I know I've got it backward but I think I'm going back to read the other books in this series

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Bear with Me Half Breed Shifters #5Being only one fourth shape shifter Me Half ePUB #9734 jaguar human Rhea Griffin hopes to skip her mating heat altogether But no such luck It's coming and it's coming soon Good news is that advancements in technology have made it so she doesn't have to turn into a total ho bag and want sex from every male within a fifty mile radius I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewWhen I first saw the synopsis for Bear with Me by Miranda Stowe I expected a hot read about some wild shifter sex I got that but I also got so much Bear with Me is also a surprisingly sweet book about friends becoming loversRhea Griffin is a jaguar shape shifter who is about to enter her mating heat There is an injection available that will help her avoid the mating compulsion but she still invites her best friend Brick Lowery over to keep her company while she is confined Rhea doesn’t know that Brick has been secretly in love with her for forever She also doesn’t know that the injection she received is a dud until it’s too late and she is caught in the mating heat’s clutches Now Rhea is in agony and needs sex a lot of sexBrick can’t stand to see Rhea in agony but he wants her to want him for himself not because she is in heat Circumstances force him to make choices he might not otherwise have made Brick just hopes that Rhea doesn’t hate him for forcing her into something she might not have wantedI loved the chemistry and connection between Brick and Rhea They were best friends before they were lovers and this makes their relationship believable Brick is a smart ass but Rhea loves that about him and she appreciates how he makes her laugh I appreciated how each one was concerned about the other’s feelings which made them a couple I could cheer for Now the sex is hot hot and hot Ms Stowe was able to create steamy hot animalistic loving while still injecting humor into the story I would find myself laughing at Rhea and Brick’s antics one minute and fanning myself off the next minute Bear with Me took the concept of shifter mating season to a whole different level and it made me yearn to be a shifterBear with Me is the fifth book in Ms Stowe’s Half Breed Shifter series but you don’t have to have read the others to enjoy this one I hadn’t read the others but had no difficulty following along Bear with Me does offer an HEA so you will finish this uick read feeling satisfied I just enjoyed this one so much that I think I’m going to have to go back and read the others